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ahAm fade up of searching this is the last try...

chantal843970Oct 2016
not having any luck period

not having any luck periodI know I am not the sexiest guy you can find but, I have a big huge heart and I am great with kids, yet nothing. What am I doing wrong?...

shaun30335283Oct 2016Oct 2016
Hi there What do you think

Hi there. What do you think?Let me know what you think and message me if interested....

JTD6654011Oct 2016Oct 2016
Seems circular and repeats Humor too much

Seems circular and repeats. Humor too much?Is it coherent? humor too much? Will this profile pull them in?...

GobSmackedHard5031Oct 2016Oct 2016
irfanshaikh634944Feb 2013Oct 2016
is anyone here

is anyone here?I need someone.anyone here?...

Rashedkhan604260Oct 2016
warm wie Feuer

warm wie FeuerIch gebe dir die Schlüssel zu meinem Herzen und meiner Seele! Ich bin offen für Sie !!! Nehmen Sie den Schlüssel und drehen Sie ihn bitte!...

caribboysexkiler3360Oct 2016
Well just want an opinion on my profile

Well just want an opinion on my profile...Does my profile sound and look right. I'm new to this stuff...

Funlover774630Oct 2016
new here

new hereNew here from brownwood. Looking for new experiences. Bad relationships in past and so now going forward...

Azcuzar7774030Oct 2016
Hi what do you think of my profileTnx

Hi,... what do you think of my profile?TnxWhat do you guys think about my photos?I guess i need to make new ones....

Davy_19854320Oct 2016
look and view but search the heart

look and view but search the heartMy pic is the best of me but what really goes is the heart and not our look...

eddyt3841Oct 2016Oct 2016
Just curious

Just curiousI'd like to have mine reviewed to see if I am attracting the right kind of women. Hopefully, most aren't clicking based on my pic....

SpiritWolf784270Oct 2016
honest n faithful required

honest n faithful requiredRate me or date my friend .be my foe.please write bk n let me knw xxx...

timcrackerbimson4180Oct 2016

profileWhat do you think of my profile...

bozo4584382Oct 2016Oct 2016
All advice welcome

All advice welcomeHey, I am looking for a long-trrm, genuine relationship. But my profile seems to put women off. Any observations and comments gratefull received. T...

mucker093890Oct 2016
I accept both your approval and criticism just women

I accept both your approval and criticism,just women.I really want to hear much from both side of your negative and positive views about my profile.Thanks....

Esir0773940Oct 2016
review my profile

review my profileWhy do you like or dislike about my profile.....constructive criticism pls!!!...

denfranco3850Oct 2016
help me please Im new at this

help me please I'm new at thisIs my profile any good. do you like my picture? If you like it and you want to chat please mesage me i did this because I've been getting no me...

nicebloke315082Sep 2016Oct 2016
Complete noobie to dating sites looking for constructive criticism and advice

Complete noobie to dating sites, looking for constructive criticism and adviceHi guys, this is my first foray into the world of online dating, so some advice and constructive criticism about my profile and pictures [try not to b...

Quiddity6187Aug 2016Oct 2016

unluckyI'm so unlucky if there was one person on here they wouldn't read my post...

timcrackerbimson5015Oct 2016Oct 2016
hi friends which pics are best for primary photo

hi..friends..which pics are best for primary photoHi..friends. which of my pictures is the best for my primary photos...

arnav794290Oct 2016
need a sexy honey wife

need a sexy honey wifeI need a sexcy sexy hot honey please and understant lives situation business maind love family and goodlife deal .if you think u r the one...

joesphmikes5720Oct 2016
How could we find a good partner In dating web sites

How could we find a good partner In dating web sitesI ve been a long time here and got some responses but with no more than 5 or 10 words In each email. Seams they are lazy to answer that. I just do no...

bonanata1,29613Apr 2016Oct 2016
if you have a friend that cares for you and love you so much do all in your power to keep such

if you have a friend that cares for you and love you so much, do all in your power to keep suchA loving heart is known to be scarce, A caring soul is seen to be rare, But yours comes on a platter of gold! Oh! I am most blessed of humans! Tha...

aftabhashmi4551May 2016Oct 2016
You like me you like me not

You like me, you like me notSay whatever comes to your mind when you look and read my profile....

The1dstreit4331Sep 2016Oct 2016
i just want to make sure i dont send someone running down the street screaming in terror

i just want to make sure i dont send someone running down the street screaming in terrori would just like to know how some of you would rate my profile and thanks in advance...

dadgamor6641Feb 2010Oct 2016
is it ok

is it okhow is my profile should i change antn what bout my pics rate them...

byrner2707111Aug 2009Oct 2016
What do you think of my profile

What do you think of my profile?So, what do you guys think of my profile? Are my tags too crazy? Are my narratives too boring? Should I unleash my hair? Any tips?...

CrystalMethod4564Oct 2016Oct 2016
Thinking about our life

Thinking about our lifeNobody on Earth can describe a human being, because s/he is infinite. By the way, who knows what a human is. What heart or soul is? Where did we come...

omonoountes3540Oct 2016

smile??You have to love me for me.i don't change maybe a bit dafter.xxsmile lifes short enjoy n rate me xdnt be shy....

timcrackerbimson3501Oct 2016Oct 2016
Feel free to leave notes

Feel free to leave notesI just would like to know if my profile is okay and if there is anything I could do to fix it. I'm open to suggestions and any constructive criticism....

johnlock983770Oct 2016
Back Home

Back HomeWell done, I'm back home (back on this site) and if you are interested, take a look on my profile too! Love from Italy Daniele...

HotSpace3350Oct 2016
Lucifer sanctuary

Lucifer sanctuaryWhat do you want to know tell me what kind of advice you're looking for example do I sound too arrogant...

Luisortiz4440Oct 2016
groose5781Jan 2016Oct 2016
I need your help i am looking for friends women 20 33 years old

I need your help, i am looking for friends (women 20-33 years old)Hello everyone, I am looking for a woman 20-34 years old. I am single and I need your help....

Carlosmtm3581Oct 2016Oct 2016
new looking for naughty talk and possiblely meeting

new .. looking for naughty talk and possiblely meetingnew .. looking for naughty talk and possiblely meeting...

jonian5101Aug 2015Oct 2016

LETS GO!Overall wacha think?...

trulee017971May 2010Oct 2016
be honest now

be honest nowgive it a look over...

justdave116261Jan 2010Oct 2016
Why younger guys are drawn to me

Why younger guys are drawn to me?Whats wrong with my profile why i get more messages from a lot younger guys, like 20's?...

xxsmileyxx2,94640Dec 2015Oct 2016
hello i am new here what do you think about my profile

hello i am new here, what do you think about my profileLooking for a new life my older is down....

barms694081Aug 2016Oct 2016
2016 profile photo

2016 profile photoJust a up to date on my profile picture 2016...

kcomfort13471Sep 2016Oct 2016
testing EDIT

testing EDITtesting EDIT...

CraftySquirrel6502May 2015Oct 2016

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