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Hi there anyone out there brave enough for a chat

Hi there anyone out there brave enough for a chat.Is this a bit to cheeky, what do you think ?...

youaremyvan1,0369Nov 2009May 2019
Alien girl

Alien girlI've to live fearless free.. I've to speak fearless free.. I've to flow fearless free.....

Vedika186824Aug 2017May 2019
Help me out

Help me outLadies bit of advice....

oscare7283Jan 2015May 2019
What do you think of my profile

What do you think of my profile?Is the profile attractive? Do i live to far away? Am i to old?...

Abroen4165Oct 2017May 2019
look and tell

look and tellHi, what do you think of the info I've given, what else would you suggest I add. I think it would help if I include photos but this is my 1st time usi...

sewar5407Jun 2011May 2019
How does it look to you

How does it look to you?Hi everyone, what do you think of my profile, are the length and details ok, does it give you a good idea of what I'm like and what I enjoy doing. Wha...

sewar5072Aug 2012May 2019

EyesI have always had a problem when I smile my eyes automatically seem to close. Seems like every picture I have ever taken my eyes close. Even my childr...

vickilou526753Oct 2015May 2019

INTERESTED IN HEARING SOME GOLDEN THOUGHTSWOMEN!! Hi I'm very new to the dating scene. Would love to read some comments from you beautiful women. Bob...

AussieJoBlow1750May 2019
Please read my profile

Please read my profile1) Is my headline OK (you are safe with me) or could it be more fun and catchy? 2) Are my pictures too serious? Do I need more of them? 3) Is th...

YairT2500Apr 2019
How is my Profile

How is my Profile?Just want an opinion as to how my profile looks and if I need to make some adjustments. I would appreciate comments and suggestions. Thanks!:ba...

LoosecaCannon2630Apr 2019

. . .. . ....

immanuelle3590Apr 2019
Could you help me

Could you help me ?What do you all mean ? I consider if i should design my profile completely different. Maybe it does not appeal to the person who comes into question...

Dimo15066Feb 2019Apr 2019
im looking for serious relationship

im looking for serious relationshipwhat do you think about what im asking for ... do you thing its toomuch to ask for... want to bee happy ......

teresatrue4843Apr 2014Apr 2019

always looking and hopingI want feed back from men near my age and could be younger. About if you think about if at our age is it getting too late to find...

kansaswoman3926Feb 2019Apr 2019
2help finding true love

2help finding true loveI would love to hear any advice. I really am looking for true romance....

Astoreenbawn44610Jan 2019Apr 2019
How do i keep the gold diggers away

How do i keep the gold diggers away?Man, there's a TON of gold diggers on this site. Holy, Sweet, Thoughtful, Loving Jesus!...

Nicholas19843531Mar 2019Apr 2019
Am I to old for younger wemon

Am I to old for younger wemonIt seem that younger wemon like me even on line . What you all think should I go for it or find someone my age?...

971jo3,49562Aug 2010Apr 2019
i change some on my profile

i change some on my profileplease advise me........

heavensmile90614Jan 2010Mar 2019
garmack7 am I magnificent I magnificent?Please be honest, and tell me your true thoughts. I consider myself to be down to earth....

garmack72350Mar 2019
Is my profile OK

Is my profile OK?Hello all, I am new here, so am not quite sure if my profile looks OK. Any input, negative and/or positive, will be appreciated. Is there anything I...

LadyLori1,66019May 2014Mar 2019
Seeking Honest Opinions

Seeking Honest OpinionsI would like to get the honest opinions of others on this site about my profile. Is there anything you would change or does the profile need more? A...

darlinspirit84112Sep 2014Mar 2019
Heres me Welcome to my journey Inquiries within

Here's me. Welcome to my journey. Inquiries within.What do you think? Do I need a complete rewrite?! I just opened my mouth and the words came out. My pictures, tho one deminsion, portray honesty, fun,...

Lakesidelady2761Mar 2019Mar 2019
Handle with Care

Handle with CareJust an over all review please. Let me know what you think. This is my first time back in a couple years. I will be adding more pictures.. mostly o...

IamCare3314Feb 2019Mar 2019
Please review my profile

Please review my profile.I am eagerly waiting for your advice that how should I proceed with my mission in getting a very nice beautiful looking caring girl for me....

Ebteshar0070092370Mar 2019
Hi Im cool

Hi I’m coolI am an interior designer...

Rajeeivf1630Mar 2019
jalilmalal2360Feb 2019
Older man

Older manWhich pics do you like or don't like of me on here ???...

Boeing583503Oct 2018Feb 2019
jalilmalal2620Feb 2019

Be gental but let me know how to make my profile better.What type of pics are good ? What type of Info are you looking for ? When should one shut the F*$# up ?...

AmantaHugnkiss4994Feb 2017Feb 2019
the ugly duckling

the ugly ducklingWhat do you think of my pictures? Just to laugh: I'm self-irony......

Omeron1,33318Jul 2018Feb 2019
rajkolekar7142Dec 2015Feb 2019
What should I add

What should I add?What can I add to attract interest?...

Lookingforme19612381Feb 2019Feb 2019
Need some comments bout my page

Need some comments bout my page.What do u think about what I written in my profile....

Jennymcbride1,3445May 2016Feb 2019
looking for a kind genuine man

looking for a kind genuine manWhy is it so hard to try and find a genuine guy? Is it just me or my picture?...

tetty945973Jul 2014Feb 2019
What do you think of my Profile

What do you think of my Profile?Just curious, I don't get on the Site much unless I am advised that I have a messege! Let me know please!!!!!! :banan...

Ashes21,03910Dec 2017Feb 2019
am new here

am new herewhat you think about me let me know...

kennyloen2835Nov 2018Feb 2019
Why searching not ends

Why searching not endsJust for your precious reviews...

Khusro992730Jan 2019
Wife For Lucky Lady

Wife For Lucky LadyAm i pretty enough? Do i make the Grade? Will i make the Cut? Am i Funny or just funny looking? Cant wait to see what people think of me and my profil...

CHOCOLATElover693011Nov 2018Jan 2019
1000 likes and 60 or so out of state or out of country

1000 likes and 60 or so out of state or out of countryHow is it that in Ky. and maybe more; at least 30 profiles I 've opened say; Been on last time a month? pages of this ..some 2017 and 2015. I've opt...

shortnsassy19593253Dec 2018Jan 2019
Your opinion required please and thanks

Your opinion required please and thanks!Any ideas, suggestions, improvements?...

simpleluxury5528Oct 2018Jan 2019
What you think

What you think?What's your honest opinion?...

Mrgoodlookin3202910Dec 2018
I promise to love you

I promise to love youThe first impression is caught in the eye!...

Sacred_Angel3010Dec 2018

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