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ravi27882130Aug 2015
New here

New here.Hey y'all. I'm new here obviously and just looking for advice. Which picture is better for my primary?...

Disabledgirl19943193Aug 2015Aug 2015

I WANNA KNOWTell me i my cute and handsome if yes do let me know....

breakingice2312310Aug 2015

diptake care of always u stay with...

nibir_sobdo2110Aug 2015
What do you think about my profile

What do you think about my profile ?Please, tell me if I am pleasant man. Thank you....

twoforlove2080Aug 2015
what do you think

what do you thinkis my pic good,what i said in my profile is that ok,if not any advicw will be apreciated...

me2kool2230Aug 2015
maybe now my profile picture is better

maybe now my profile picture is better?...and my English too is improving;)...

SleepToDream2990Aug 2015
eerlike mening en opsomming

eerlike mening en opsommingnet n algeme mening jy mag baie reguit eerlik wees. ek kan kritiek hanteer asook nou nie so poditief nie. eintlik wil ek graag my tekortkoming verbet...

johanni7143Mar 2015Aug 2015
Can I find a husband in Sri Lanka with this profile

Can I find a husband in Sri Lanka with this profileI want a husband in Sri Lanka. How would you qualify my profile for that?...

Moon152113Aug 2015Aug 2015
Just Curious

Just CuriousI had stopped using this site a good while ago. Just logged back in today as I noticed I had two unsolicited messages (unusual for me.) So just really...

scriobhneoir2501Aug 2015Aug 2015
only thing I really need is happiness love is optional

only thing I really need is happiness love is optionalIt's all most spring there is a chill lingering in the air.I would like to be held in such a moment as we wait for the sunrise. Call me what you will...

lovingtheladies2251Aug 2015Aug 2015
can i make a relationship in europe or everycountry

can i make a relationship in europe or everycountryI want relationship good I need girl who loves me I am student see my profile...

usamayounas122520Aug 2015
profile review request

profile review requestdoes my profile fit the description of a down to earth person...

Jayaswell1820Aug 2015
Hello every one

Hello every one ......How do I look? I think it's awful right? I guess no one gonn' like me. pls tell me.....

jackouzurc2461Aug 2015Aug 2015
Fake photo

Fake photo?Well it it is kind of as i never wear a suit and yes it was taken by a professional for my work. When i look in a mirror i think it is me but i think...

waitakere5857Aug 2013Aug 2015

distancerider4evaEverything in general please! I wish to meet like minded ladies for friendship first...becoming best friends... and then to wherever things may take u...

distanceride4eva4450Aug 2015
hi u there

hi u there!...heyy can u see meh!! yeah its meeh, i'm fully what i am as u can see!.....

wilderMan2660Aug 2015
new profile need some help

new profile, need some helpHi people i have just joined this site and could really use some help making a profile. Any help/advice would be great. many thanks Sam.....

samuel19772672Aug 2015Aug 2015
Been years with no result Something wrong with my profile

Been years with no result. Something wrong with my profile?Hi everyone, Been in this site for several years. Could you please help me by reviewing My profile? Appreciate any feedback. Thank you...

shanty_liem79218Jul 2015Aug 2015

USAi am looking for a girl from USA to get a visa and i will pay anything !!...

ahmedbssamm2390Aug 2015
I already filled this out Why is it empty now

I already filled this out. Why is it empty now?Plus I took time to complete this as well. Where did it go?...

Outgoing622821Aug 2015Aug 2015
what do u think of me

what do u think of me?what do u think of my pic?...

mhyne3695Jul 2015Aug 2015
will i do

will i do?Aee my photos ok and do i say enough about me?...

sofiecolleen3543Aug 2015Aug 2015
is my profile ok I aappreciate all comments

is my profile ok I aappreciate all commentsFirst time on here would like some help please and thanks :-)...

thewolfcrys1940Aug 2015
What do women really want 4 dates and im dumped

What do women really want? 4 dates and i'm dumped :(Anyone like a date tonight? Killarney/Tralee/Killorglin area...

DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD1,63639Nov 2013Aug 2015
Wish I hadnt been here so long

Wish I hadn't been here so longI have updated photos and answered questions - so what is wrong with this... I have been here much too long...

Anglaishomme2822Aug 2015Aug 2015

viewingnobodies viewed me, am i even visible out there. thanks...

Geeguywiz2732Aug 2015Aug 2015


walshy822920Aug 2015
Hit me

Hit me!!Come on..let's have comments are a must...

mcattack4167Aug 2014Aug 2015
what do you think of my pictures

what do you think of my pictures??????? ???????? ????????????? ????????...

Foxworth1910Aug 2015
New to online dating

New to online datingMost of the time i've always done classic face to face, but, I guess rate my pic 1 to 10....10 being best, 1 being worst.(To the girls) and email me,...

joey6292590Aug 2015
I feel comfortable with my profile

I feel comfortable with my profile,but would still like some feed back from various female perceptive, I want to know what kind of message or energy I m giving off through my profile...

Filmnoir672250Aug 2015
I feel comfortable with my profile

I feel comfortable with my profile,but would still like some feed back from various female perceptive....

Filmnoir672190Aug 2015
Dear friends if there are beautiful girls who ask you

Dear friends, if there are beautiful girls who ask you.........your e-mail, they are fakes! With your e-mail, they can steal your identity. Be careful!...

Ross19712530Aug 2015
NEW to the Dating thang

NEW to the Dating thangI want to know what men are looking for in a life time partner now and If I can make one come true....

Sharaina4873Dec 2012Aug 2015
Anneliese263281Jul 2015Aug 2015


alperhasan2902Aug 2015Aug 2015
what am I doing wrong

what am I doing wrong?Can anyone give me advice.. I'm starting to make peace with being alone for the rest of my life...

CatherineNina2071Aug 2015Aug 2015
handelkool1930Aug 2015
oh this should be fun not but hey some fun uh

oh this should be fun!!!!.....not but hey some fun uh!!!Hi all We live in a time of hey lets get out there!!! So here I am a happy go happy person after friends for online chat because as we know this...

Fortyeightsixsix2200Aug 2015
tell me what you think and be honest

tell me what you think and be honestok im looking for everyone to rate my profile plz...

ilovefeet892700Aug 2015
prince_vijay4941Jul 2015Aug 2015
john35040: "How to improve my profile"(meet us in the profile reviews)

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