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TitleAuthorCreatedLast Comment
Do tell

Do tell..What am I missing... I fell i need something but can't figure it out......

LuKalaz3391Jul 2009Jul 2009
Be honest

Be honest...Would love to know what ya think of my profile....

Cappuchino3472Jul 2009Jul 2009
Ok Then

Ok ThenLets review my me word it the right way....

Pamie456154May 2009Jul 2009
Let me know whats good or bad

Let me know whats good or bad....Is theres anything missin please tell... What shouldn't i change...

LuKalaz3863Jul 2009Jul 2009
is my profile sad

is my profile sad???!!!!!!!!!!tell me if ive put enough or even 2much lnfo in my profile,if so il take the hint and amend it!!!!...

jaydeeyork6666Jul 2009Jul 2009
Check me out

Check me outLet me know what you think about me... Am i good lookin......

LuKalaz4260Jul 2009
What you think

What you thinkLook at my profile... tell me whats needs changed... tell me what you like...

LuKalaz4850Jul 2009

HeyWhat you think about me???...

LuKalaz3760Jul 2009
Is hello good enough

Is hello good enough?Hey there people, I just decided to put my profile on here to see what people have to say about my profile, positive or there ya go :-)...

allusion094601Jul 2009Jul 2009
does every youngest kid gonna b spoiled

does every youngest kid gonna b spoiled?hey...many said because im the youngest in my fams so im gettin' the 1st class service from...

vanillaz6163Jul 2009Jul 2009
what is wrong with this picture

what is wrong with this pictureokay, i know SOMETHING is amiss!,i KNOW im rusty. i guess what i think works for me, does the opposite for a female.. i could use some femine input on...

navyseabee215622Jun 2009Jul 2009
What is to be changed in moi profile to make it perfect

What is to be changed in moi profile to make it perfect!!!Im not sure wats wrong but I strongly feel that I have to do some minor to major changes in my me friends!...

Sunny1434751Jun 2009Jul 2009
anything that can be improved on profile

anything that can be improved on profilenever asked for a review figured it was time to see if anything can be done to improve it so let me have it...

tallaght_guy88914Jul 2009Jul 2009

fishiehi fishie here just 2 see if profile s good made a few changes...

fishie4523Jul 2009Jul 2009
new picture

new picturehi ive just put up a new photo its a bit brighter could ye tell me how it looks please thanks....

skateman644960Jul 2009
on my looks

on my lookshi i would like peoples opinion on my looks i know im ugly so dont be shy....

skateman645047Jun 2009Jun 2009
Could this get a read and a reaction

Could this get a read and a reaction?Feel free to tear it apart if required!...

bigbillbroonzy4753Jun 2009Jun 2009
WOuld you like to review my Profile

WOuld you like to review my Profile ?I am Single Man 24 from Ohio. Highly talented and working in research and Development... Just tell me what can I write more abt myself and how to f...

kansas1235670Jun 2009
Whats you think of silence Lyrics

What's you think of silence LyricsJust like know about my profile... as truth is always bitter or sour... Like to know comments on it and also what other side think of me....

fiddu4901Jun 2009Jun 2009
So what do you think

So what do you think?Someone suggested in one of my forum posts I should get my profile reviewed. So here I am. Awaiting your critiques!...

azucarmorena90413Jun 2009Jun 2009
Check it out

Check it outBe as critical as possible!!!...

ThePottle5242Jun 2009Jun 2009
What do you think of my profile

What do you think of my profile?Can you honestly tell me what do you think of my profile? Just anything that you think or that you would like to comment about!...

maracana6192Jun 2009Jun 2009
What kind of impression do I make

What kind of impression do I make?Do I sound too dull? Do I sound too old? Are the photos too fuzzy?...

Ross1236884Jun 2009Jun 2009

potter1Hey! people i am getting a few hits,but they are all oriental dont get me wrong they are beautiful,and i am flattered but i am looking for local ladie...

potter16524Jun 2009Jun 2009
loveubabe956831Jun 2009Jun 2009
Be honest but nicely

Be honest..but nicelyJust wondering what people think of my profile. Didn't realise I could do this until a few days ago. I welcome constructive crticism..but not rude...

wexlady417778Jun 2009Jun 2009

HiJust wondering if you look over my profile and too see if there are any changes I need to make. Thanks Hazeleyes36...

Hazeleyes366412Jun 2009Jun 2009
Just a quick look over

Just a quick look over...Would appreciate some feedback, thanks....

TallDarkCute6974Jun 2009Jun 2009
let have your opinions

let have your opinionswhat kind of personality am T? what's your opinion as many of my friends mention to me that I am arrogant, do you really think am I?...

fiddu5970Jun 2009
hello everybody

hello everybody,cs was the first dating site i've ever entered, about 4 months ago. i would like some comments on my profile, especially what girls would dislike abou...

hellenicdrifter7728May 2009Jun 2009
Its gone wery wery quiet

Its gone wery wery quiet?:-(Hey guys n girls ,just here 2 look 4 a few suggestions. When i first join had a nice bit of activity but in da last month or so it been very queit, an...

Denacox7010Jun 2009

reviewall aspects...

psuedonym6910May 2009
What you think of me after reading my profile

What you think of me after reading my profile?I know some thing is wrong with my profile and Photo and or both because they have not been so attractive for people to come to me and make connection...

sept519371May 2009May 2009
Speaking from the heart

Speaking from the heartI know I need to add more photos of myself and will after my face stops swelling. (Had a 4-wheeler accident over the weekend.) I'm mostly interested i...

Dan03407721May 2009May 2009
a serious review of my profile

a serious review of my profile....Hello, I would love any constructive advice and critique of my profile......or if anyone wants to joke and have fun that is OK too. I am here to en...

morriea1,76224Dec 2008May 2009
drop by some mail mailwomen

drop by some mail....... mailwomen.TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK?...

realalso8760May 2009
why not on anyone favorite list

why not on anyone favorite listi noticed i have been viewed 1599 times and not on anyone favorite list so is it because you ladies are afraid of the bunny hopping around and might w...

llasvegascutie8981Apr 2009Apr 2009
easter bunny

easter bunnyladies what do you think of my bunny...

llasvegascutie8964Apr 2009Apr 2009
StillOfTheNight: "Blue "(meet us in the ecards)

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