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italianmoment981Jun 22Jul 12
I am at the point of closing my account

I am at the point of closing my accountI am frustrated, most of the men on this site just want to jerk off. they are not looking for serious relationship only fling. Each time I log in I fe...

AppleCandy7148Jul 2014Jul 8
Change my age to 57

Change my age to 57My age as come up wrong here im actually 57 this year. Thank you...

DavidDavitt11860Jul 5
Am I too old to find a soul mate for the second time

Am I too old to find a soul mate for the second time?Should I keep waiting and trying? Should I change anything or add anything in my profile. I am very healthy and active and still want to have fun in t...

Matzy1512Jun 21Jul 1
Be honest but gentle lol

Be honest but gentle, lolPlease check out the whole profile and give me an honest opinion. Thanks...

Dramafreeforme2304Jun 25Jun 30
Can you review this

Can you review this?I seem only to get those from other countries.. Is there something wrong with my profile? To honest? Too long? Not good enough photos? Thanks...

WindinherhairCAS91918Nov 2013Jun 29
are my pix ok

are my pix ok?If so please someone like my profile please...

Emitter70213Sep 2017Jun 29
What do you think of my Profile

What do you think of my Profile?Just curious, I don't get on the Site much unless I am advised that I have a messege! Let me know please!!!!!! :banan...

Ashes26517Dec 2017Jun 29

foxyhello guys im new so be gentle lol.....

foxygal507297May 2016Jun 28
Hi can you take a little time and check my pic and profile

Hi can you take a little time and check my pic, and profile...Let me know your honest opinion thanks......

John340563810Mar 2014Jun 28
What do you think of my profile

What do you think of my profile?I am looking for a man who has a good sense of humor and wants to spend the rest of our lives together....

mannal1802Mar 2017Jun 24

stilltime4usWhat is missing in my profile to attract men of my preferred age? Am I too forward, or arrogant or my requirements/search too demanding?...

Stilltime4us5347Aug 2012Jun 21
Would you want to contact me after looking at my profile

Would you want to contact me after looking at my profileWhat do you think of my pictures ? Should I possibly change my profile picture ?...

Yorkshireman11090Jun 20

mewhat do you think of me ?...

lisatjuh5174Mar 2015Jun 19
Praising GOD

Praising GODIs this the right kind of profile ? Seems no one wants anything to do with a Christian. Perhaps I should use the bad boy approach.You know all sex/dru...

Sweetj642914Sep 2017Jun 19
Is there an honest guy out there looking for a serious relationship rather than a scammer

Is there an honest guy out there? looking for a serious relationship rather than a scammer???Hi, I'm rather new to all this, and would really welcome some feedback on my profile? Whether my pictures are ok, my information is fact an...

Phoenix543213May 29Jun 18
What do you think about my profile

What do you think about my profile :-)Please only objective opinions. Thank you....

lauryna4,34372Jul 2013Jun 16

It`s all just me.Do I sound too open? Some things are worth saying I don`t know if I should say I am an ordained pastor, right away or wait until I know them first. ....

moonglow332082May 28Jun 12
How about Miss Right Where are you

How about Miss Right...? Where are you ?Well, hi... Please, if you would have couple advice on how... How would you see that I'm still willing to have my own family... Is it legitimate to p...

Woawing1750Jun 8
Straight up add 20 years on the age

Straight up ( add 20 year's on the age)So comment on the way I have filed a profile, and feel free to give me a picture of what you want. I do not have any problems with s*xual health and c...

Dollopings1100Jun 7

cranberrywater1What do you think...

Cranberrywater1761Jun 4Jun 4
i would like your comment Please

i would like your comment Please.Hi, ( Smiles ) I.m wondering if my profile is too long.? do I need to make changes? I would like your comment. Thanx Florence...: wink::...

FMMoonshadow4636Nov 2017Jun 3

Honest guy welcome to give me honest feedbackGive me all I need to know. Thank you...

Bigbanger22631240Jun 3

Anyone Genuine on here that shall have me ???Is there anyone who is Genuine on here that shall have me and who is none what a " Time Waster ",..........

Diy65301891May 29May 29
My Mr Right where are you

My Mr.Right where are youWhat do you think of me?...

heidychan1,3979Apr 2016May 29
General review

General reviewAny suggestions? I'm a simple man living a simple life. Not rich, not an explorer....ETC....

What catches your mind

What catches your mind?The first thing that catches your eye? Your very 1st thought? Do you want to get to know me? Or just have sex?...

1simpleGal12155May 12May 17


pamynaka4074Mar 17May 17
My pics

My pics..Which of my pictures do you think is quit?...

Okose1900May 10
Stable and caring

Stable and caringI don't know what to write.. But still I tried. Does my profile worth of a second look?...

AjayraoJi1470May 7
My profile is more than1 000 views at this moment

" My profile,is more than1,000 views at this moment "Can you give me your opinion? Do you like my photo? What part of my profile do you like? What...

Balicia5879May 2017May 4

under the cover of hair and skinI have a good heart. Times change when it comes the dating scene. Whats so wrong with the old ways. I'm still the same. Tell me your opinions on my w...

daears1550May 4
It could be better right

It could be better, right?will this interest the ladies?...

BROKK3601481Apr 26May 1
Is my profile good enough to grab others attention

Is my profile good enough to grab others attention?I'm new to this electronic ocean. I'm looking forward to making good friends with people around the world. I'm young and energetic and have good sense...

jollyboy1233612Aug 2010May 1

JacknifedMy car is in the shop and I am looking for a driver.Can carpool with....

ashlander3152Apr 10May 1
Seeking men that dont drink or smoke

Seeking men that don't drink or hard can it be for people to understand I don't want a relationship with a man who drinks or smokes...anything! Its in my profile stated se...

CheryleR6105Jul 2012Apr 19
Thoughts for me

Thoughts for me.....!!! :)Is my profile perfect or errors ?...

manu104193Feb 14Apr 19
tell me what you think

tell me what you thinkI want to know what you think...

Brian34171540Mar 30Apr 19

what do you think of my profile?am i ugly? 2 years in cs, still single?...

Runaryarun2231Mar 31Apr 19
How am I doing

How am I doing?Please let me know what you think of my profile. I,m open to constructive criticism.I,m trying to keep it real....

EddieG1111810Apr 7Apr 19
Honesty is the best policy

Honesty is the best policyAm I out of the ordinary for this kind of dating?::confused:...

widowerx1590Apr 12Apr 19
How can you enjoy with life

How can you enjoy with life?1) Jest leave all the pressure of the day wherethere you completed your day. 2) Dont such happy into other’s because of the happiness up to you. Nob...

williamrv1050Apr 18Apr 19
"PLAY NOW: Hangman"(meet us in the games)

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