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What do I look like

What do I look likeAm I good looking , honestly ?...

fedamore994642Mar 2015Mar 2015
only me

only meWould just like your opinion on anything,lol...

greeneyes0776694Mar 2015Mar 2015
Honest opinionthats all I need

" Honest opinion"that's all I needWht should I add or delete..please tell me...

kakadav4303Mar 2015Mar 2015
respect all

respect all#tell me how can u describe your ]self in less than second...

fabianfabian4390Mar 2015
Be brutal If youre being honest

Be brutal. If you're being honestI'd love someone to tell me where I'm going wrong :/...

rocco1215565Mar 2015Mar 2015
in need of an honest non ignorrant opinion please

in need of an honest! non ignorrant opinion please!just looking for some honest opinions.:help!can anyone see anything wrong with my profile?...

Giuseppe3972111Mar 2015Mar 2015
Anything wrong with this

Anything wrong with this?I would like a review of my profile from people, I'm not very good at selling myself so any help would be appreciated...

Altair8134782Mar 2015Mar 2015
Wondering what a woman at 41 does in this city to meet people

Wondering what a woman at 41 does in this city to meet people?Not just putting this profile here for dating purposes,"though it would be a nice side effect." Looking to meet some new single down to earth people...

Red743320Mar 2015
newbie on here

newbie on hereim seriously wanting to move off this island as its full of back stabbing gossips been here for 5 years but its so so small 26mile long 9 wide im onl...

bigun108malta4150Mar 2015
Any better

Any better?Not sounding like I'm begging, more confidant?...

chriscmiller294452Mar 2015Mar 2015
Who is saved by the gospel that Jesus gave Paul for us Gentiles

Who is "saved "by the gospel that Jesus gave Paul for us Gentiles?Please explain what, "God fearing", means without having the truth, knowledge, belief and faith in the New Testament gospel that Jesus gave to Paul fo...

EmAaejae37213730Mar 2015
why no lookie lous people

why no lookie lou"s peopleAny advice welcome...

Joshuaughh3941Mar 2015Mar 2015
room for improvement

room for improvement.I'd like positive feedback if possible. What is your opinion or how can I better my account?...

chelseadominique4341Mar 2015Mar 2015
Honest Opinions

Honest OpinionsJust wanting some honest feedback on my profile :) changes I can make, suggestions?...

WaitAndSee776228Mar 2015Mar 2015
Can you check out my profile

Can you check out my profile?I don't know if I am doing something wrong or not. Not sure what if anything I can do to improve the profile....

chriscmiller295301Mar 2015Mar 2015
will this be a way to find her

will this be a way to find herdo i look decent?...

kakadav4794Mar 2015Mar 2015


orhtez3921Mar 2015Mar 2015
are you ready

are you ready?This is the real aim in this life; to be completed by Jesus Christ, we have got to be connected with Him, with our spouse, with humankind, nature and...

omonoountes1,0952Mar 2015Mar 2015
1stIpressions profile review

1stIpressions profile reviewHow would you rate my profile on its content and preparations...

1stImpressions4130Mar 2015
Review my 1stImpression profile

Review my 1stImpression profilePlease rate my profile and make recomendations. tks...

1stImpressions4360Mar 2015
Faith magic and the force of a noble soul

Faith, magic and the force of a noble soul.Am I too noble? Does faith shine powerful in my request? What do you think of an earth angel? Do you love God's mistical servants? and finally is ther...

Thunder_Angel4830Mar 2015
Are you ready

Are you ready?A wise man said that whether a camel walks up a hill, down a hill or on a straight road, it will be the same for the camel because it will still have...

omonoountes4420Mar 2015
ok lets try something else hey guys i have a question for you

ok...let's try something else!hey guys,i have a question for you!At this modern time under the attack of internet dating world, everyone is Einstein, everyone is professor of human relations, everyone is love teache...

emma_201474113Jan 2015Mar 2015
why is it not possible to post on forums until 7th day membership

why is it not possible to post on forums until 7th day membership?Participating in discussions or conversations on forums is the best way to meet new ppl and finding similar minded ppl, why does one need to wait for...

caseybabes3743Mar 2015Mar 2015
why is it not possible to post on forums until 7th day membership

why is it not possible to post on forums until 7th day membership?Participating in discussions or conversations on forums is the best way to meet new ppl and finding similar minded ppl, why does one need to wait for...

caseybabes3250Mar 2015
Hi Nice to meet you

Hi! Nice to meet you!I'm looking for a partner. Do you contact me?...

Duyuyen5393Feb 2015Mar 2015
Ingybaby3822Feb 2015Mar 2015
A moment i time

A moment i timeI am new on this site so lets see what happens going forward. Looking to meet like minded Gentleman....

Coppelia5321Mar 2015Mar 2015
New here

New hereHi guys, what else should I add to my profile?...

monidia4u4013Mar 2015Mar 2015
Advice makes things better

Advice makes things better...Just wonder if there is that one special person out there that meets all expectations or better said desires. compromise is acceptable and mutual but...

D_avid2960Mar 2015
Hello there Can I get a date XD

Hello there. Can I get a date? XDHi, Like to date a girl. Can I get a date? I mean this profile can get a date? XD...

shadowz1014020Mar 2015
Life really is amazing

Life really is amazing!!!Am I over seeing these, I truly believe these is a great site!Only time can tell, but what better way of finding out, then to Not know at all! I'm not...

Brock12343310Mar 2015
so what do you think

so what do you thinkSo do you think that I have what it takes to make you happy in your life?...

mmccourtney3220Mar 2015
live in canada nova sctoia

live in canada nova sctoiajust out looking for friends mayby a gf...

uptoyou493950Mar 2015
will this attract a caring man for a lonely bbw

will this attract a caring man for a lonely bbw?I want to know what you think of my profile, pictures and me on a whole. Just spit it out...

shayondiva5613Feb 2015Mar 2015
Singlee SremmLife

#Singlee. #SremmLife.Lovee? I Still Dont Know How That Feels. :(...

SremLifeJay3200Feb 2015

helloI'm looking to meet soon. I'm bored...

rod03033230Feb 2015
Hi from Missouri

Hi from MissouriWhat can I do to improve my chances of finding Miss Right???...

Ktendicott3840Feb 2015
SOS need suggestions

SOS need suggestionsHey, guys is it good what i mentioned ? what do you think ? you can ask about me, but anything you teach or suggest will be very much appreciat...

Atragek24320Feb 2015
Ive never done this before

Ive never done this before??I want to know if I was personal enough...i dont like sharing too much over the internet....

cybilgrace4280Feb 2015
Is there a real man out there who thinks

Is there a *real* man out there who thinks?Honesty and compassionate are how people describe me and in all honesty, I can say this is true. So, I am looking for a man with...

Pemala3011Feb 2015Feb 2015
Tell if I am missing something

Tell if I am missing somethingHelp to improve it. What am I missing or take. Thanks...

Oceanliner4562Feb 2015Feb 2015

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