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any one

any one ...???i,m looking decent and good girl to make my life partner is any 1 interested...

ZAINHANIF2190May 2015
I wonder if really theres someone here for me

I wonder if really theres someone here for memmmmm maybe china? Norway, norte pole, Dunno im starting To Have doubts...

Jor902220May 2015
Looking for real love

Looking for real love!!Hi! I've been on connecting singles for 6 months, I erased my last profile and I'm giving it a try again! But I've been only contacted by scammers!! P...

Karla_332560May 2015
Havin fun living

Havin fun livingJust hanging out having fun....

montrey7132350May 2015
I Dont knoe why am not getting response

I Don't knoe why am not getting response....?Anybody can help me? i don;'t know what's wrong in my profile..?? I tried many times to be in contac...

yewdotsnow3362May 2015May 2015

BE doesn't hurt to be honest positive criticism is good...

COWBOYDEE2130May 2015
Nice and Easy Going Lady Thats Awaiting Your Response

Nice and Easy Going Lady That's Awaiting Your Responseam a simple and easy going lady who desire a kind loving man, that will always be there for me. i love going for sand beach camping and love dancing d...

chile051762May 2015May 2015
were is the love

were is the love?Looking for someone exciting if possible ?...

Infamovs2350May 2015
I wrote this from the heart

I wrote this from the heartI think it shows who I am more what I had before....

chriscmiller292780May 2015
Feel free to compliment

Feel free to complimentWhat you like, what you loath? Though I don't expect you to loath anything... It would be low class, wouldn't it? But I'm open to compliments :)...

Tulefell5773May 2015May 2015
Hey Hail Me Up

Hey Hail Me UpHey Girls, what's up. How I'm looking in this photo? Plz give me great ratings. Thanks for your comments...

Troy19742811May 2015May 2015
putting maself there

putting maself thereJust an honest opinion...

kakadav2330May 2015
Looking for friends

Looking for friendsIm fun and like laugh. Looking for friends....

tweetybird15285932May 2015May 2015
Be honest Hoping youre sweet

Be honest! Hoping you're sweetOK, hit me with your best shot. (Yeah, I'm a Pat Benatar fan)!...

blueyes19642731May 2015May 2015
greatly criticized no insults please

greatly criticized no insults please..The for the most part in this world you are you are you can't be something that you're not there's no reason to lie about it becau...

COWBOYDEE1961May 2015May 2015
Asking for Honesty

Asking for HonestyHi friends, Just seeking some feedback on photos and profile content? Any honest constructive suggestions? C'mon don't be shy , what do you think?...

Edmonton532181May 2015May 2015
Asking for Honesty

Asking for HonestyHi friends, Just seeking some feedback on photos and profile content? Any honest constructive suggestions? C'mon don't be shy , what do you think?...

Edmonton531820May 2015
what your say

what your sayhallo friends check out my photo...

VictorMadona1930May 2015
I wanna find nice man for real love

I wanna find nice man for real loveHi my name is Lek. i'm Thai women. nice & sincere . if somebody wanna find real love too and wanna know more about me . please contact me ! thank you....

Kapooklala194372May 2015May 2015
whas wrong with my profile

whas wrong with my profilehi,i would like to know why my profile isn't getting any not the best looking guy ,but you would think people could get past just...

warmheartedguy542321May 2015May 2015
I looking for a serious girl for something more

I looking for a serious girl,for something moreContact me,every girl whom seriously,looking a man for a life in together...

faranhajt3150May 2015
hii what do u think of my profile

hii .......... what do u think of my profile??please let me know as your valued opinion will help me a lot ...... many thanks in advance...

Sleek_X2681May 2015May 2015
Whats wrong with my profile Wheres the indiana women

Whats wrong with my profile? Wheres the indiana women?How can I get women from my area to respond? What should I change?...

bikergadget2053May 2015May 2015
why nobody likes me

why nobody likes me?Can you tell me please?...

sam98583781May 2015May 2015
Im VERY new to all of this Advice is welcomed

I'm VERY new to all of this.... Advice is welcomed??Hello everybody!! I'm very new to this online dating stuff. I welcome any advice you all could give me on my profile so ill know if my profiles accept...

Fungirl19754872May 2015May 2015
bambina_bee1,85642Oct 2010May 2015
Looking for someone to have fun with

Looking for someone to have fun withHey looking for some fun located in New Jersey text me 2017476365...

smokie929822200May 2015
Still Seeking

Still SeekingWhat is wrong with my profile? I never seem to get any responses...

Mikep522031May 2015May 2015

hillbillyit's just me...

hillbilly123452530May 2015

helloit is so hard 2 find anyone now a days, how come i cant find a good man? dont kn what i am doing wrong here? i dont think im ugly?[/colo...

tammy82275943Apr 2015May 2015

HappyWhat do u think of my pics?...

sweetpapi2100May 2015
Why not

Why not?Why? I am an intellegent lady who likes good manners and a real man...maybe there aren't any left near how do I attract the nice ones not th...

Ami2old1850May 2015

helloHello dear whts wrong me?...

sam98582780May 2015
Be honest

Be honestNew here let me know how I can make it better...

TIMOTHY582701May 2015May 2015
What you guys think about me

What you guys think about me?Do you think I am the best ?...

olori20152191May 2015May 2015
Im new to this

I'm new to this.Do you have any advice?...

dustin0352581May 2015May 2015
COWBOYDEE2270May 2015
Need advice

Need adviceI'm not getting any responses and would appreciate any suggestions on ways to improve my profile....

Juan7782172May 2015May 2015
good or bad

good or badgood or bad what do i need to change...

paddy1014574Apr 2011May 2015
i just made this today lol

i just made this today lolHow does all this wrk hmu message me w.e lhh...

codyaa19933180May 2015
im serious about this site

im serious about this siteIve been here for a while now and i still haven't found good man thats serious... HELP!!!!!...

lovergirl214492May 2015May 2015
life is Good

life is Good.not working out for me don't know why.? HELP!!!...

kelvin_222141May 2015May 2015
bard76: "Big cats"(meet us in the top 10 lists)

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