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Im looking for seriously relationship

I'm looking for seriously relationshipI'm in need of serious relationship. Someone who will love me and treat me right.. Please text me...

fstar61881Oct 2014Oct 2014

lonelyiam wating for some one passion same as iam...

ana12122161Oct 2014Oct 2014
Will appreciate any comments that will help me improve my profile

Will appreciate any comments that will help me improve my profileBeen on the site for a while but never put any effort into my profile before. Made some changes and looking for feedback now....

Len105016Sep 2013Oct 2014
hi every one

hi every oneim new here what do you think about my profile...

15050772201Nov 2013Oct 2014
just_real_luv3471Nov 2013Oct 2014
How do you feel when you read see my profile

How do you feel when you read/see my profileI just want opinions please thanks....

KJ_Masters3653Sep 2014Oct 2014

boredoh come on, where are the ladies...

Luke_Johnson2320Oct 2014
Interested in what you think

Interested in what you thinkI am interested to know what the general thought is when my profile is reviewed. Let me know what you think....

jeleesa2724Oct 2014Oct 2014
what is wrong with me

what is wrong with me ???what do i have to put to get the attention of genuine men ? is my pic not good,,do i look ok ??? need advice on good profile...

2foxy4u7736Feb 2012Oct 2014
How am I

How am I????Hi I am new to this and just leaving a 10 year relationship looking for friends and more. Feel free to give me any feedback or advice or just say hi a...

L0ve2Ride3133Oct 2014Oct 2014
Hey whats up

Hey what's upAnyone interested and want to chat...

cblitz021751Oct 2014Oct 2014
Im totally new to dating Pls advice me

I'm totally new to dating. Pls advice meI'm totally new to dating. Pls advice me...

miljaya3263Oct 2014Oct 2014
anyone there LOL

anyone there LOLis this picture any good or should i try again ?...

kezzaco864884Oct 2014Oct 2014
terryniceguy3270Oct 2014

inquisitiveHowdo you like my profile? And yes I'm a real woman.

mysticeyes2765311Sep 2014Oct 2014
in tromso norway winter time

in tromso norway winter timeI love my photos am good lady down to earth looking for real man no jokers...

Lulu341990Oct 2014
Im new to online dating is my profile or photos lacking anything

I'm new to online dating, is my profile or photos lacking anything?Just looking for an honest opinion on my profile and pics. I want it to portray me in the best light. All suggestions are welcome and thanks....

Celticfire623572Oct 2014Oct 2014
are you a woman looking for someone who is REAL

are you a woman looking for someone who is REALAre you tired of all the games and drama that dates bring. And are ready to enjoy life with someone real...

selfmade11103732Oct 2014Oct 2014
What do you think

What do you think?What would you consider doing around me or with me?...

Tank782211Oct 2014Oct 2014
what is soul mate

what is soul mateis there something in the air,,,or i just know,,,that's it........

faranhajt2940Oct 2014
lost for words

lost for wordsI am not good putting what think into words....

tenyearsafter3741Oct 2014Oct 2014
do i need a face to impress

do i need a face to impress ?I m sure there are many trying with there new pics,someway editing through picassa......I am happy watching their efforts . My wishes to every member...

freemorgan323021Oct 2014Oct 2014
searching a partner

searching a partnerHi i am looking for a faithful and loving life partner in this world,...

noorahmedw3050Oct 2014
Not sure

Not sureAny input helps...

Geoff413503Sep 2014Oct 2014
hi everyone

hi everyonei am new hear and intrested joint with some women for good relatoin ship...

yathoorlm2200Oct 2014
Something missing

Something missing?Does my profile have not enough info, too much just right? Do I need more pictures?...

bluetazz092343Oct 2014Oct 2014
Hi everyone

Hi everyoneI am Benard , im looking for someone to chat..... :) have a nice time !...

bennyhalili4422Jan 2014Oct 2014

whatwhat are women looking for? was with same woman for 35 years and I am lost....

tenyearsafter3510Oct 2014
The new guy

The new guy!Hello world this is my first time using a dating site. Please tell me if i need to make any changes in my profile? And good luck to all.[color=darkblu...

IKNOWWECAN2320Oct 2014
i am new please friends tell me how i change my profile

i am new please friends tell me how i change my profile....i am new please friends tell me how i change my profile.......

safdar764091Oct 2014Oct 2014
Hi All cuties

Hi All cuties !Hi dear friends ! Pls let me know if something is missing with my profile...

miljaya3420Oct 2014
just joined

just joinedomg I cant believe ive just done this, c an anyone tell me why am I getting interest from the whole world when im just looking in and around my area,...

girltalk3166Oct 2014Oct 2014
would be interested

would be interestedshare with me your views....

castro1ne1820Oct 2014
what is the most important thing in life

what is the most important thing in lifeis it love,,,,maybe sex,,,,some sport,somebody is a music,what is it,,,,,,,...

faranhajt3650Oct 2014
rokyta8277Jul 2014Oct 2014
not attracting the right person

not attracting the right person?Hi there... I'm not sure how I come across in my profile.. Too much information? No personality? Id be interested in hearing some constructive criti...

corkyknocking7659Aug 2014Oct 2014
im new so dont no what to say really

im new so dont no what to say reallySo hi guys .. am i dont really no what to say .. do ye like my pic .. ??...

akakeogh5302Aug 2014Oct 2014
Getting Proflies Views No Messages

Getting Proflies Views No MessagesI wonder why i dont get any messages even tho ihave lot of profiles views ..? any idea why ..thank you :)...

geoabcd12345205Sep 2014Oct 2014
do I catch anybodys eye female only

do I catch anybody's eye female onlyI was like do anyone see me or is this a joke are there any women in here am I ugly to you women like what the f*ck is going on here...

Mainemaine2473482Sep 2014Oct 2014
hello i get to know new girls

hello........i get to know new girls...................................................................................................................................

faranhajt4071Oct 2014Oct 2014
Im not easily shocked

I'm not easily shocked>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>???????Its all my own honest words, dont know how i'm seen by others. Your opinion matters....

Grand2Pied2861Oct 2014Oct 2014
guys der who are interested light me in my profile

guys der who are interested light me in my profileBeing simply and kind, I welcome every kind of advice given to me. You free to rate me ok...

hatibu3060Oct 2014

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