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I Hope This Profile Is Okay

I Hope This Profile Is OkayIn general; is it okay? I was being honest all the way when I made it....

cam9552350Sep 2019
With teeth chattering gonna bite the bullet and ask for a review

With teeth chattering, gonna bite the bullet and ask for a reviewMy perception of myself is likely different than another's perception of myself, so am curious about what you all may think I should chuck, change or...

immanuelle1,30423Sep 2013Aug 2019
kinda curious

kinda curioushow might this appear...

solbane2491Aug 2019Aug 2019
70030444512400Aug 2019

Subjectus imperfectiI have made better profiles than this. I have let it lose direction to be sure. I suppose I will read them, but I am not much interested in reviews...

Caprikious2311Jul 2019Aug 2019
missChelli4603Jul 2019Aug 2019
Primary photo

Primary photoWhich of my pictures is the best for my primary photos?...

Minka115272Nov 2018Aug 2019
are my pix ok

are my pix ok?If so please someone like my profile please...

Emitter1,10314Sep 2017Jul 2019
what should i say on my profile

what should i say on my profilewhat i should say and not say...

Artmanjohn1860Jul 2019

StraightforwardWell... Would just like a general opinion about what's good, what's lacking and anything else. One thing I should probably mention is,as is visible, I...

Mjollnir692350Jul 2019
Genuine lady

Genuine ladyWhat do you think of my profile. Dont say picture. At last i have a picture then blank profiles...

Mawatameri152820Jul 2019
Ive been single for 5 years Whats wrong My look

I've been single for 5 years. What's wrong? My look?Scandinavian women are known for being pretty women.... Hm... But I doubt why I've been in here for years and nothing have happend yet? is it the look...

Martina842,08431Aug 2014Jul 2019
Knowing what others see

Knowing what others see...Just wondering my looks in others eyes. Would like to know how my info comes off as well......

AshleySondra1,41710Sep 2015Jul 2019
vickilou523862May 2019Jul 2019
Im getting tired What is wrong with my profile

I'm getting tired... What is wrong with my profile?Thanks for help me! Please let me know what is wrong with my profile; I only get contect from SCAMMERS!!! In very tired and boring, I been here for...

morganawolf1,26415Jan 2014Jul 2019
What do you think about my profile

What do you think about my profile :-)Please only objective opinions. Thank you....

lauryna5,10875Jul 2013Jul 2019
Rate me

Rate me??What do you think about my photos?...

Sylviah113373Jul 2019Jul 2019
xxmissuniquexx1,45928Jul 2018Jul 2019

What do you think of my profile and photos?Hi there Would be delighted to know what you think of my photos. Ladies only. Which is best for my primary photo? How do I look in them?...

weefella732560Jul 2019
Here is da man

Here is da man !Which of m'y pictures is the best for m'y primary photo ?...

Jacksuccess2080Jul 2019
Not much luck

Not much luckNot much luck here ,hows my profile...

Mawatameri153292Jun 2019Jul 2019
Jessline1760Jul 2019
You honored me with your visit

You honored me with your visitYou honored me with your visit...

noursaid1940Jul 2019

Hi :)Hi ) Wish everybody find what they looking for :)...

Helga22735041Jun 2016Jul 2019
What you think first after see my profile

What you think first after see my profilePlease look at my profile and comment what you think after to see my profile...

Silverhawksind1640Jul 2019

KauCountryCandid review greatly appreciated. More photos, personal information or ? Thanks and aloha....

KauCountry1730Jul 2019
seeking honest input

seeking honest inputjust let me know where could be better and what to remove lol...

anilmaharaj1650Jul 2019

Retired, Refined, Relaxed, Robust, Romantic Rascal Reaching Out For His ReinaI want to know if the reviewer is charming because if she has charm she needs nothing else and if she doesn't nothing else matters! She should unders...

mexicophile2830Jul 2019
Do you like my photo

Do you like my photo?Just want to know if you like it. Want more?...

JoslynMorgan4281780Jun 2019
What do think of my profile

What do think of my profileWhat do you think of my photos? What does my profile say to you about me?...

Sashelle3721Apr 2019Jun 2019
Hey there

Hey there????Looking for my last love ?? Is she here?...

Funfilledjay2180Jun 2019
id like to get some more pictures

i'd like to get some more picturesmaybe i could have more pictures.maybe my age works against me.i have a handicap and can't travel long distances.i am nice,maybe a little reserved....

suds006566Jul 2013Jun 2019
Dont understand why you would like someones profile then not communicate

Don't understand why you would like someones' profile then not communicate?I would like to know whether there is a deep secret to the paradigm of the 'Singles sites'. What do you need to put down in your profile, apart from t...

ooohmissus3251Jun 2019Jun 2019
I never have any luck can you help

I never have any luck, can you help?Ok so I've gone through my fair share of dating sites from POF to tinder to Badoo to bumble. Each going through a variety of different bio's and pics....

MarkW19813141Jun 2019Jun 2019
im my office buy so i felt like taking a short there

i'm my office buy so i felt like taking a short there.i'm michael david,did my picture look arrogant,did i sound so bad....

devidmichael2792Jun 2019Jun 2019
Please look

Please lookI would like to know what a man see in my profile. Have I given enough information is the information what I should put out there or something you are...

shadoweffect2051Jun 2019Jun 2019
gilbert pontiff

gilbert pontiffdo i look to be a Hubble man?...

gm100112381Jun 2019Jun 2019
Am I too serious

Am I too serious?What do you think of my profile?...

Rosh941720Jun 2019
hello i need some one

hello i need some onehow do you think of me and how do i look thanks for your comment i hope you writ something...

Dany222751May 2019Jun 2019
Is my profile and photo worthy for grabbing anyone to write me

Is my profile and photo worthy for grabbing anyone to write me?Can you see anything wrong with my profile? What are your opinions on my photo? Is there anything that I should update, or...

TGJessica2120May 2019
53 and would love to know your thoughts

53 and would love to know your thoughts53, no kids at home and looking to make a connection but the dating scene has changed since I dated so help please and thank you...

USACOUNTRY7602Jul 2016May 2019
niku26082140May 2019

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