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I am a pleasant person to be around

I am a pleasant person to be around.Does my title agree with my photos and do you enjoy this website?...

uniax4242Jul 2015Jul 2015
Primary photo

Primary photo...Is my primary photo is better?...

Ahishbiswas4081Jul 2015Jul 2015

hiany here for friend...

pradeep508333691Jul 2015Jul 2015
Happy life can be only acquired it can never be offered by anyone Incredible

Happy life can be only acquired; it can never be offered by anyone. IncredibleAlthough I was married twice, I did not have a happy marriage and it is too late now. But I do not feel much pain about that, as it was because of my...

omonoountes4002Jul 2015Jul 2015
im a nice guy

im a nice guyIm a nice guy who likes to have fun and in joy life...

tallen1234570Jul 2015
Honest impression of my profile please

Honest impression of my profile please.?Hi guys. I am new to this site, and I was wondering if any of you have the time to review my profile and tell me the honest first impressions you...

NurFatima283375Jul 2015Jul 2015
Grow old with ME

Grow old with ME!!!Hi everyone, I am not getting much activity on my profile. I am looking for intelligent, kind, loving forever partner. I will GO anywhere for it...

SpottedPonies6905Jul 2015Jul 2015

adviceLike a tired...

ariket12590Jul 2015
Why am I attracting only scammers

Why am I attracting only scammers?Why am I not getting responses from real members, only scammers have contacted me and wasted my time. What is wrong with the description of myself or...

twa747jj5483Jul 2015Jul 2015
Anyone looking for a young intelligent guy to love

Anyone looking for a young intelligent guy to love?I think a lot has been said in my profile. If anyone here need a man to love and cherish her for who she is, then I am here...

Wht0157583160093661Jul 2015Jul 2015

MY FLOWER GIRL ALWAYS.I am a fun loving person. I am a very caring and sensitive person, I am a level headed, down to earth person who is totally devoted to the one I love....

sunflowerlinh4071Jul 2015Jul 2015
hello why i am here can u tell me

hello why i am here,can u tell mei am searching good women friends around the world,can u help me,...

prince_vijay4400Jul 2015
Someone tell me if my pics looks okay

Someone tell me if my pics looks okayWas just wondering if i look okay to ppl? just wanted to know someone's first impression of my profile, maybe it needs a bit of tweaking? all feedback...

kandacyhope5990Jul 2015Jul 2015
Need your opinion about my profile

Need your opinion about my profileWhat do you think of my pictures and my profile ?...

Saba292980Jul 2015
im in malta contact me only if you live nearby

im in me only if you live can find everything about me on my profile. If you aren't free mentally, let me alone....

Ross19713030Jul 2015
Tell me your first impression

Tell me your first impressionHi ladies, If you are looking for someone to Date, and you read my profile, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?...

jayjaybam3831Jul 2015Jul 2015
come on ladies

come on ladies!!i gottta be doing something hit me up ladies. i check on here every day.. really i'm a sweetheart, a little shy but a great what am...

sativaguy4204200Jul 2015
Its been a while

Its been a while!Its been a while I kind of a hard person to get to know... A introvert... doing my best to reach out... do you think I communicate myself well? Tha...

lonnieray4481Jul 2015Jul 2015
Hello new guy here please review

Hello, new guy here, please reviewHi I am new here. Please review my profile and let me know your comments. Im worried, had no comments, or no one I like seems to like me. :)...

fernandos4450Jul 2015
i need a girl in my life

i need a girl in my lifeso I can get women to see me...

mbaby4600Jul 2015
is she here

is she hereWhat do you think about me, Pls 50 and above pls...

iwant2meetu015833Jun 2015Jul 2015
hey everyone newbie here haha

hey everyone newbie here hahaIs my profile picck to much??...

diontye4090Jul 2015
What do you think

What do you thinkIs there anything I should change about my profile?...

lovemetender713870Jul 2015
What do you think

What do you thinkIs there anything I should change about my profile?...

lovemetender714390Jul 2015
What do you think

What do you thinkIs there anything I should change about my profile?...

lovemetender713620Jul 2015
Is my profile ok

Is my profile okWant to know if it's ok...

Billydaz3060Jul 2015

ylalwyslvmeWhat do you think of my picture? Please give me advice on how to improve! What is the worst thing about my pictures or profile? What is the best thing...

ylalwyslvme4601Jul 2015Jul 2015


venkeey5176Jun 2015Jul 2015
Are my expectations too high

Are my expectations too high???Do i sound judgmental or picky? Did i say something wrong on my profile or am i too straight forward? I cant seem to find a honest person, am starting...

autumneyes4513Jul 2015Jul 2015
is it something im saying or not saying

is it something i'm saying or not sayingam i being to boring or honest...

leezer4160Jul 2015
Is there something Missing

Is there something Missing???whatever i write here it will not explain me, until you come and ask me....

Arzar3990Jul 2015
What does my profile tells you

What does my profile tells you!What do you think about my pics?Wish one you like best?Do I come strong and firm?A good thing or bad?What type of guy would reply ?Do I ask for to muc...

Amysexy5475Dec 2012Jul 2015
Rate my profile

Rate my profileWhat do you guys think about mah profile...

Saba2913322Jul 2015Jul 2015
can someone tell me my profile is too bad or is ok

can someone tell me my profile is too bad or is ok.just wanna know what you ladyes think of it....

dannyjeffrey10026103Mar 2013Jul 2015
Need True Partner

Need True PartnerWhatsApp me +67572082633 or email me [email protected]

Job_Abilo2660Jul 2015
dont woman want basic simple guys

dont woman want basic simple guyshow do you find a genuine woman.. and avoid the scammers and time wasters ?????...

xcfairmont4580Jul 2015
how i meet serious guy like me

how i meet serious guy like me?I am 36 i want to meet same age or order than me,i come here for looking true love,that imposible? I dont want be on camera for show my body or cyber...

fairybkk8608Jan 2015Jul 2015
hi sawasdee

hi = sawasdeeI'm new here. Who r player don't contact me....

Aor049475Mar 2015Jul 2015
Comments are very welcome

Comments are very welcome.Well, actually, I would like a total review of the profile... the photos, the words... all of it... would be much obliged to all providing any suggest...

Ash8164890Jul 2015
looking for my King

looking for my King...Where are you?...

spaciegrace5813Jun 2015Jul 2015
lajollareefshark2850Jul 2015
check out my profile and contact me if u want p

check out my profile and contact me if u want :pjust randomness ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...

hitherelol6280Jul 2015

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