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southernboyinmi7223Mar 2016Dec 2016
Too detailed photos

Too detailed, photos?What am i missing and what should be left out?...

rwm19657268Oct 2015Dec 2016

rpsport33just want to know what u all think cheers...

rpsport337022Apr 2010Dec 2016
senior widower wandering am i to old i need some answers as to what i need to do

senior widower wandering am i to old i need some answers as to what i need to doi was wandering i get a lot of lookers and messages but that only last for a message or two then they never message back ans have had a few scams...

roscoe09981610May 2016Dec 2016
Im new here

I'm new here..Does my profile seem like I'm asking for too much? Thanks for taking the time to read :D...

Kiki959005Jul 2014Dec 2016

WHERE ARE ALL THE REAL LADIES ATNot getting many request's Is my profile okay ??...

timothy60543720Nov 2016
What do you want to know about me

What do you want to know about me?Ask whatever you want lol...

IsaacZamora4510Nov 2016
I just want to chat

I just want to chatThat's about it. I already know my profile is great. It's detailed as all get out....

ZirkSmirk4351Nov 2016Nov 2016

pictureWhat do you think of my picture...

Chance06294861May 2016Nov 2016
Is 47 too old to get marry

Is 47 too old to get marry?I was with some of my friends and most of them are a lot younger at my age but look very matured. One of them was telling me that at my age ( 47 ), i...

pinay_survivor1,75034Dec 2012Nov 2016
Puerto Vallarta rules

Puerto Vallarta rulesI am actually not looking for any advice or rating on my profile because if you don´t like it you´re not meant for me anyway or you´re just a compulsi...

tiburon587012Feb 2010Nov 2016
am I asking too much

am I asking too muchJust some feedback .Iwant to cohabitate with a lady to share,i.e company,finances love , respect workload trust loyalty.In these times its o k to live...

flyme16262Aug 2016Nov 2016
any comments

any comments???What do you think?...

louisbreytenbach8116Nov 2015Nov 2016
Scammers Crucify them or not

Scammers: Crucify them or not ?After a long reflecting period on this subject I truly believe the only way to rid of the fraudulent scam artist, is to reinstate Crucifixion. That wo...

LLUBTIP3002Nov 2016Nov 2016
This is who I am

This is who I amI'm a man that is looking to find my one special lady to creat a new life together. I've been out of the relationship stuff for over 24 yrs and am now...

Frenchy96692751Nov 2016Nov 2016
Im not getting a lot of Messagesprofil review anymore

I'm not getting a lot of Messages(profil review) anymore :(Hi guys, I closed my account on november of the last year, I get back 1 week ago, but I dont understand what's going on, I dont get a lot of messages...

Ilza261,1948Jan 2016Nov 2016
lucyk303700Nov 2016
Hey can someone at list tell me something

Hey can someone at list tell me something?Do i look scary, please tell me what you think about me. am beginning to imagine if am visible here...

slimmickey3110Nov 2016
Should I really be here

Should I really be here?Maybe I'm yet to find my way around here but it seems I'm too young to be here, maybe I should come back when I'm 35 or something... Please tell me wh...

Kenido3360Nov 2016
how old do i look

how old do i look?how old do i look? honest opinion Please....

rezaraad2512Nov 2016Nov 2016
Is My Profile An Outline Thats Forward To Encourage Promote

Is My Profile An Outline That's Forward To Encourage & Promote?!What else needs to be noted for those who CONTACT me to continue?!...

Holykis3170Nov 2016
Just wanna know

Just wanna knowJust wanna get your opinion on what you think of my profile.It only seems as if ppl these days are more interested in sex with someone or camming ......

cndngurl357384Sep 2012Nov 2016

hii just came how you doin?...

David_AsAp4302Oct 2014Nov 2016
Honest opinions please

Honest opinions pleaseAs I am such a newbie, I would really appreciate some feedback on my screed. Should it be longer, should I give more information, less information....

Pugliaphotograph4180Nov 2016
honest opinion about my profile and does it need update and how so

honest opinion about my profile and does it need update and how so.just the overall look, what i need to improve to look it more attractive..what areas does it lack.....

bachana3420Nov 2016
Are there any real women on here

Are there any real women on here?I seem to only get messages and likes from fakes. I want to meet someone near me that is real and ready for a serious relationship....

JoeO19693890Nov 2016

WANTING TO KNOW..LOLLeave any comment,,just seeing where this go's...

Thatgood242450Nov 2016
Do you have any suggestions wave

Do you have any suggestions :wave:Let me find someone who's actually my someone...

Pjvalerian3810Nov 2016
What do you think of my profile

What do you think of my profile?Do you dare? Opinions are welcome! Thank you for your time....

diogoad19754271Oct 2016Nov 2016
New picture What do you think

New picture... What do you think?Is this picture ok for my primary pic?...

John34051,31820Sep 2012Nov 2016
Do U Like My New Pics

Do U Like My New Pics?helloooo i just take some pic i hope u will like it :)...

vanillaz8089Oct 2009Nov 2016
Check it Out

Check it OutSo, what do you guys think? I added new photos from last weekend. I put time into my profile. I'm seriously searching, no doubt about it. If you think...

ZirkSmirk3990Nov 2016
The Teradactyl has landed

The Teradactyl has landed!!Be ruthless in your opinion of my profile, give it to me with both barrels!...

Axelteradactyl3020Nov 2016
I will give you unconditional love

I will give you unconditional loveWhat do you think of my pictures. How do I improve my profile/pictures?...

alua28894680Nov 2016
Was absent for a few weeks now Im back

Was absent for a few weeks, now I'm back.If you read my profile I'm not about to change it because it is a true description of who I am and what I would like from someone of a similar disposi...

SonnyT3961Oct 2016Nov 2016
Help me improve my profile

Help me improve my profile.Which picture is best for my profile photo? Hopefully, I'm not sounding desperate in my words on what I'm looking for. It is meant to come across as...

Skyebaby5185Oct 2016Nov 2016
Hello there from Australia

Hello there , from AustraliaHI .. Hey i read yr profile and thought that you may want tp talk to me here , As i tried to send you a message , but it was blocked because i am n...

Timbo115483Oct 2016Nov 2016
What Do You Think

What Do You Think!!which of my pictures is the best for my primary photo?...

rogerflorez144780Oct 2016
what ya reckon

what ya reckonlet me know jockyboy62...

jockyboy623760Oct 2016
sing the songs

sing the songsI am looking for a add me Skype my I'd is shamranchi add WhatsApp my phone number is 00966553297412 can we best friend and I...

shamim203060Oct 2016
i just need somebody to love

i just need somebody to lovetake a few minutes to go through my profile and tell me what you so so so lonely i need someone to spice up my life.[size=...

boobylicious1,27311Sep 2013Oct 2016

ahAm fade up of searching this is the last try...

chantal844191Oct 2016Oct 2016

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