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which pic is hottest>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<< ??????????????????? 0...

pedro275862May 2012Mar 17

Just meHelp me. Have been on and off here for awhile. What am I doing wrong. I am being honest in my profile well I hope I am. Get some lovely messages. Too...

Astoreenbawn3662Mar 14Mar 16

Thanx fior view ny profileDosent matter what you think...becasue of profile you cant judge the person...

Dk_19792070Mar 14
Single mom advice

Single mom adviceDo you think I did well on profile, stating clearly my ideal match, and how I want to be treated....

LonerBrenda1421Mar 9Mar 13
Need honest opinion

Need honest opinion.Nothing in particular, just what to improve my profile....

Roxana381650Mar 2
Am I doing something wrong please tell me

Am I doing something wrong? please tell me :)Hi lovely members of CS! I wanna you to give me an opinion if you want, of course. I received few emails and nothi...

majo19797535Apr 2012Mar 1
Seeking men that dont drink or smoke

Seeking men that don't drink or hard can it be for people to understand I don't want a relationship with a man who drinks or smokes...anything! Its in my profile stated se...

CheryleR1,0577Jul 2012Feb 29
the perfect woman

the perfect womancan anyone please tell me if i can actually be match to a good man? sometimes i feel like im not enough......

Malta0075544Sep 2019Feb 29
New acquaintances are new interests and new experiences

New acquaintances are new interests and new experiences.1/ What do you think of my pictures? 2/ Which of my pictures is the best for my primary photo?...

Natalia22223162Dec 19Feb 21
Just me

Just meAnything...

SmallPaul1630Feb 21

silasi01I want to make changes on my profile...

silasi011620Feb 21

silasi01Date of birth incorrect...

silasi011500Feb 21

Well I am relatively new hereI was wondering if the ladies are kind enough to review my profile and tell me what they would like to see improved :) I am here to meet people and ma...

BumbleB3141Dec 26Feb 17
Hit me with your best shot

Hit me with your best shot.Compliment it, yell at it, tell me Imma psycho; whatever you want! lol...

SchylerSilvey1700Feb 14

Seeking advice.How can i make my profile more intriguing and interesting?...

1Americanmade8112371Jan 26Feb 6

well ??opinions good, bad or indifferent welcome , just let me know...

Stephen24102111Jan 20Feb 5
Newbie who is still lost to go about in this site

Newbie who is still lost to go about in this siteWhy I still did not get any real serious guy ? I only fall into scammers .........

ZaraNora4724Jan 13Feb 5
just one moment

just one moment...!I don't want to ask anyone to check my profile and say oh you're great. I just want you to think for a moment. I live in a country where hundreds of i...

hila6983732Jan 12Feb 4
New member

New memberHi all, Hope Al doing good. I am new member here to find people to talk Al around the world. Please do advice me for how's this Web page works?? :pe...

rahulscorp1233061Aug 2019Feb 4
missChelseablue1890Feb 3

SexWho Will f*ck...

Brixh361860Feb 1
strange world is

strange world is...!The city is beautiful from above and People from afar......

hila6983161Dec 2019Jan 29

CommentDo u think that my profile is too much.....

Evaniqye2551Dec 2019Jan 29
Just would like some honest feedback

Just would like some honest feedbackMostly involving my picture and my description...

Ak12263261Jan 2018Jan 26
What do you think

What do.... you think?I would love to know what people think about my photo's, and my profile?...

fancee11,0349Apr 2014Jan 23

well ??opinions good, bad or indifferent welcome , just let me know...

Stephen24101530Jan 20

Without honesty there's no trust...think about it!Do I sound too desperate? What do you think of my profile? Should I tell lies on my profile?...

Bela702063Jan 5Jan 19

changewish to change hair description to dark brown, unable to do this myself...

vitalogy14352Apr 2011Jan 15
No Matter

No Matter...!I’d rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I am not......

hila6984946Nov 2019Jan 14
aquarius1006732Jul 2014Jan 12

nobodynobodyAll the above thank you...

nobodynobody1410Jan 11
I want to be your partner Dance with me

I want to be your partner. Dance with me.I welcome any suggestions you may want to offer about anything that catches your eye. Spasseeba!...

bardometer1760Dec 20

i would like your comment Please.Hi, ( Smiles ) I.m wondering if my profile is too long.? do I need to make changes? I would like your comment. Thanx Florence...: wink::...

FMMoonshadow7649Nov 2017Dec 19
honesty is the best policy

honesty is the best policyjust tell me what you think , i am not easily offended so be brutally honest....

expatmaz2494Dec 2019Dec 2019
Check me out

Check me outI am here in search of my Queen and if I stand the chance let your comment flow...

Sirlordrf1630Dec 2019
Review my profile and reply if interested

Review my profile and reply if interestedhello, I guarantee you my profile has a message that you will like, read and give me your feedback,thanks...

nashmaeva4842Apr 2019Dec 2019
Show my profile some love

Show my profile some love.I hope you like me and my profile. This is the true me. So here i am....

Hell4leather1400Dec 2019
First time posting to a personals site be gentle

First time posting to a personals site, be gentle!I've never posted to a personals site before, and had WAY too much on here on my first edit (lucky I had a friend who helped coach me into a complete...

mrwolfie2020Dec 2019
Looking for real friends and maybe more than a friend

Looking for real friends, and maybe more than a friendWhy is it hard to find love nowadays, is it because of my ethnicity not all blacks are scammers there are good people out there who needed to be heard...

Nyati19801990Dec 2019
hello tap tap is this thing on

hello (tap,tap!) is this thing on?!Come to me my jungle friends... do you like my profile...anything wrong?...

samsonx2831Oct 2019Nov 2019
intimate desire

intimate desireare my expectations unrealistic?...

Xavipr1610Nov 2019
Bela703004Aug 2019Nov 2019

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