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HiHi can you review my profile :) how can I improve it?...

Katy123456786986Jan 2015Jun 2015
Hi Im new

Hi Im new!!!please view my profile and let me know what you think, thank you!...

DancingForever1,1146Mar 2015Jun 2015
New on the site

New on the siteI just want to say Hi to all members ; no matter what skin color you are ....

Anonime841,1539Mar 2015Jun 2015
Can I get anymore real Take a look

Can I get anymore real?? Take a look.Was as honest as I can be. Please take a look and if you have any ideas to throw at me cool....

michelleSG3791Jun 2015Jun 2015
Is It Too Late In Life

Is It Too Late In Life?Keeping this request as simple as possible, the title pretty much sums up why I'm here in the first place. Suggestions are...

Mark39863864Jun 2015Jun 2015

????is anybody out there...

seanzee5020Jun 2015
what do u think

what do u thinkWhat do u think of my pics? What do u think of my profile?...

Princy2cool4730Jun 2015
A highly creative fictional writer and great novel fan

A highly creative fictional writer and great novel fanDoes my on line profile sound reasonable? what do you think of my profile picture? Could I make any improvements to my profile?...

MinJP906212Jan 2015Jun 2015
am i to old

am i to oldseems I don't get any replies to my profile is it because im to old for this site or do most ladies prefer younger men or is my profile that bad pleas...

danieljosh1,41815Feb 2014Jun 2015
Will I find true love here

Will I find true love here?I am the the person in the pics ,but I don't know if the people write to me are the same from the pics too,I doubt if I can find true love here via i...

IvyZhu8766Jul 2014Jun 2015
Are my pictures low quality

Are my pictures low qualityAnd if anybody says no you are I will cry lol. Should I Buy A Batter Web Cam To Take Photos...

DestinysSong4165Jun 2015Jun 2015
im not getting responses

im not getting responses.i must need ur help cs members..i wonder what is negative in my profile that im not getting responses.....

wonderfullife866573Apr 2015Jun 2015
Would love to hear your opinions

Would love to hear your opinions.....I will appreciate if you give your honest opinions about my profile :-)...

ThorBjorn3921Jun 2015Jun 2015
Heyyyyyyyy why everybodys like 2 me

Heyyyyyyyy why everybody's like 2 meits ok i know why everybody's like to me because i am so sweet so intelligent soooo caring nd so truly ,,,,you know fr7nds every bidy oike 2 me but i...

Sofia9994982Jun 2015Jun 2015

WHAT IS LIFE ???????????According to me, life is a opportunity to know myself. But I have a little confusion, life is a punishment or life is a reward? Can anybod...

Mr_Virgin3011Jun 2015Jun 2015
Heya everyone 3 Im new here Write if youre cute

Heya everyone <3 Im new here! Write if you're cute :)Title says it all, and im not looking for men or anything in between sorry...

Nauwz5180Jun 2015
Advice needed

Advice neededCan anyone tell me why I don't hear from anyone besides scammers , ive never heard from one genuine person . I never knew I was that bad lol ....

anjuna200588211May 2015Jun 2015

COME ON PEOPLE, I CANT REALLY BE THAT BAD ??? ((( CAN I )))Would just like to make some new friends ! Just wanted to say hi ! If your interested in having a chat sometime, that would be great ! What's wrong...

Looking4mylady5611Jun 2015Jun 2015
What exactly is wrong with my profile

What exactly is wrong with my profile ?Why nobody responds to my messages nowadays ?...

jijendiran7057Jan 2014Jun 2015
Romantic at heart Do you want the door opened for you

Romantic at heart. Do you want the door opened for you?Looking for that lady who knows what she wants and wants to try out new things..I am not looking for the perfect person but someone I can create somet...

Cowboy12327205Aug 2014Jun 2015

I HAVE NOTHING IMPRESSIVEEverybody give importance to first impression but I have last impression. Last impression is ignored by everyone....

Mr_Virgin3551Jun 2015Jun 2015
Would like hear from anyone Thats up for a chat

Would like hear from anyone ! That's up for a chatAnybody out there ? Any chat or help with profile would be much appreciated ! THANKS...

Looking4mylady6172Jun 2015Jun 2015
Please comment on anything

Please comment on anything.Is my profile too complicated? I have revised the "about me" and "i am looking for" sections several times....

Danu_D4520Jun 2015
Am I a cool and delectable creature

Am I a cool and delectable creature?Just putting my handsome head in the headlines...

DonPepperoni85010Apr 2015Jun 2015
Im tired of being alone Ladies

I'm tired of being alone, LadiesOkay, Ladies, what do you think I need to do? I think I have something to offer a pretty lady....

mountainwestguy3300Jun 2015
So where am I going wrong

So where am I going wrong?How would you improve on my profile? is there too much or too little information in it? what do you think?...

2Love_again4404Jun 2015Jun 2015

SpeechlessI have nothing to show....

Mr_Virgin3842Jun 2015Jun 2015
Wondering what holding up the worlds mirror will bring

Wondering what holding up the worlds mirror will bring?So mainly I find my age is a major factor in online dating, online mind you. Crazy that age 54 is too old for men my own age, what do you all think......

Sandy4real56804May 2015Jun 2015

lonelywala bang pinay dito na pwede maging kaibigan.....

hacker295100Jun 2015
Hi Id like to know your opinion about my pics

Hi.I'd like to know you'r opinion about my pics?which one of my pics is beeter than that? I want to feel you'r vote...

parsa9082712Aug 2010Jun 2015
Review me

Review meWould love some feedback...

germulla125300Jun 2015
i cant send u messege

i cant send u messegeYOU ARE PERFECT...

alexander4840Jun 2015

VERY HARD TO FIND A GUYI thought this is an honest site. I don't mind saying I am few pounds over weight, why do people still judge on the look? I am not looking for a one n...

kitty18115871Jun 2015Jun 2015
tettey0014824May 2015Jun 2015
new ro this

new ro thisjust wondered if anyone got any tips to help improve my profile thanks x...

danny56786562May 2015Jun 2015
any warm loving slim brunette petite women needing love

any warm loving slim brunette petite women needing loveif you think you can handle me the way I can handle you...

lookingforomance4980Jun 2015

sunnypearlwhat do you think of my pictures?::laugh:...

sunnypearl5881May 2015Jun 2015
is there anything wrong with me

is there anything wrong with me ????am i doing the right thing on here. as all i get is scamers maybe it is my photo in the tux ???? please tell me thank you martin.........

cheesy00015314May 2015Jun 2015
Just Do It

Just Do Itso ladies what you think message me...

Diamond1977514410Jun 2015
no reply

no replywhat is wrong with my proflie its just to honest in this site....

deo116053May 2015Jun 2015
nice and awesome Lady waiting to meet new people

nice and awesome Lady waiting to meet new peopleKnow more about you and I will tell you more about me. And we get to know each other...

Eliseah48204May 2015Jun 2015
I like this site

I like this siteI knew this site by chance . I try posting my pictures , my expect on it with curiousity and a little shyness . Give me your opinions about my pictu...

JoannaNgo4831May 2015Jun 2015

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