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Hi What do you think about my profile

Hi ! What do you think about my profile ??Hi ! What do you think about my profile ??...

Leega5451Nov 2015Nov 2015
cant I just be with someone

can't I just be with someoneHow can I get a good man to be with me...

aprilb956060Nov 2015
I like the American men

I like the American menI'd would like to find an American man to be my sweetheart The American man loves his job. They are so serious in love .The typical American man fal...

trinhnguyen5471Sep 2015Nov 2015
how i looking for someone

how i looking for someone...who are honest,love kids , love animals,no game, no drama,good heart then message me now!!!...

Chatchananan6221Aug 2015Nov 2015
Hola this latina girl says Hi

¡Hola! this latina girl says Hi!Check out my profile and let me know which pic i should delete......

Christianlatin6380Nov 2015
Why does my profile attracts no one

Why does my profile attracts no one?Am I the ugliest guy on CS? Lol. I virtually get no responses from women no matter how many flowers, e-cards, or letters I send out. I always try to b...

serendipity6156552Nov 2015Nov 2015
Help lol

Help lolhello just wondering if my profile says enough......

horsemangary5160Nov 2015

scepticalDoes it make me look desperate the fact that I'm here?...

Lolly_pri4592Nov 2015Nov 2015
honest opinion on me please

honest opinion on me please.Do I make the cut? ????...

louisbreytenbach5191Nov 2015Nov 2015

ANY SINCERE PERSON HERE FOR MEHi i am new here on this site and i am looking someone honest for a serious relation.But unfortunately couldnt find.Kindly give your views about my pr...

dr_sweet095170Nov 2015
What do you think about my profile

What do you think about my profile?I take pride in being myself, sticking to my values and doing things good for others. however I would appreciate your real views and your time for giv...

yoursonly20156790Nov 2015
show me the way to your heart and proise to follow as you wish

show me the way to your heart and proise to follow as you wishbest way to find a heart and to keep her for life no matter what...

brayam0073630Nov 2015
I want some advise

I want some advisewhat do you think of my profile...

1Scorpio4695770Nov 2015
Anyone interested

Anyone interested ?Anyone interested in me/ find me attractive ? I devoted 4 years of my life to a girl who I thought was my soulmate and she just tore my heart out and...

Heyyoyup4800Nov 2015
Need some feed back on wheatyher my profile reflects who i am

Need some feed back on wheatyher my profile reflects who i am ???Can I have some feed back on my profile would really like to know weather its worth keeping it up ??????????...

drover12126570Nov 2015
okanlawon235021Nov 2015Nov 2015
I am still waiting

I am still waitingI am still waiting for my right hand...

seuniseotan4400Nov 2015
casual or serious

casual or seriouscan you see yourself being with me...

tomcat326001Nov 2015Nov 2015
Am i to fussy but you like what you like

Am i to fussy but you like what you likeJust overall advise please or am i wasting my time...

pushbiker4990Nov 2015
tobetwoinlove4400Nov 2015
okanlawon235470Nov 2015
Hiya I would like to know what if I need to add more

Hiya! I would like to know what if I need to add more.I am interested in some feed back. Anything constructive would be nice. Thanks...

twig585300Nov 2015
Can you please give me your opinion

Can you please give me your opinion ?Just would like feed back....

urkindaguy4381Nov 2015Nov 2015
Very much new

Very much newDo you think its a good idea setting up a profile here in search of the right man for me?...

prettymarsha835223Nov 2015Nov 2015
What do you think

What do you think ??Hey guyz plz tell me what you think about my profile and pics??...

Mesut2913820Nov 2015
Please tell me what you think

Please tell me what you think.I am a Cuban woman and unfortunately some Cuban women have a certain reputation when it comes to relationships. There are a small percentage of women...

LisandraOfCuba7887Oct 2015Nov 2015
time after time i feel like i need some good honest talk

time after time. i feel like i need some good,honest talkHow can I ever get someone to live with me and in my place?...

bloodybrilliant6924Oct 2015Nov 2015
Am I that bad

Am I that badWell I work for nomac drilling I love to work ride a back road and look at the stars at night. With the one I love I like to fish hunt and cook on t...

5454tommy4150Nov 2015
Looking for Friendship

Looking for Friendshipliving in Riyadh Saudi Arabia looking for Friendship...

Tetomb4411Nov 2015Nov 2015
dear am here for you please find me

dear am here for you please find meBeing single is neva a good thing, u need sum1 to take care of you. Am here looking for one honest single ladie who is willing to be my evry thing. [c...

mochitele4030Nov 2015

beards?I notice often that most women do nOT like long beards...Why is that.. I will never cut my's part of me(ahah)...

globetrotterfore57010Nov 2015Nov 2015
Takes one to know one

Takes one to know one :)Like to hang out have drinks laugh losten to music have a good time exploring go with the flow kinda chick...

Firsttimeforever4120Nov 2015
Hi guys looking for something real

Hi guys! looking for something real..are there any sane people left in this world to chat with???...

Khat7775133Oct 2015Nov 2015
just me

just mehy just like some views on pics and profile , and stuff , honest ones please ladys , which pics are you drawn to ? x cheers and what do you think of p...

farout12345230Nov 2015
will it catch me a keeper

will it catch me a keeperdo i sound too boring!...

danielsue4482Nov 2015Nov 2015
Updated profile

Updated profile.would truly like to get some feed back on reactions to my updated profile....

Filmnoir673590Nov 2015
watsapp me 923238844551

watsapp me +923238844551Im looking for a h*rny lady...

lastwitchhunter4430Nov 2015

NhlekzaFrnd of urs...

Generous016190Nov 2015
Is it possible to find love and not someone after a meal ticket

Is it possible to find love and not someone after a meal ticket?If you have a net worth that is substantial how do you know if a woman is after your money? It would be nice to meet a woman that has her own nest eg...

jamesnyaz5132Nov 2015Nov 2015
You are looking for a princess

You are looking for a princess?I'm not, I'm not perfect and I don't consider attractive. No, it is not low self-esteem is just that I gave up thinking that so...

selcheva4850Nov 2015
Hey looky here

Hey looky here!Check out my profile any improvements I could make?...

Brenden_Flett3890Nov 2015
Umm Fishsticks

Umm Fishsticks?Don't really need your opinion...just need some attention lol...

RemmyBuche4440Nov 2015

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