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ideas of Girls about me

ideas of Girls about meHello Ladies and Girls , Please check my photos a...

paavo19814383Aug 2014Aug 2014

FEMALES PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1, Does My profile come across as I am full of BS? 2, Does it come across soppy? 3, Am I on the wrong site looking for Happiness? 4, Should I ha...

MALEUK5564010Jul 2014Aug 2014
Hi i m here 4r true lover

Hi i m here 4r true loveri m waiting 4r u my soulmate...

mad1873592Jul 2014Aug 2014
Please tell me what you think of everything or anything

Please tell me what you think of everything or anything.tell me what you think of everything or anything....

eddie70s3983Jul 2014Aug 2014
New Kid On The Block

New Kid On The BlockLooking for great on-line company...

BundleOfJoy3770Aug 2014
Check me out

Check me out!Check me out & let me know what you think of my profile!...

Cormouth1800Aug 2014
What can you say about mine much appreciated 3

What can you say about mine, much appreciated <3:)What can you say about mine, much appreciated <3 :)...

SweeLovingCaring3930Aug 2014

HELLOJust saying hi.Tell me what you thingk....

Lakeshore1013801Aug 2014Aug 2014
How do I come across

How do I come across?What are the positives and the negatives of the profile and or photos? Please tell me what you think and be honest. Fell free to comment. I want th...

deflow55613Aug 2014Aug 2014
Want a good life partner that

Want a good life partner that.I'm a Muslim, good nature, honest, loving, caring, funny and responsible person, want to marry with a good nature woman. That like to know about me so...

mrmohsin2371Aug 2014Aug 2014

hey!!!Hey!!!!!!!! im open to any opinions, but please just dont be rude ok....

johnbatista1002161Aug 2014Aug 2014

Hello????I'm open to feedback anyone can provide about my profile. Most importantly, Just wanting to know if there are any real people out their. Jesus Chris...

t84rod48110Jul 2014Aug 2014
just curious what you guys think all comments welcome

just curious what you guys think, all comments welcomewhat do you think? am i explaining myself well enough lol. first time ever making a profile and criticism is much appreciated....

kavo5553512Aug 2014Aug 2014
hi what you think about it

hi what you think about ithi please let me know if my profile is good or no and if i have to change anything on my look...

eslam2675Aug 2014Aug 2014
hi please let me know if my profile is good or no

hi please let me know if my profile is good or nohi please let me know if my profile is good or not and if no so what to change in it and if i have to change anything it my look...

eslam2080Aug 2014
for ladies only

for ladies onlyHi all ages lady,age for love and dating never was a problem for me,anyone agree with me?...

standby19744284Aug 2014Aug 2014
HII need your help

HII need your helpHii guys this is Niharika ...its been nearly 2 and half months I have join CS but still I dont know why I an not getting any one good human. is there...

Niharr5528Aug 2014Aug 2014
How do I look

How do I look?I'm never sure what to wright on these kinda things any advice would be welcome Many thanks...

3BYK19772822Aug 2014Aug 2014
How it look like

How it look likewhat do you think about my profile and picture? I need your advice....

Kaakaaw2162Aug 2014Aug 2014


faranhajt2971Aug 2014Aug 2014
Looking For A Local Woman

Looking For A Local WomanHow Do I Sound?...

cavalier5503420Aug 2014
hey check it out

hey check it outi wanna my soul partner... just contact lonely waiting yet.....

Shimanto6663311Aug 2014Aug 2014
simple life

simple lifeWould you like to meet a simple soul? Do you love and admire the little things? Write me if you dare...

Tembaco3441Aug 2014Aug 2014
Hey there I dont get mails as well

Hey there! I don't get mails as wellIs it about my profile or pictures? But I don't get msgs Did anyone have any luck to meet a what they was looking fir?...

MountainFlower15152Aug 2014Aug 2014
just wordering

just worderingis there any thing wrong with my profile somehow i have a bad feeling not sure what...

Keeneye1014372Aug 2014Aug 2014

helpdous my pro look good...

seanarnett2731Aug 2014Aug 2014
I will be in USA in may2015

I will be in USA in may2015I am only looking for a real relation with a girl to be with me in USA....

politeDoc2892Aug 2014Aug 2014
Talk to me I promise I wont bite and im not a creep

Talk to me,I promise I won't bite and i'm not a creepWhat do you think of my profile,check out my album you don't have to buy it just take time to listen,check out my pics and message me :)...

kilo15003651Aug 2014Aug 2014
Haya guys

Haya guyshey guys new pic up hope yous like lol...

DIGIMAESTRO2252Aug 2014Aug 2014
What do you think of me Im new to dating sites

What do you think of me I'm new to dating sites :)I like wrestling ;) and listening to music I you wanna know more msg me...

Gettinginkd3574Jan 2014Aug 2014
trying to get to know somone

trying to get to know somone..Sucks I can put a pic up. but iam bored so someone lets talk.......

tylerjay1233681Aug 2014Aug 2014
just need to know

just need to know...Hii people ....I am wondering since couple of days .Like people viewed my profile but no one is sending me messages not even friendly. is there anythi...

Niharr3221Aug 2014Aug 2014
Hey Ladys

Hey LadysHay ladys im back again lol with another pic what do you guys think?...

Uploaded new pics Hot or Not

Uploaded new pic's...........Hot or Not ?Don't be shy ! Say what you see!...

rockrabbit5,396113May 2012Aug 2014

hiis my profile ok? check it out...

Haya guys

Haya guyswhich picture yous reckon...


hiiHii Guys, This is Niharr and Its been one month that I have joined this site. I would like to share my experience here on this site till date i hav...

Niharr3493Jul 2014Aug 2014
hi everyone

hi everyoneIs there anyone looking at my profile before I give up on this thing called love? Maybe some of us were just meant to be alone? I'm just wondering[col...

Leoma5305Aug 2014Aug 2014
instagram anyone

instagram anyoneIdle if ppl on here are real because every time I ask 4 someone instagram they block me...

bird_s192670Aug 2014
take a look

take a lookWould like to hear comments on my profile...

Monicaonar692562Aug 2014Aug 2014
Am i that ugly p

Am i that ugly? :pwhats wrong with my profile or me cause i hardly ever get any mail am i asking for too much am i bieng picky WHAT???...

FlaireKeys6008Jul 2014Aug 2014
Hey what do you think of my profile Im new and a bit shy

Hey, what do you think of my profile? I'm new and a bit shy.Hello everyone, is my profile acccetable? Is my picture acceceptable? Any positive feedback would be n...

willow198013433Aug 2014Aug 2014

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