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worth it

worth it?just interested if i am worth rating?...

bilby632440Sep 2014
hello all

hello allhello all women,i am here to find women for long term friendship , i am new to this site, give me some advice related to my profile...

matta122130Sep 2014
Is the cartoon look to much

Is the cartoon look to much?Been single three years it is time to start dating!!...

genrock3561Sep 2014Sep 2014
HI EveryOne Love for all

HI EveryOne...Love for allHI EveryOne...Love for all... Not for None......

Janees3523Sep 2014Sep 2014
interest sake

interest sakeShe said she can take criticism so let it rip...

AkashaVrucuw4613Sep 2014Sep 2014
Hiya D

Hiya :DHow is my profile?...

Brandee3601,15816Aug 2014Sep 2014
Im new at this

I'm new at this!!Please let me know what you think. I am open to your suggestions. Thank you....

Schilfi3451Sep 2014Sep 2014
Do I look like a one night stand kind of girl

Do I look like a one night stand kind of girl?I'm on other sites and never get any dates. All the guys want is for me to drive the distance to hang at their house and have sex. Do my pics give t...

notashadowboxer3447Sep 2014Sep 2014
Little help please

Little help pleaseSo, new to the site, but this is more or less the same profile I've used on others, with very little luck. Can anyone tell me where/how I'm going wro...

omegacat3073Sep 2014Sep 2014
Would appreciate some feedback please Does my profile name give wrong impression

Would appreciate some feedback please? Does my profile name give wrong impression?I do not want to give the wrong impression. My profile name was meant in the purest way, as in good clean fun, NOT easy. But cannot think of another n...

funAnnie4804Sep 2014Sep 2014
Waiting For Your Comments

Waiting For Your Comments..Waiting For Your Comments.....

Janees3851Sep 2014Sep 2014
Im here for seven years but

I'm here for seven years, but...Well, I've registered on CS in 2007. with only one goal: to find myself a partner for life, but that didn't happen yet and I'm still single. Is it me...

perun7866214Sep 2014Sep 2014
How we feeling about the hat

How we feeling about the hat?changed my main picture and went for something more focused on my face. Do you think the hat is too much or is it the perfect amount of light heartedn...

kavo5552870Sep 2014
Any women so honest and kindhearted as im to meet for reality to share our cencerly heart

>{Any women so honest and kindhearted as i`m to meet for reality to share our cencerly heart.Gentleman and much more honest likes to be to seriously and great caring with the only one women heart to love.Faith and love to each other for humoro...

HolyBird12442Sep 2014Sep 2014
faranhajt4542Sep 2014Sep 2014
hello everyone

hello everyone!Hi I just try how it possible to find some true and honest person , I hope I can find it here...

grace36140Sep 2014
Aloha What do you think

Aloha...What do you think?I just want to know what you out there think about me. I'm an island boy from Hawaii, but i'm teaching English in Japan and looking to meet good peop...

matching2231Sep 2014Sep 2014
all comments welcome

all comments welcomeWhat do you think of my profile??...

Horse223281Sep 2014Sep 2014
to see the way

to see the wayI am looking to be with the one for life that we are about the same inside...

sting1111961Sep 2014Sep 2014
Patrykjj4283Sep 2014Sep 2014
what do you think about my profile

what do you think about my profileHI everyone I need honest opinions about my profile and pictures please. not sure what am doing wrong be honest but don't be 2 hard. :t...

sweet_sxyangel93810Jul 2014Sep 2014
Hello I am new on this site

Hello.. I am new on this siteHello.. I am new on this site.. How is my Profile? Please Reply?...

KK97603640Sep 2014
looking for some positive reviews and make some friends maybe more

looking for some positive reviews and make some friends maybe moreHow do I look,would you date me,am I the type of guy you could spend your life with let me know...

anhonestguy2320Sep 2014
What do you think about my profile in general and my photo

What do you think about my profile in general and my photo?Hi to all members on this dating web site. I would like to find out what you (the users) of this dating web site think about: a) My photo on this...

Jan9913612Sep 2014Sep 2014

GreekI'm new to this site,I'm 38 yrs old,Greek,lining in,I'd like to have a profile review from you ladies...thanks...

TAkiss763003Sep 2014Sep 2014
need friend in vienna

need friend in viennaHey Looking to meet friend in Vienna.. I will be there in 19th September May we have nice time together...

waddah20002851Sep 2014Sep 2014
what you think about my profile

what you think about my profileAny suggestions for my profile ?...

Moon3232323750Sep 2014
down to earth kinda guy

down to earth kinda guyLove to ride my bike take walks on the beach love to take that special someone out to dinner im a down to earth easy going man...

johncoxe2951Sep 2014Sep 2014

asiani wonder people tell that Asians are less welcomed in europe when asking the reason they tell me that we asian are not smart ????[colo...

vivek78822771Sep 2014Sep 2014
Just curious

Just curiousWhat do you think? I'm very new to this online dating....

2Hearts453751Sep 2014Sep 2014
Searching for Just One True

Searching for Just One TrueLooking for a lady of my dreams ... no age matter. no past matter, just one true lady to make this life ever charming ... any one there ? :teddyb...

zee993830Sep 2014
Hello ladies

Hello ladiesi wonder how many of you are here in western Australia looking to have some fun with N.S.A....

Zlatoie3702Sep 2014Sep 2014
Will you be my companion from now on

Will you be my companion from now onI am here to seek a faithful and good woman for Long term relationship that will surely last forever...

gentlelover9002092Sep 2014Sep 2014

sarbaliHello evry one...

Sarbali5782Sep 2014Sep 2014
What do you think of my profile I seem to attract dishonest people

What do you think of my profile? I seem to attract dishonest peopleHave you met honest men on this site? Or it just me that get Those that Here for head ganes? If you seek decency and honest y send me a note....

Sstar3913Sep 2014Sep 2014
So am i too straight forward with what i want

So am i too straight forward with what i want?So am I too straight forward with what I want?...

callarealman3064Sep 2014Sep 2014
prity leady plz do review of my profile

prity leady plz do review of my profilehey I would like to do review my profile by you mostly by prity leady. and if you found any correction to improve it then you are wel come . wait...

shilp3174Sep 2014Sep 2014
Beautiful Girls

Beautiful GirlsIs anyone there?...

NaughtyAndNice992531Aug 2014Sep 2014

heyyyy ;)heyy girl's i'm new here, and i want to meet the right one, sombody entrusted? let me know ;)...

rubin924242Sep 2014Sep 2014
wing woman

wing womanSláinte.I live in Dublin Ireland,I have become a bit of a hermit but just lately I have joined a Worldwide organization so as I can go out and meet pe...

travellinglight1,2045Aug 2014Sep 2014
The truth

The truthWold love to know of your impression of how I come across. Any comments on the photos. Your assistance would be appreciated. Thanks...

Jomangood3331Sep 2014Sep 2014
prity leady plz do review of my profile

prity leady plz do review of my profilehey how's my profile...? if you like or dislike just let me know with reason to do correct it....

shilp2630Sep 2014

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