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so lonely

so lonelyI hope there is someone here for me...

federol555554170Jan 2016
looking for white girl

looking for white girlhye i am looking for a white girl .if any one get interested do let me know thanks...

Ahtsham_Saeed3430Jan 2016
looks like people are sleeping

looks like people are sleeping !!!!no visits no comments no emails no e mails replies no nothing ....

Ahtsham_Saeed3970Jan 2016
Is this worth a look

Is this worth a look?Simple to the point? or not. Intriguing, or not. Let me know, and be honest please. Thanks, Lman27...

Lman273590Jan 2016
where are u Mr right

where are u Mr rightWhat do u think of my pictures?...

koya944332Jan 2016Jan 2016
Trust Honor Respect and love Values i learned in the Army

Trust, Honor, Respect and love. Values i learned in the Army.Am i asking to much to find some one who can Trust, Honor ,Respect and love me. Ever wonder why people in the military have a life long connection? it...

NYSTRONG3891Jan 2016Jan 2016
Hope theres someone out there for me

Hope there's someone out there for meWhere's all the real ladies at or even a reply or like or message :) would be nice...

Ardz303920Jan 2016
No one contacts me Anyone interested in Bangalore

No one contacts me. Anyone interested in BangaloreLet me know what should i do so that i get IM requests and get to know people. bangalore based preferred....

zayb13450Jan 2016
please help to improve my profile

please help to improve my profilehy everyone .i am new and i want your best suggestion to improve my profile .Please help and your help is very important here . thanks...

Ahtsham_Saeed3750Jan 2016

ARE U ALL TAKENBeen looking for a man to love is there something wrong with me...

honeyz468037Sep 2015Jan 2016
Is there something wrong with my profile

Is there something wrong with my profile?I'm wondering if it's my age (almost 40) or my country which cause rejection from men. Or my pictures are pretty bad. I only get a mail once a week an...

azucena20134644Jan 2016Jan 2016

HelpWhat do you think of my pictures?...

DCN483721Jan 2016Jan 2016
What do you think

What do you thinkWhat do I need to work on...

gogetit33843Jan 2016Jan 2016

mewhat do you think...

countrycowboy414221Jan 2015Jan 2016


Ishfaq_773380Jan 2016
its very clearnobade wana know u bush man

...its very clear"nobade wana know u bush man"..When u are the root,a source of some people daily life living, how do u feel when they dont cosider you?..foooolllissshhh!! ....

kingjonny4210Jan 2016

NO BODY CONTACT MEWould any one expert with enough experience in this website, reply why i have never get any contact with a beautifully ladies i have sent 100 letters...

ranayasir2134482Jan 2016Jan 2016
Hi my Profile Viewer

Hi my Profile Viewerhello every one all viewer are just seeing profile why they not contact ?? every one want nice i know every one is not nice but e...

Ishfaq_774031Jan 2016Jan 2016

What should I change to get more interest from manDo I sound too arrogant or what do you think of my pictures?...

57330008954Dec 2015Jan 2016

HiMy name is Linda,i am 30 years Old,I am Single (five years ago), White, dark black hair, brown eyes, 5' 6", 139 lbs.,Long Hair and a healthy Lady. I...

linda101013498Jan 2016Jan 2016
im ashame cos i dont feel like i belong on this expensive site

im ashame cos i dont feel like i belong on this "expensive" site.What do you imagine of ma profile.From an uncivilise? Or maybe a liar?:si...

kingjonny4300Jan 2016
New Profile

New ProfileWould love to get some feed back on my new profile....

Filmnoir673220Jan 2016
no one honest here

no one honest hereeverybody looking for honest but when honest people like to go honest girl or woman no one reply. so what kind of honest guy looking? that i can feel...

sagarhari3610Jan 2016

l.l.f oooooooo???????? ????????????...

derbyc4051Jan 2016Jan 2016
Strange old traditional tupe of man

Strange, old traditional tupe of man.Would any one expert with enough experience in this website, reply why i have never get any contact with a beautifully ladies i have sent 100 letters...

DinosDelis3853Jan 2016Jan 2016
Annaisnice1,51320Sep 2015Jan 2016

whydoes my profile get so many "fake" responses?...

CalimesaBarb1,39122Nov 2012Jan 2016
what am i doing wrong

what am i doing wrong?all the above...

alwaysbelieve5981Jul 2015Jan 2016
Like my pics

Like my picsDo u like my pics how often should U up date them Rozwhich picture should I use please...

Faile136815Jul 2015Jan 2016
nothing works

nothing works...could you help me please? thanks...

morganawolf7046Aug 2015Jan 2016

DOES ANY MAN IN THE WORLD FIND ME REMOTELY ATTRACTIVE AT ALL?Just wondering if theres any men anywhere in the world that does find me attractive.or iam i really that ugly that noone will ever want me lol x....

zzzzo1,54617Sep 2013Jan 2016
Flamesindublin5043Nov 2015Jan 2016
how does it read to u

how does it read to uam wondering if i actually have too much info...or come off too confident and professional...does it read like a resume instead...hmmmmm...

sweetiefireball97510Jun 2014Jan 2016
It that something with my me profile

It that something with my me/profileHey I'd like to improve my profile, but I need some suggestions, opinions. Any help will be appreciated...

Ksimoes7637Aug 2015Aug 2015
about my picture

about my picturedo my picture is bad?...

SleepToDream83714Aug 2015Aug 2015
Thoughts guys

Thoughts guys?Am I doing this wrongly? Thoughts please...

arnette805372Oct 2015Oct 2015
whoe up

whoe uphallo there, just looking for sme1 to share my loneliness...

sky257734Oct 2015Nov 2015
Does anyone see me or am I invisible

Does anyone see me or am I invisible?My profile has not been approved yet. What can I do? Can anyone advise me?...

PrimaveraSpring1,80917Aug 2015Dec 2015

???What are the most attractive and unattractive qualities I have....

123Mariahjensen4341Jan 2016Jan 2016
if you talk with people who cannot speak english well how Do you think about it

if you talk with people who cannot speak english well,how Do you think about it?I am here but cannot speak much english, i use google translator help me for every conversation..what do you thing about it? Do you think it bad? ?? ....

Nakarnda1,67512Nov 2015Jan 2016
is my profile harsh or seem rude

is my profile harsh or seem rude.Are my pictures ok to look at. Should I rewrite my profile? Is being blunt a bad thing?...

kelsokitty4281Jan 2016Jan 2016
does anyone find me attractive or ugly pls tell me your thoughts

does anyone find me attractive or ugly pls tell me your thoughtsTell me what u think of my photos iam i. Attractive or a ugly duckling?...

zzzzo1,46516Aug 2013Jan 2016
maxleg: "love me, love me not ..."(meet us in the quizzes)

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