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Looking for real friendship

Looking for real friendshipHello every one what do you think of my profile tell me please you comment is welcome...

TroyHarry1003370Jun 2020
is my profile ok

is my profile okjust want to know if there is enough info on my profile, i only have 2 pics is that enough....

aoghan878074Jul 2012Jun 2020

It is never too late to loveIs the description of myself too long and detailed? Do I sound too arrogant and too "virtuous"? Are my requests for the possible partners too st...

llaime5342May 2020Jun 2020
My life

My lifeThis is my life, so watch me live it right.. Did I sound too arrogant?...

scout2473080Jun 2020
Review please

Review please?!Can anyone give some feedback on my profile. When I first joined I was getting a fair few views and messages/flower messages and they seem to have sto...

Sativa_Soul6701Aug 2010Jun 2020
Just want to know

Just want to knowJust say what ever comes through your head. Both, possitive & negative are welcome...

Zarathos2980Jun 2020
Please review my profile

Please review my profileDoes my profile interest you?...

bman2k203250Jun 2020
How do I become more approachable and interesting

How do I become more approachable, and interesting?What can I do to be seen as more real/myself? How do I not become overwhelming? Where is the best place to find common ground ? What are the best t...

WonderingLorax3492May 2020Jun 2020
Useful input

Useful inputMaybe there's something I could change or not ? Obviously nobody has any comments to make So is this world now days so self centered :co...

daears2560Jun 2020

reviewHey, we believe you...not everyone will but you can build a new vanity with all sides considered......

loulou778185Apr 2015May 2020
New to online dating

New to online dating,Just seeing if This is what is expected...

GlacierTim20204732Mar 2020May 2020

PicturesWhat do you think of my pictures?...

Srawberry6673Jan 2020May 2020
Kenyan sauce

Kenyan sauceDoes my profile make you wonna know me? Date me?...

Curvyfinesse3990May 2020May 2020
Sometimes I feel like it was a mistake to sign up for this site

Sometimes I feel like it was a mistake to sign up for this site.Hello out there! I have been here for a week now and the 3 "women" I have met so far are either begging for money to get out of Nigeria or th...

Virago_Xizor1,1208Oct 2015May 2020
What about my page

What about my page?Hello to all, im here to get reviewed and see what going on, what about my picture?...

Goodtalker833270Apr 2020
Make an investment join me

Make an investment join meWhich picture best for my profile photo and if interested to talk here I am muah...

Chevoa3701Apr 2020Apr 2020
Want to earn extra income ask me how inbox me serious people no fraud I have everything you should h

Want to earn extra income ask me how inbox me serious people no fraud I have everything you should hI am a nurse trying safe life ???????????????????????????and showing people how they can join my team to make an income ????????????I am also seeking...

Chevoa3720Apr 2020
Tell me what you think about my profile my Friends dont be too harsh on me

Tell me what you think about my profile my Friends don't be too harsh on meTell me what you think but don't be too harsh on me my friends....

Smooth134360Apr 2020
Looking for my Beautuful Princess

Looking for my Beautuful PrincessLooking too meet new Friends .I hope to find that special One Some Here....

micheal993230Apr 2020
Hi friends i am new here

Hi friends i am new hereI would like to be friends and meet people around the world.Feel free to comment about my profile.I would also like to meet few people.If interested c...

aiyo_19873850Apr 2020
First impressions

First impressions?I have never been great at profiling myself or creating profiles in general so by all means let me know your first impressions critical or otherwise o...

Russellrw4180Apr 2020
if you really looking sincere for your search let me know

if you really looking & sincere for your search,let me can know more can drop a message i will reply back for sure! looking a true soulmate,age is just a number for me! contact me i am waiting for your...

blove_6683570Apr 2020
new here

new hereLooking for new friends...

otrebla_nauj3310Apr 2020

Bee Gees, Wedding day, Josh Groban,You Raised Me up, Charles Ray Horner in the U.S.AHi, Good evening. I would like to know if my profile is too long? is there too much expressed? & also which photo should I use for my main profile ph...

FMMoonshadow4521Feb 2020Mar 2020
singlemary17 at google mail dot com

singlemary17 at google mail dot comsinglemary17 at google mail dot com...

maryanati4332Feb 2020Mar 2020

i want to find my kingI am lookung for an real man....

carla378342Mar 2013Mar 2020
I am waiting for you madam

I am waiting for you madamWhere are you ?...

What about my pictures

What about my pictures?Hello to all, right now the world is changing, it counts a lot of deads and family destroyed, im praying for them but here is the only way to get view...

Goodtalker832820Mar 2020

which pic is hottest>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<< ??????????????????? 0...

pedro277762May 2012Mar 2020
Just me

Just meHelp me. Have been on and off here for awhile. What am I doing wrong. I am being honest in my profile well I hope I am. Get some lovely messages. Too...

Astoreenbawn5772Mar 2020Mar 2020
Thanx fior view ny profile

Thanx fior view ny profileDosent matter what you think...becasue of profile you cant judge the person...

Dk_19793970Mar 2020
Single mom advice

Single mom adviceDo you think I did well on profile, stating clearly my ideal match, and how I want to be treated....

LonerBrenda2561Mar 2020Mar 2020
Need honest opinion

Need honest opinion.Nothing in particular, just what to improve my profile....

Roxana382940Mar 2020
Am I doing something wrong please tell me

Am I doing something wrong? please tell me :)Hi lovely members of CS! I wanna you to give me an opinion if you want, of course. I received few emails and nothi...

majo19798915Apr 2012Mar 2020
Seeking men that dont drink or smoke

Seeking men that don't drink or hard can it be for people to understand I don't want a relationship with a man who drinks or smokes...anything! Its in my profile stated se...

CheryleR1,2647Jul 2012Feb 2020
the perfect woman

the perfect womancan anyone please tell me if i can actually be match to a good man? sometimes i feel like im not enough......

Malta0077393Sep 2019Feb 2020
New acquaintances are new interests and new experiences

New acquaintances are new interests and new experiences.1/ What do you think of my pictures? 2/ Which of my pictures is the best for my primary photo?...

Natalia22224622Dec 2019Feb 2020
Just me

Just meAnything...

SmallPaul3000Feb 2020

silasi01I want to make changes on my profile...

silasi012980Feb 2020

silasi01Date of birth incorrect...

silasi012800Feb 2020

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