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Thoughts for me

Thoughts for me.....!!! :)Is my profile perfect or errors ?...

manu101702Feb 1419 hrs ago


pamynaka251Mar 17Mar 17
Ladies Hows this picture

Ladies How's this this picture ok for my profile......

John34052631Jul 2011Mar 13
Stumbling but I havent fallen yet Reviews Please

Stumbling, but I haven't fallen yet. Reviews Please.This is the first time I've been on a online dating site and I feel like I'm flying blind. Take a look at my profile and let me know what you think ab...

ChuckPC1012Feb 4Mar 9
What do you think of my Profile

What do you think of my Profile?Just curious, I don't get on the Site much unless I am advised that I have a messege! Let me know please!!!!!! :banan...

Ashes23794Dec 25Mar 9
Am I too old

Am I too oldHi all seeking your reviews about me what you feel please suggest either I should be here for your consideration or have to left the......

Charanjit1961601Mar 7Mar 9

HelpI am so tired of only getting hit on Man children 18-40 help me I want to attract a Man not Man children...

SweetThickLatina1121Feb 25Mar 1
What is wrong with me

What is wrong with me?I seem to attract nothing but scammers. . ....

Pjbars1964Jan 7Feb 27
Hey there

Hey thereAny views on my profile? Which is my best pic?...

Sweetsue2773811Aug 5Feb 22
im very honest person

i'm very honest person,i'd like mature women for marriage, it's you,, just ask from heart....

turelove882721Oct 2015Feb 18
My Mr Right where are you

My Mr.Right where are youWhat do you think of me?...

heidychan1,0887Apr 2016Feb 6
nashmaeva2993Jan 12Feb 5
Hello ladies How arer you doing

Hello ladies. How arer you doingWell hello I was wondering what you ladies liked about my profile on please give any suggestions That may help improve my chances on...

Allen19821101Jan 29Feb 4
Looking for constructive criticism on my profile

Looking for constructive criticism on my profile.Do you think My descriptions are too forward or may scare some women off? This is how I feel, I'm not just trying to say things that I think others wa...

murkoslovensko2073Jun 2017Feb 4
I Am Looking For My Future Girlfriend

I Am Looking For My Future Girlfriendwhere Is my soulmate and my lover my friend and my best friend...

MrJohnTravas04843May 2016Feb 4
Would u date me

Would u date me??Do I look/sound like a lost cause?...

AmericanGuy918369Feb 2016Feb 4
over view of Reesie Pie

over view of Reesie PieWhat do you think of my pix and description of myself? Tell me what changes you think I should make...

Reesie_Pie3258Oct 24Feb 4

???I have been on the site for a while now and I have not been successful at finding a partner.. Am I doing something wrong?...

koya944567Apr 2015Feb 4
are my pix ok

are my pix ok?If so please someone like my profile please...

Emitter44110Sep 7Feb 4
Is my profile OK

Is my profile OK?Hello all, I am new here, so am not quite sure if my profile looks OK. Any input, negative and/or positive, will be appreciated. Is there anything I...

LadyLori1,14023May 2014Feb 4
i would like your comment Please

i would like your comment Please.Hi, ( Smiles ) I.m wondering if my profile is too long.? do I need to make changes? I would like your comment. Thanx Florence...: wink:...

FMMoonshadow3085Nov 23Feb 4
please give me your constructtive advice

please give me your constructtive adviceTell me folks where can there be improvement?...

itlonelyathetop3189Oct 2013Feb 1
what do you think of my profile

what do you think of my profileHolistically in all aspects what is your opinion both good and constructive criticisms are welcome....

Sueana2004Nov 15Jan 24
This Opens Me To Criticism But Here I Go

This Opens Me To Criticism..But Here I Go!I asked for photos to be added via e mail and I don't know what happened there,they never showed up,so which one should be primary?I had a stroke due...

MustLuvFit901Jan 15Jan 22

Helloooo :)I know I'm not that attractive but I know that I'm so cool....

Annamhatesyou1,79218Oct 2016Jan 22
old fashion female

old fashion femaleIs there a man out there???...

younggrandma54543Jul 2010Jan 14
hi check me out

hi... check me outwhat do you think of my pictures?...

Secondglance3053Dec 14Jan 4

orchid29please express an opinion on my profile?...

Orchid291683Dec 17Dec 19
if you are serious about future life

if you are serious about future lifeif you are serious about future life then do connect...

shinekhan1081Nov 26Dec 10
Ive been single for 5 years Whats wrong My look

I've been single for 5 years. What's wrong? My look?Scandinavian women are known for being pretty women.... Hm... But I doubt why I've been in here for years and nothing have happend yet? is it the look...

Martina841,53028Aug 2014Nov 27
Hello everyone

Hello everyoneHi guys, I'm new here, can anybody help me to check my profile n see if I should add or do something more about it? I can't even send flower though, p...

fatmata8386Aug 2014Nov 23
wanna check me out

wanna check me out ;)how does my profile seem to you???...

sharina6595Aug 2014Nov 23
Review me Please Must be lacking somewhere

Review me Please? Must be lacking somewhere...Having some issues I guess, I don't seem to be getting many responses. Any ideas anyone?...

alaskankittin1,84138Nov 2009Nov 21

HelloAm I attractive?...

Kevinlawson4362Feb 2016Nov 18

Hey!Handsome guys,you are allowed to write me...

JoanaMitova1,90720Aug 2014Nov 18
Please tell me about my profile

Please tell me about my profileWhat need to be change . How are my pictures...

Consulo3363Sep 18Nov 13
I am still virgin

I am still virginIs there any importance of virginity in relationship?...

Mr_Amor44311May 2017Nov 13
What do you think of my profile

What do you think of my profile?Is the profile attractive? Do i live to far away? Am i to old?...

Abroen841Oct 19Nov 10
pavankumar92630Nov 1Nov 10
Please tell me what you think

Please tell me what you think...What do y'all think of my pictures? Do I sound needy or too bossy in my profile? What do you think I need to do to make everything in my profile bette...

Kitten244736Mar 2014Nov 9
laurak6,18588Apr 2012Nov 7
Im looking for the real love of my life

I'm looking for the real love of my life.Good morning to everyone, I decided to settle down and find a bride. Which one of you had a real interest in family and marriage?...

RADOVANA1221Oct 14Nov 6
cavalier550: "Who Would You Date?"(meet us in the quizzes)

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