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Please Help I Need Feedback On My Prifile

Please Help: I Need Feedback On My PrifileHow are my pics? Is my profile bio okay or does it need to be changed? Any suggestions to improve it?...

MissUpstateNY3380Oct 2017
What do you think of my profile

What do you think of my profile?Does my profile look appropriate?...

Romeogul3171Oct 2017Oct 2017
am i too young to be here

am i too young to be here?hello friends am i really on a good dating site,it seems no one want to show concern...

raphael053420Oct 2017
To night

To night.I do not like the distance, it makes me sad...

Amie_Ch4998608Jul 2017Oct 2017
Does anyone read the profiles

Does anyone read the profiles ?Amazed that I get mail/flowers from the types I'm not looking for.My preferences are there in black and white.....I wish everyone success in f inding...

babyblues4,37137Jan 2014Oct 2017
What do you think about my profile

What do you think about my profile?What do you think about my pictures? What can I do to improve my profile? I need advice on my profile as far as is it okay and improvement tips....

Kat1164182Aug 2017Oct 2017
Soul mate where are you

Soul mate where are you?My Best friend My Pudding My number one My everything ?? I am here to find you! Connect!...

Unakho5703Aug 2017Oct 2017
Am i real are you real is my profile real

Am i real are you real,is my profile real?Hello I seek a real good minded mature man who will not waste my time an English man

Charliesangels227175Aug 2017Sep 2017
Help me fix me Id like a womans view on my profile

Help me fix me - I'd like a woman's view on my profile.Just tell me about anything that turns you off when you look at my profile. Don't judge me by my looks, It's not my fault, I never chose my face, God...

KYRIE283831Jun 2017Sep 2017
Hi im new to this site

Hi im new to this site .Is my profile good ?what to build on?...

xavier19962950Sep 2017
I would like to know if

I would like to know if...Do you think I am remarking the basics of what I try to show about me?...

MyNameIsArd2990Sep 2017
Iam a hot sexy Islander Wanna find out

Iam a hot sexy Islander. Wanna find out?????So please don't hesitate to do some reviews on my profile. I'd love to here from you. Pleased to hear from your comments... And do inbox me..:heartbea...

Tolekxi2240Sep 2017
Im back after 2 years

I'm back after 2 years!!!Review me if you are interested....

JuanAlberto2930Sep 2017
Im new

I'm newI'm new, how do I get started on this site?...

ariellem5864Sep 2015Sep 2017
Amie_Ch4995283Aug 2017Sep 2017
Hello Ladies

Hello Ladies ........................What do you think ...your opinion means alot ..thx...

BlknBluBiker2570Sep 2017

simplehey guys am new can someone tell me wat is this site all abt...

mellyb15692Apr 2014Sep 2017
What am I going wrong

What am I going wrongBeen a member for a while and seem to not get any response, where am I going wrong...

Ibil212950Sep 2017
hi ladies what do you think of my profilr

hi ladies what do you think of my profilrHi ladies what do ye think of this profile honestly.inositol...

inositol3964Aug 2017Sep 2017
i dont know what to say

i don't know what to sayPlease review my profile I don't know how to get review so please review my profile I'm too good believe me...

prashveer2910Sep 2017
what do you think of my profile

what do you think of my profileWhat do you think about connecting singles, am really finding it boring ??...

Ricardodavis1810Sep 2017
tell me what you want

tell me what you wanttry me..................

faranhajt5061Mar 2014Sep 2017
What about my profile

What about my profile?Hi, Girls! What about my profile? Too much arrogant bragging about Norway? But everything is the truth and correct. Thanks... Ps. Yes, I kno...

NorwegianViking3871Jul 2017Sep 2017
is it Ok

is it Ok?What's the first impression you get about me from my profile?...

BlackGirlMagic3381Sep 2017Sep 2017
What do you think of my profile

What do you think of my profile?What do you want to know? Tell members what kind of advice you're looking for... examples: 'do I sound too arrogant?', 'what do you think of my pictur...

Bibobibop2930Sep 2017
nobody notice me whay

nobody notice me whay........!watch my profile and tell what to do...

vavedimer8236Aug 2010Sep 2017
How is my profile

How is my profile?Are my pics ok? Am I sharing enough/too much?...

HunniPeachez2920Sep 2017
Floki12600Sep 2017
Floki12350Sep 2017
Im 84 Still lotta life to live

I`m 84. Still lotta life to live .Starting to write a book called "Intermittent Rain" where each chapter is kin to the elements. -Like Tornado Alley. Do you think I should be on 4 Dat...

moonkitten3730Sep 2017
Do you want to chat

Do you want to chat?I'm confused about all the rules, I hope you like my picture....

Smooththighs4U4102Aug 2017Sep 2017
Viki352640Sep 2017
childathart2580Aug 2017
5 months Ive been here

5 months I've been here !Is there only one here in this site,looking forward and honest for relationship!...

azshanti7025Oct 2016Aug 2017
What do you think of my profile

What do you think of my profile?How do I come across? Do I have enough detail! Are my pictures okay? I hate being in pics so not many to choose from....

Sussulintu2360Aug 2017
What the heck Ghana

What the heck? Ghana?Seems like I am a magnet for scammers from Ghana and other places, might need a couple hints to upgrade my profile?...

mackelcheea2530Aug 2017
Good morning

Good morning?I am aeake in idaho falls, idaho and would entertain a sexy woman. My place or your place. 720238six123...

2770406idfalls2940Aug 2017
what do you think of title message

what do you think of title messagetell me how i have talked to my searches so far?...

WPR1231490Aug 2017
Give it to me Straight lol Be Kind

Give it to me Straight, lol, Be Kindjust introducing myself, Hello...... OK I Get it, that's How Life Goes Sometimes...

DaffyJ2830Aug 2017
beautiful nice treasure that it worth keep

beautiful, nice, treasure that it worth keep :)))They ask me why I'm cute and single? They ask me why I'm waiting ...... just-better to wait for the right one than to be with a 100 wrong ones!! I...

Alex_princess7154Aug 2013Aug 2017
Honest loyal caring faithful and kind

Honest, loyal, caring, faithful, and kind.Just tell me if my profile is the type of person you want....

Shy3577Leeeee4041Jun 2017Aug 2017
Is anything wrong in my profile

Is anything wrong in my profile??I like to know the real reaction of my profile from ladies in particular worldwide As many ladies contacted me esp.USA and said my age is not a dif...

betterknowU4572Jul 2017Aug 2017

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