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plz review me

plz review me !!What do i need to add or delete from my profile ? Thanks in advance :)...

indiancupid0075531May 2016Jul 2016
Profile advice

Profile adviceTo be honest I have no idea how to sell myself in profile. So any good advice would appreciated....

GumtreePete2360Jul 2016
please can I get an honest opinion is my profile ok

please can I get an honest opinion is my profile ok????Just ladies opinions please just want to now how am I doing and what yee beautiful women and ladies think Thanks so much would be very much appreciate...

Davidom19915133Oct 2014Jul 2016
Pls comment

Pls commentHi pls review my profile and comment...

udaya78902440Jul 2016
What do U Think

What do U Think?Tell me what you think of my profile and pictures? thank you :) peace...

brokenlion6435Feb 2016Jul 2016
Tell me

Tell meI'm new here so What do you want to know? Any advice would be great! Thanks!...

Yvette19691,27216Apr 2016Jul 2016
Review my profile

Review my profileGive a look at it & let me know if You would be interested in talking to me....

qadsh2431Jul 2016Jul 2016
i love my profile pic

i love my profile picI love my profile pic...

womenpink851,1057Oct 2015Jul 2016
hello out there

hello out there......Hey there come and talk............

cs19712261Jul 2016Jul 2016
Im new here pls help me review my profile

I'm new here pls help me review my profileHi pls help me review my profile how I can make it more interesting first time on dating site have no clue....

Noulene5254Jun 2016Jul 2016

Go for it !!!All Criticisms, Hints and Suggestions are most welcome :-) Plus an odd compliment if you wish to g...

darkgael2021Jul 2016Jul 2016

HelpSo far so goodbut,I think I could do with a couple oftips.All positve comments welcome...

Funbrunette512192Jul 2016Jul 2016

NewGreeting everyone, new to the community and love to hear from you how ca...

Mature_112740Jul 2016
Keep the gray or color it

Keep the gray or color it.What do think? Keep the gray or dye it. I'm not shaving it off, have grown quite attached to it....

luv2cruze1911Jul 2016Jul 2016
Skypefun2340Jul 2016

HiHi ladies! I am completely new on this site. If anyone wants to know more about me just contact me....

Zsolt012860Jul 2016
I am lonely and bored

I am lonely and bored...Please h*rny people with dirty mind keep away, if you are that desperate then find your self a pocket c*ck i am looking for a decent lady to chat w...

Rain303746Jun 2016Jul 2016
Feed Back Please

Feed Back Please!what kind of women would be interested in a man like myself?...

Filmnoir674134May 2016Jul 2016
Check it out

Check it out.Makes Sense ?...

Tigerray3081Jun 2016Jul 2016
Hello Ladies

Hello LadiesHi ladies. If you find my profile attractive to you and would you like to have chat and learn more abou...

TravellerJor2411Jul 2016Jul 2016

AM I DOING IT RIGHT?WHO knows - just want a love, fun and adventure together. Personally, I think I drag on.....

opalstreams2232Jul 2016Jul 2016
gimme your honest feedback

gimme your honest feedbacktell me what you feel could be better...

witchdr3171Jun 2016Jul 2016
How do you feel

How do you feel?Just would love to know the various responses?...

Filmnoir672841Jun 2016Jul 2016
Seeking a Deep Connection

Seeking a Deep Connection.Feedback Please...

Filmnoir672931Jun 2016Jul 2016
Mind reviewing my Profile

Mind reviewing my ProfileHi, I am new here, any thoughts about what I should change?...

LonelyNkc5174Jun 2016Jul 2016
1st timer on line dating

1st timer on line dating!!This is my 1st time at this dating thing and just would like some Female feed back on if I need a lot more work on my profile. I seem to be attractin...

760MARINE2302Jul 2016Jul 2016
happy man looking for a positive lady to have a family with

happy man looking for a positive lady to have a family withIs distance really a hindrance to relationships?...

cyoukas1015416May 2016Jul 2016
What do you think madam

What do you think, madam ?I am waiting for true love......

youandmebehappy2530Jul 2016

HelloHello who wants to be a friend with an ugly guy like me?...

Brightsocrates2270Jul 2016
Is the Description to long confusing

Is the Description to long/confusing?Hey, I am completely new to the world of "online dating", it is actually fun had a few good talks with people that have a great sense of humor....

MaltaMike6044Aug 2015Jul 2016
Just giving this a test run Let me know what you think HE HE HE

Just giving this a test run.... Let me know what you think ....HE HE HEAny suggestions will do, Maybe this can b e a conversation topic or somer Ice breaker. Ready Steady Go........ :lau...

CharmedOne13521Jun 2016Jun 2016
what do you think

what do you think?Everyone has a different profile, is there something I should add to mine?...

WinchesterGirl03032Jun 2016Jun 2016
i need a girlfriend

i need a girlfriendwho want to be friendship with me???????????/...

sulaman11223430Jun 2016
sulaman11222410Jun 2016
Hey check it out

Hey check it out ?I dont care if any body likes it or not because i like it very much I might get some one;s attention simply by posting this...

Rain302550Jun 2016
Mount Gambier

Mount GambierMount Gambier advice...

jewlk8002430Jun 2016
im new on here just want a new friends and get my profile reviewed

im new on here just want a new friends and get my profile reviewedwhich of my profile pictures is best used for primary photo....

jammie271910Jun 2016
Hello all

Hello allI'm new here :)...

Knutta812340Jun 2016
im unibut from india

im unibut from indiahi im writing from india im single and alone. i need a friend(girl) with whom i can share my joy, feelings. im a software engineer....

unibut3150Jun 2016

HiTell me what you think need help...

Chuck19612611Jun 2016Jun 2016

heyaseeking your comments...

anvith2230Jun 2016

Hi :)Hi ) Wish everybody find what they looking for :)...

Helga22732840Jun 2016
Harbal: "The Ramblers"(meet us in the poems)

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