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Nothing Like A Second Opinion Please Tell Me What You See

Nothing Like A Second Opinion, Please Tell Me What You SeeI never knew this Review Forum was here. What a good thing to have. We all need to step outside of ourselves and take a good look back sometimes. Fres...

BIGEASY72811Oct 2009Oct 2009
Tell me what you think

Tell me what you thinkHi, Do I need to make any changes to make others more interested....

craig633010Oct 2009
I am an Enigma to be explored Dare to explore xxx

I am an Enigma to be explored, Dare to explore ! xxxHI!!! WORLD !!! X CHECK ME OUT , DON'T BE SHY YOUR MOTHER WASN'T. LOL CHEEKY BUT HONEST !!! xxx...

todger5318Oct 2009Oct 2009

TELL ME STRIGHT UPThats all I ever here is oh your such a nice guy.. Than why do I only get crack-heads and users and loosers. I'll take anyone on you see in person t...

ghostrider647899425Oct 2009Oct 2009

So?Any comments? Suggestions?...

Flash14120Oct 2009
Hi i have just joined yesterday and want you to look at my profile

Hi i have just joined yesterday and want you to look at my profileHi i have just joined yesterday am a bit new to this and wondered if anyone out there on this site likes the look of my profile....

moldaviteman3781Oct 2009Oct 2009
Be nice to get a profile review

Be nice to get a profile review...What do you think about my profile? Many thanks Míchéal...

mike_irish5332Sep 2009Sep 2009

????Whats wrong?...

starstuded2900Sep 2009
jon19723090Sep 2009
Just want some general advice and comments please

Just want some general advice and comments, please.Not had any luck with my profile, so just want to hear your thoughts on it. Thanks...

jon19723774Sep 2009Sep 2009
I think I have emailed everyone in my state LOL

I think I have emailed everyone in my state! LOL!I have been on here for a few years. I'll bet I have sent emails to almost everyone in my state. Still, no one has wanted to go out with me. If there...

Flash189421Aug 2009Sep 2009
Is this any good

Is this any good?Any suggestions on how I can make my profile better?...

tcurtisaz3575Sep 2009Sep 2009
ok ive made some changes

ok i've made some changesi've taken a second go at this, and have made some changes. is it working for me people?...

Just_Palms2310Sep 2009
Does it have any appeal

Does it have any appeal?Anyone like to comment on my profile? Does it come across as even remotely interesting? Not that I am overly worried, but other people's opinions can...

Heathrowsteve6054Jun 2009Sep 2009
Imput is key

Imput is key!!I'm open for any comments or suggestions. I appreciate it!!...

mandro214966Aug 2009Sep 2009
feminine women not femenist please

feminine women not femenist pleaseHave women forgot how to flirt? Do they not know it's a 2 way street?...

starstuded2740Sep 2009

helpHow do i get more views...

Just_Palms3261Sep 2009Sep 2009
Ok throw me under the bus

Ok,throw me under the bus!Would you mind giving me a review? I appreciate it,and thank you in advance!...

Seatraveler5476May 2009Sep 2009
Whats wrong with my Profile

Whats wrong with my ProfileWhat is wrong with my profile ? I don't even get looked at ever. Get back to me . Let me know....

mrrick19774164Aug 2009Sep 2009
Re did my profile

Re-did my profileRe-vamped my profile...The text portion. Please let me know what you think! Thanks!...

azucarmorena4664Jul 2009Sep 2009
pleasle i want to know

pleasle i want to know........i want to upload my photo but i don't know how my profile will look ilke with my photo. what do you think it will look like?[s...

otenga20093232Sep 2009Sep 2009
life is good with someone near you

life is good with someone near you.If your missing someone,life become's diffcuit, you won't do thing as they are suposed to done. what am saying is i need someone to with and you need...

otenga20093470Sep 2009
who thinks i should put up my pic of me on bondi beach

who thinks i should put up my pic of me on bondi beachwho thinks i should put up a profile pic of me on bondi beach , i have my doubths,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,...

fitness074322Sep 2009Sep 2009
just want to know about my profile

just want to know about my profilei want to know remarks of user about my profile...

rehkk4271Sep 2009Sep 2009
old prince

old princetell me please guys and gals whats wrong with my profile...

oldprince3631Sep 2009Sep 2009
di i need to improve

di i need to improvehi could anybody tell me, is my profile ok or if not wat cud i do to improve it thanks...

sickandspan4420Sep 2009

I am too damn Uglytell me what do you think about that....

DonJuann19694001Sep 2009Sep 2009

maltese woman 36yrshi what u think of my profile am i that ugly not to be noticed is it hard to correspond with me hope to hear from you soon and make some friends.[colo...

tweety327667Aug 2009Sep 2009
New to this site and wanted too see if Im too long winded

New to this site and wanted too see if I'm too long winded???Whats funny is that I was frustrated I had to edit down my statements. I had a lot that I wanted to say. I absolutely love this site, so...

UrLove1234031Sep 2009Sep 2009
I need advice

I need adviceWhat type of woman do I appeal to?What ages?What do I need to write to get attention?Would I be considered average or below average in appearance. Ple...

dupted935927May 2009Sep 2009
Help If your mean dont help Ok you can help too

Help!!! If your mean, don't help......Ok you can help too.I'd really appreciate some general criticisms, whether good or bad. You scratch my back and I'll pretend to scratch yours.Maybe[...

Vaako3260Sep 2009
What do you think about my profile

What do you think about my profile?Tell me what you think about my profile and which picture do you like the most?...

sampat3601Sep 2009Sep 2009


MADSEN6663811Aug 2009Aug 2009
what do you say about me friends

what do you say about me friends.check my profile and post your comments. i would love ur comments.thnx...

peshawar14849Aug 2009Aug 2009
Title for your Profile Review request

Title for your Profile Review request:Description of your Profile Review request: What do you want to know? Tell members what kind of advice you're looking for... examples: 'do I sound too...

epicure3560Aug 2009

WHY .WHY.........WHYWhy do I keep getting toyboys replying to me ? when I clearly state the age group I'm interested in on my profile ?...

Kaygey4555Aug 2009Aug 2009
hello to the world wait listen know

hello to the world wait listen knowtaking a step back and looking around to see if there is the one out there for me...

tbone83ace3270Aug 2009

Well?Need some good strong advice on how to change my profile so that I can find that right person...

Flash14695Aug 2009Aug 2009
Feedbacks are appreciated

Feedbacks are appreciatedI didnt know that CS has such a good option to receive feedback from other members. I like this phrase: "No matter what YOU TELL, the others UNDERS...

masici4791Aug 2009Aug 2009

angiangWhat am I doing wrong - I have trained since the age of seven and am fitter and stronger than many 1/2 my age. I am gentle, loving and compassionate;...

angiang3743Aug 2009Aug 2009

HeyAny advice? :)...

seekerofprincess4293Aug 2009Aug 2009
Hi peoples

Hi peoplesHello i'm fairly new to this site and i just found this bit i'd like you good people to say if my profile is ok or does it need a bit more to it any a...

Condemned6663701Aug 2009Aug 2009
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