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Wake The Hell Up People

Wake The Hell Up PeopleYou are putting me to sleep Years have passed, profiles have changed, and am still board out of my gourd Isn't there anyone...

LoveRanger526175Jan 2015Mar 2015
Have at it

Have at itJust point out what might be wrong...

Chivalrous_Punk2532Mar 2015Mar 2015
Do I still have it

Do I still have it?I am new to this site, just wondering if I may fit in for viewing.........

poolplayer593310Mar 2015
New to the site Rate my profile please ladies

New to the site. Rate my profile please ladiesHi I would like the ladies to comment on my profile. If you would like to chat message me....

neilukderbyshire3721Mar 2015Mar 2015
Like what you see

Like what you see?Am I too out there?? Cause all I want is a non attached relationship with an older woman. Dont be shy hook me up;)...

Nyck473120Mar 2015
I want a lift partner

I want a lift partnerhey..! I'm smart and kind heart man seeking for a lovely wife in America, Australia or any overseas woman. i will give him lots of love and keep happy...

Mehmood20154362Mar 2015Mar 2015
Request of True long relationship with any of you

Request of True long relationship with any of youI am looking for long distance relationship, my aim is to marry any oversea woman. Well if you are interested to be my partner please call/whatsapp me...

Job_Abilo4941Mar 2015Mar 2015
Cub seeking his Cougar

Cub seeking his Cougar;)Is this the Cub Cougars want? Be honest ladies...

Nyck472631Mar 2015Mar 2015
2nd opinion

2nd opinioni need to know from a lady point of view where it gets her attention and where it does not ... and which pics is your fav any other suggestions...

morgen902103801Mar 2015Mar 2015
Hi all

Hi allcan any one tell me how's my profile is't looks ok...

basak3623Feb 2015Mar 2015

HII am here to make some friends.... Is this the right place?...

romantic_devil7551Mar 2015Mar 2015

lovecamping68Hi all I am new to this site. Please check me out...

Lovecamping685601Mar 2015Mar 2015

.....................Where iam i going wrong.......... what is my profile missing or is it to OTT, need someone in my life again...

sunshineboy4152Mar 2015Mar 2015
Newbie asking for help

Newbie asking for helpI'm new to the world of on-line dating and would appreciate any input on improving my profile. Thanks in advance....

Larry299363961Mar 2015Mar 2015
dont judge mi

don't judge miwalk a mile in my shoes, see what I see, hear what I hear, feel what I feel then maybe you'll understand why I do what I do 'till then don't judge...

VillainG2882Mar 2015Mar 2015
help please

help pleaseIs this profile too moody? Maybe a little harsh....

londonpride2941Mar 2015Mar 2015
I want the real love again

I want the real love againwant to be a happy family man with a wonderful woman beside of me,I am always happy, so i need a woman that i always happy....

Mikley2670Mar 2015
Looking for my other Half to complete me

Looking for my other Half to complete me.As a man that i am, making my woman feel the best is what i love doing most when ever i am around her, love and caring which they want, i know what m...

Mikley2300Mar 2015
What do you think

What do you think?Your opinion on how I can make my profile better....

1949jeeptruck2540Mar 2015
You be the Judge

You be the Judge.Is my profile too much or very boring?...

1947willystruck3090Mar 2015
Is my profile too much

Is my profile too much?Is my profile too much or boring?...

1947willystruck3300Mar 2015
Do I have a chance

Do I have a chance?What do I need to change to get more attention?...

0Arnie05217Mar 2015Mar 2015
I am looking for my lady who is I wanna wander all around the World hand in hand with the loved o

I am looking for my lady who is... I wanna wander all around the World hand in hand with the loved oI am looking for my lady who is... I wanna wander all around the World hand in hand with the loved one .......

isozer2720Mar 2015

hellllowho lok in my profile]...

walker1202640Mar 2015
What do I look like

What do I look likeAm I good looking , honestly ?...

fedamore993912Mar 2015Mar 2015
only me

only meWould just like your opinion on anything,lol...

greeneyes0775964Mar 2015Mar 2015
Honest opinionthats all I need

" Honest opinion"that's all I needWht should I add or delete..please tell me...

kakadav3593Mar 2015Mar 2015
respect all

respect all#tell me how can u describe your ]self in less than second...

fabianfabian3640Mar 2015
Be brutal If youre being honest

Be brutal. If you're being honestI'd love someone to tell me where I'm going wrong :/...

rocco1214845Mar 2015Mar 2015
in need of an honest non ignorrant opinion please

in need of an honest! non ignorrant opinion please!just looking for some honest opinions.:help!can anyone see anything wrong with my profile?...

Giuseppe3965611Mar 2015Mar 2015
Anything wrong with this

Anything wrong with this?I would like a review of my profile from people, I'm not very good at selling myself so any help would be appreciated...

Altair8134092Mar 2015Mar 2015
Wondering what a woman at 41 does in this city to meet people

Wondering what a woman at 41 does in this city to meet people?Not just putting this profile here for dating purposes,"though it would be a nice side effect." Looking to meet some new single down to earth people...

Red742820Mar 2015
newbie on here

newbie on hereim seriously wanting to move off this island as its full of back stabbing gossips been here for 5 years but its so so small 26mile long 9 wide im onl...

bigun108malta3470Mar 2015
Any better

Any better?Not sounding like I'm begging, more confidant?...

chriscmiller293682Mar 2015Mar 2015
Who is saved by the gospel that Jesus gave Paul for us Gentiles

Who is "saved "by the gospel that Jesus gave Paul for us Gentiles?Please explain what, "God fearing", means without having the truth, knowledge, belief and faith in the New Testament gospel that Jesus gave to Paul fo...

EmAaejae37213280Mar 2015
why no lookie lous people

why no lookie lou"s peopleAny advice welcome...

Joshuaughh3341Mar 2015Mar 2015
room for improvement

room for improvement.I'd like positive feedback if possible. What is your opinion or how can I better my account?...

chelseadominique3621Mar 2015Mar 2015
Honest Opinions

Honest OpinionsJust wanting some honest feedback on my profile :) changes I can make, suggestions?...

WaitAndSee775558Mar 2015Mar 2015
Can you check out my profile

Can you check out my profile?I don't know if I am doing something wrong or not. Not sure what if anything I can do to improve the profile....

chriscmiller294631Mar 2015Mar 2015
will this be a way to find her

will this be a way to find herdo i look decent?...

kakadav4094Mar 2015Mar 2015


orhtez3581Mar 2015Mar 2015
are you ready

are you ready?This is the real aim in this life; to be completed by Jesus Christ, we have got to be connected with Him, with our spouse, with humankind, nature and...

omonoountes1,0202Mar 2015Mar 2015

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