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Title for your Profile Review request

Title for your Profile Review request:Description of your Profile Review request: What do you want to know? Tell members what kind of advice you're looking for... examples: 'do I sound too...

epicure3460Aug 2009

WHY .WHY.........WHYWhy do I keep getting toyboys replying to me ? when I clearly state the age group I'm interested in on my profile ?...

Kaygey4065Aug 2009Aug 2009
hello to the world wait listen know

hello to the world wait listen knowtaking a step back and looking around to see if there is the one out there for me...

tbone83ace3230Aug 2009

Well?Need some good strong advice on how to change my profile so that I can find that right person...

Flash14285Aug 2009Aug 2009
Feedbacks are appreciated

Feedbacks are appreciatedI didnt know that CS has such a good option to receive feedback from other members. I like this phrase: "No matter what YOU TELL, the others UNDERS...

masici4701Aug 2009Aug 2009

angiangWhat am I doing wrong - I have trained since the age of seven and am fitter and stronger than many 1/2 my age. I am gentle, loving and compassionate;...

angiang3553Aug 2009Aug 2009

HeyAny advice? :)...

seekerofprincess4063Aug 2009Aug 2009
Hi peoples

Hi peoplesHello i'm fairly new to this site and i just found this bit i'd like you good people to say if my profile is ok or does it need a bit more to it any a...

Condemned6663571Aug 2009Aug 2009
Have a look

Have a look.Have made a couple of changes. I still think my profile is boring but can't think what else to put in it. Any suggestions?...

wexlady4156710Jun 2009Aug 2009
need a little help

need a little helpwhat do i need to change...

finbar403421Aug 2009Aug 2009
what do you think

what do you thinkneed a little help,...

finbar404170Aug 2009
tell it as it is shoot from the hip

tell it as it is shoot from the hipwhot do you lot think...

johnnywalker1233412Aug 2009Aug 2009
board as hell

board as hellhey, what should i change bout my stuff? oh snap it is the banana again RUN!!!!!!!!!!...

aj88193480Aug 2009
Anybody out there

Anybody out there ????Any comment - positive (or. . . . otherwise. . . ) - welcomed !!...

AOneOff3111Aug 2009Aug 2009
a little help please

a little help pleasewhat can i change,please help,...

finbar403990Aug 2009
should I change anything

should I change anythingshould I change anything what do you think of my profile...

Alan_505012872Jul 2009Aug 2009
advice please a little help

advice please,a little helplooking for some help,my profile my photo...

finbar403670Aug 2009
need a little help

need a little my photo bad,what about my profile, .....

finbar403640Aug 2009
sorry for asking thanks for help

sorry for asking,,thanks for help,was just looking for help,...

finbar403910Aug 2009
so what to do

so ,what to do,,should i try another photo,,wts missing,...

finbar403620Aug 2009

HeyCheck me out...

LuKalaz3160Jul 2009
Just started to learn how CS work

Just started to learn how CS workWhat do you think about my profile? How can I improve it for more interesting to getting to make friend?...

Shalintara4800Jul 2009
Kaygey3853Jul 2009Jul 2009

wreckim either scaring them off because im gorgeous or hidious either way im not getting any feed back This sight is hard work...

blueeyes19743275Jul 2009Jul 2009
Total attention deficit

Total attention deficit....I get nearly no mails, hardly any flowers, barely any attention. It has been 4 months of lonely long-haul. In my last profile review I was addressed...

eurolady4916Jul 2009Jul 2009
is my profile boring

is my profile boringjust wondering do people find my profile boring...

ciaran645948May 2009Jul 2009
Do tell

Do tell..What am I missing... I fell i need something but can't figure it out......

LuKalaz3471Jul 2009Jul 2009
Be honest

Be honest...Would love to know what ya think of my profile....

Cappuchino3502Jul 2009Jul 2009
Ok Then

Ok ThenLets review my me word it the right way....

Pamie456324May 2009Jul 2009
Let me know whats good or bad

Let me know whats good or bad....Is theres anything missin please tell... What shouldn't i change...

LuKalaz3913Jul 2009Jul 2009
is my profile sad

is my profile sad???!!!!!!!!!!tell me if ive put enough or even 2much lnfo in my profile,if so il take the hint and amend it!!!!...

jaydeeyork6706Jul 2009Jul 2009
Check me out

Check me outLet me know what you think about me... Am i good lookin......

LuKalaz4460Jul 2009
What you think

What you thinkLook at my profile... tell me whats needs changed... tell me what you like...

LuKalaz4930Jul 2009

HeyWhat you think about me???...

LuKalaz3880Jul 2009
Is hello good enough

Is hello good enough?Hey there people, I just decided to put my profile on here to see what people have to say about my profile, positive or there ya go :-)...

allusion094701Jul 2009Jul 2009
does every youngest kid gonna b spoiled

does every youngest kid gonna b spoiled?hey...many said because im the youngest in my fams so im gettin' the 1st class service from...

vanillaz6203Jul 2009Jul 2009
what is wrong with this picture

what is wrong with this pictureokay, i know SOMETHING is amiss!,i KNOW im rusty. i guess what i think works for me, does the opposite for a female.. i could use some femine input on...

navyseabee215652Jun 2009Jul 2009
What is to be changed in moi profile to make it perfect

What is to be changed in moi profile to make it perfect!!!Im not sure wats wrong but I strongly feel that I have to do some minor to major changes in my me friends!...

Sunny1434791Jun 2009Jul 2009
anything that can be improved on profile

anything that can be improved on profilenever asked for a review figured it was time to see if anything can be done to improve it so let me have it...

tallaght_guy91114Jul 2009Jul 2009

fishiehi fishie here just 2 see if profile s good made a few changes...

fishie4603Jul 2009Jul 2009
new picture

new picturehi ive just put up a new photo its a bit brighter could ye tell me how it looks please thanks....

skateman645000Jul 2009
on my looks

on my lookshi i would like peoples opinion on my looks i know im ugly so dont be shy....

skateman645077Jun 2009Jun 2009
flynn5388: "MY TOP TEN TUNES"(meet us in the top 10 lists)

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