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Where have all the good men gone

Where have all the good men gone?This profile was written with keeping it real in mind..I have read so many profiles that are so full of the same crap..People who are in their prime w...

tk86594221Sep 2014Sep 2014
hey ladies tell what u think

hey ladies tell what u thinkid love to meet women who r interested in visiting my island on vacation etc....

castro1ne2921Sep 2014Sep 2014
Would ya throw me outta bed P

Would ya throw me outta bed?? :PWell,,,,, feedback? :)...

madyoke85314Nov 2011Sep 2014
Sory for the bad pic

Sory for the bad picto all you single ladies and women out there....

Diamonds823991Aug 2014Sep 2014
who does one have to kill to find a sincere mate these sicko days

who does one have to kill to find a sincere mate these sicko daysI've had from the most ornery to thee most professionally written and edited and reviewed profiles on various web dating sites imaginable and to date...

loyalover4u3784Apr 2014Aug 2014

anhonestmanPlease be gentle girls I'm a big softy...

anhonestguy2782Aug 2014Aug 2014
What how and where

What, how and where?I'm new to the site and would really like to know what should I do and where to meet and make ladies or women friends?...

Diamonds823141Aug 2014Aug 2014
southern woman

southern womanIs my profile specific enough?...

georgiafire3441Jun 2014Aug 2014
is there actually anyone out there

is there actually anyone out therehi im a 51 year old male, ive had no views, am i doing anything wrong, please ladies point me in the right direction...

allbecause4023Aug 2014Aug 2014

honestyCome on people what do you really think of my profile and nice now. :-)...

marymul4221Jul 2014Aug 2014
Designated Age Mmmm now is 81 baby

Designated "Age" is 81,baby!!!How I feel has to be with honesty. So many from California, are sending scripted emails, written by someone else & copied. That makes me sick! Women o...

moonkitten4893Aug 2014Aug 2014
Check me out

Check me out!Check out my pics..lemme know what you think. Friend me. Tryna build a little repore on the site....

MrIndiana3280Aug 2014
hey there come say hello

hey there! come say hellohey all, have a look at my profile.......

Surfer1004941Aug 2014Aug 2014
New at this

New at this...Be honest....

Floozal3211Aug 2014Aug 2014
look at me all will change in time

look at me, all will change in time.I experienced a lot of changes in my life for a couple of months ago and the reason for me to change my personal profile. Along w...

fakhrurrazi3060Aug 2014
Check it out

Check it out!!(:Hey y'all, I changed my profile quote a bit and would love to know your input lovelies(: My pictures, reviews, quizzes and tests, and everything else!...

Singer21494072Aug 2014Aug 2014
wing woman

wing womanSláinte.I live in Dublin Ireland,I have become a bit of a hermit but just lately I have joined a Worldwide organization so as I can go out and meet pe...

travellinglight2650Aug 2014
what you think about my profile

what you think about my profileany suggestion ? thanks in advance...

Moon3232323313Aug 2014Aug 2014
check me out

check me outwhat kinda changes should I make to get more response?...

kissfancanada1852Aug 2014Aug 2014
Theres Nothing special about me

There's Nothing special about meThere's nothing special about me i am just a little star if you jump so high you can reach and forget about my self some times when there's so many ot...

Sharis7774731Aug 2014Aug 2014

hellodo you like my profile ? plz comment below...

hoale1233141Aug 2014Aug 2014

anhonestmanLet me know if your interested ladies...

anhonestguy1940Aug 2014
new to this today

new to this today ;-)so what do you guys think ??? anybody interested ???...

ballyboy143310Aug 2014
What do you guys think

What do you guys think?Dunno what's wrong with it? Has anything got to do with where I am located that's putting people off? A little help would go a long way. Much love <...

psygnar5278Aug 2014Aug 2014

kygirl56don't know if im doing this right or not but haven't had that many emails or much response on this so what do u think of my profile is it that bad?...

kygirl562050Aug 2014
Some times simple dose it

Some times simple dose it.......Hey guys i am new to this site......and i am look forward to meet Mr right...

shen5554010Aug 2014
what do u all think

what do u all think?any room for improvements other than the pics. will post new ones whenever i can. but other than that and location. any girls out there. who want to g...

psygnar3342Aug 2014Aug 2014
What am I doing wrong

What am I doing wrong?What am I doing wrong?...

Rohit613572Aug 2014Aug 2014


SENTIMENTAL663674Aug 2014Aug 2014
looking for real woman to spend my live with her but only to who can come to turkey first date

looking for real woman to spend my live with her but only to who can come to turkey first dategood looking woman like me and like to have fun and like to make family with me and don't like see the different like where I comes from or my religio...

Alaa854331Aug 2014Aug 2014
Looking for a Georgian lady 30

Looking for a Georgian lady 30+Hi is there any Georgian loving & caring lady ? who likes to share herself with a foreigner? pls talk 88 01617141726, skype: setini.fashions...

barisaler_pola2761Aug 2014Aug 2014

boredHi I will delete my account today...

Kirana99957510Jul 2014Aug 2014
Do I sound too blonde

Do I sound too blonde?????Any constructive advice really appreciated xx...

Hugz104516Aug 2014Aug 2014
tell me about it

tell me about it!hey guys how do i look in my profile pic is there any error on it?...

melisabill053281Jun 2014Aug 2014
Just be truthful

Just be truthfulWhat do you think of my profile? What do you think of my pictures? Which of my pics would you pick for my primary photo. I am a very honest person. Ho...

Shydawnn14554Jul 2014Aug 2014
truth be nice

truth be nice!I am a natural woman any hippie or nature lovers out there?...

woodsyme4081Jul 2014Aug 2014
Love will keep us alive

Love will keep us alive..Hi guys.....What do you think about me???...

AngiPD2041Aug 2014Aug 2014

?Scale of 1 to 10? One change you would make?...

yolocolo3920Aug 2014

ylalwyslvmeWhat do you think of my pictures? Which should be my primary photo?...

ylalwyslvme3852Aug 2014Aug 2014
So what do you think

So what do you think?i want an over all opinion thanks...

stickymuffin682130Aug 2014
hi my friend

hi my friendhi my friend uhat do you think of my proflie ? is it simple ? or normal...

hoale1232640Aug 2014

hjhow about my profile? is it simple or normal?...

hoale1232920Aug 2014

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