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{How's my Profile?}Hi friends, Yes, I may be on the other side of the fence, but I am still passionate and hungry for more that life has to offer. By the way, what {hon...

always_besides2420Apr 2015
So please tell me

So please tell meWhat you thought of my profile... Now i have asked for it...

sara19653,63045Nov 2013Apr 2015
limelite3063Apr 2015Apr 2015
Loving life

Loving lifeTell me what you think :) Happy to meet new friends and hopefully that special someone....

d_lyle3501Apr 2015Apr 2015
mohankrish3680Apr 2015
Whats your opinion

What's your opinion?Only men from out of state contact me, any suggestions? Most write like scammers....

swtmagnolia3813Apr 2015Apr 2015
rainbow s and unicorrn s magik

rainbow,s and unicorrn,s magik!!!if a man expects his woman to be an angel. Then he should first create a heaven for her. i believe that no one is perfect, but!!! i always write a to...

whitch2730Apr 2015
Just curious as to what people think

Just curious as to what people thinkI just want to know if its shit or not...

Katfight1,09215Oct 2009Apr 2015
limelite2782Apr 2015Apr 2015

Help!!Something wrong with my profile as I'm getting nothing but crickets in regards to responses. Tell me whats wrong pleeeaaase....

ph86753097889Oct 2014Apr 2015
plss review my profile

plss review my profile..please review my profile...if u feel someting should be changed for betterment of my profile,plz suggest me....

wonderfullife863351Apr 2015Apr 2015
What do you think of my abs

What do you think of my absGirls message me...

EthanCross693844Apr 2015Apr 2015
hi still single

hi still single :)hello again just letting you all know im still single :)...

djc1301673180Apr 2015
Be Honest with Me

Be Honest with MeTell me what you think about my pics and profile and please be honest. Is there something I need to change or add?...

Shaylyn3552Apr 2015Apr 2015
Please review my profile

Please review my profile...Then give me some feedback... tx...

LONELYandHere3713Apr 2015Apr 2015

helpis there anything i should change ?...

swc7772460Apr 2015
Is there anything wrong with my profile

Is there anything wrong with my profilePlease tell me how can I improve the quality of my site because I'm new to this site and it's the first time I'm looking for a mate so is it acceptabl...

Msean963222Apr 2015Apr 2015
Am i dateable with what i have written

Am i dateable? with what i have written?Do i change some of the lines or update my picture? i'm just unsure but willing to make improvements. Thanks in advance for your advice :)...

theredguy4558Jan 2014Apr 2015
Looking for friends

Looking for friends......I have been on the site for a while now and I have not been successful at finding a partner.. Am I doing something wrong?......

bubbrus1840Apr 2015
Please do a review on my profile cheers

Please do a review on my profile , cheers!do i have to upload more pics or the current profile pic is good enough ? cheers mate...

nawodh2520Apr 2015
Profile review

Profile reviewDear members, let me know that what do you think about my profile particularly My picture and other information provided / required parameters in t...

nandlalchadha2640Apr 2015
move on

move onI leave this site bcos I thought u r real.... I trying my best this relationship is work..but is worst...

nadinne19825311Jan 2015Apr 2015
female verses male

female verses male????I am new to this site and have tried contacting guys to chat with. not sure if im doing it right as I am not able to send emails to some guys/men my...

durbsgirl652741Apr 2015Apr 2015

HUMMWhat do you think? Is it possible to find someone serious here?...

sereiaa2691Apr 2015Apr 2015
What are your opinions about my profile

What are your opinions about my profile?Hi everyone, I would appreciate your sincere views about my profile, in general. Your response would be highly appreciated. Thank you....

Gaille1,02315Feb 2015Apr 2015
Hello to all the pretty ladies inthis group

Hello to all the pretty ladies inthis groupI am Captain.Smith officer from US Army; i am one of the U.S. Army deployed to kabul I am a honest, outgoing, loving, caring,sensual person.I am loca...

tera122813Apr 2015Apr 2015
what do you think about me

what do you think about me?Thats my simple question...

sexymotherfucr2500Apr 2015

I JUST NO ABOUT USING DATING SITES.What is it going to take to help.Witch photo would be best for primary....

king573360Apr 2015
Could you please review my profile

Could you please review my profile?Could you please look at my profile and tell me what you think...I`m having problems getting any results...I would appreciate any advice I can get....

Brianebartlett49210Jun 2014Apr 2015
HEy ladies

HEy ladies :)Hey if u want chat or to prepare for moving forward then click me and we will find out togheter...

slovenko2480Apr 2015
HEy ladies

HEy ladies :)HEy if u want chat or to prepare for moving forward then cliclk me , and we will find out togheter...

slovenko2870Apr 2015
what do u think

what do u think?Did i write too short descriptions?...

brainy683836Apr 2015Apr 2015
Hello hello

Hello helloI wanna know What do u think about my profile. What's on your mind? Please share your view. Tnx...

Samoorra2910Apr 2015

zzzzzzzzzzzi want the real one.........

Avievedz3472Apr 2015Apr 2015
I want to fall for your mind before your a**

I want to fall for your mind before your a**Come conversation with me I'm new on here and only go for beautiful minded women. I like poetry music art and MONEY...

MEMPHIS9012570Apr 2015
Cowshaveeyelash2340Apr 2015

WHAT IS LOVEWhat Love means to a 4-8 year old . . ... Slow down for three minutes to read this. It is so worth it. Touching words from the mouth of babes....

omonoountes4556Feb 2015Apr 2015

IS THIS PROFILE OVER THE TOP??be honest no, any comments welcome . TA MUCH...

justdave116534Oct 2009Apr 2015
i need your honesty

i need your my profile terrible......

allbrite3854Mar 2015Apr 2015
let me know what do you think about it

let me know what do you think about it?I'm new to the site and I'd like to keep it "internationally accetable". Check it out! and let me know!.......

laerte2791Mar 2015Apr 2015
Whats wrong

What's wrongHey ladies honest feedback about my pics...

montavon3384Mar 2015Apr 2015
ladies tell me what you think REALLY

ladies... tell me what you think! REALLY!LOL... what am I doing wrong?...

connecting6663181Mar 2015Apr 2015

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