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Lookin For A Serious Marriage Minded Lady for a Serious Friendship that will Lead to Marriage

Lookin For A Serious Marriage Minded Lady for a Serious Friendship that will Lead to Marriage!Hello my user name is: jcoolboy, 8/22/14 I've been on your site now for only about 1 week; but, I have had very few replies to the many Flower...

jcoolboy7406Aug 2014Dec 2018
I am new here

I am new hereWhat do you think about me?...

Rizwanshaukat2760Dec 2018

Part 2..This appears to be a clean site. I am using this space because- for whatever reason- my blog Time is in limbo for another oo4 days. Now then:)) ball...

Agentbob3021Dec 2018Dec 2018

The imminent return of gun control baby...Who formerly designed & delivered the bel air lecture, ball point radio and addictive r.a.m.s. ( really apt media swarms ).. ...Rules are

Agentbob2861Dec 2018Dec 2018
ProfessorArt623833Oct 2018Nov 2018
Be honest but not too harsh please

Be honest but not too harsh please....Some overall impressions would be helpful along with some detailed comment or advice, thanks in advance...

FFafa2980Nov 2018
No women who like me why

No women who like me why???Pl tell howw get a nice women fr love...

ptraj3454Oct 2018Nov 2018


zeroBalance2620Nov 2018
Monica profile review

Monica profile reviewhi, tell me what age group men look at my profile, and why cant i find the age group that i am interested in???...

monica87422540Nov 2018

Only received a few responsesWhat changes do I need to make in my profile to improve it? Do I sound too boring, demanding or am I just too old to expect a man to want a woman my a...

lela31772917Aug 2018Nov 2018
Thoughts guys

Thoughts guys?Am I doing this wrongly? Thoughts please...

arnette807774Oct 2015Nov 2018
New here

New hereI’m new to this site and i’m Looking for friends and a relationship...

Oldnickfan273040Oct 2018
teafortwofortea3010Oct 2018
RoyJr694044Oct 2018Oct 2018
what do you think of my profile

what do you think of my profilelooking for advice about my proflie from woman not receiving much responce from the ladies .what am i doing wrong here....

bondman5006Aug 2018Oct 2018
why womens show no interest in my profile

why womens show no interest in my profilei'm interested in spending my life with some beautiful women from canada...

falconbunty6782Jan 2016Oct 2018
This site is ranked 7 on alexa com

This site is ranked #7 on alexa.comonline dating is dead...

RodVonHugestein2210Oct 2018
I am very uncertain

I am very uncertain........what do you think if you look at my profile. What should i change how and why ? I am uncertain and thankful for any help. Thanks fo...

Dimo17973Jun 2018Oct 2018
whats your opinion

whats your opinionDo you think I will find real love?...

IamTariq772660Oct 2018
please help if you can

please help if you canwhat do women actually want? thank you...

whoushey2942Oct 2018Oct 2018
What do you think of my profile

What do you think of my profile?Any and all advice, suggestions, or constructive feedback welcome. It's always good to get an objective opinion. Thank you!...

prett21670Oct 2018
Just joined Hit me up

Just joined . . . Hit me up!You guys think 3 pics is enough? I'm not positive I'm here for a romantic connection, hence the "Talk/Email/Pen Pal" selection, but I am open to it....

ChuckDzzNutz6665Mar 2015Oct 2018

///////, 'what do you think of my pictures...

dragany2k3110Sep 2018

Feedbacklove to get some feedback positive or negative...

deeper005292Sep 2014Sep 2018
Should I change my pics

Should I change my pics?and what profile pic should I keep or get rid of on my profile. My main pic is me playing a game of monopoly with my 5 kids on the floor during a ver...

sugarbum1,31920Mar 2012Sep 2018
Review my profile

Review my profile...Im intrigued......

charlala5775Jul 2018Sep 2018
Fear ur Lord

Fear ur LordAm plz with u like my picture...

Aeshway2910Sep 2018
melika2,35135May 2012Sep 2018
Sillyfakenames Happy Profile Review

Sillyfakename's Happy Profile Review!Just tell me what you like and what you don't.??...

Sillyfakename4020Sep 2018

LETS HAVE IT#Good morning everyone. I am on here as a single guy from ireland. A lady said to me yesterday that i am lucky because a lot of the CS people are from...

manuman77837Apr 2015Sep 2018
Wanting to be number one

Wanting to be number oneNot really looking for anything in particular bored lol.yet don't let that stop you lol...

Donraymond2880Sep 2018
Many dont believe im virgin

Many don't believe im virgin.Respected members of connecting singles. It's my honour ...that I got chance to ask some suggestions with the honorable members.. Many women's I go...

Ironic72580Sep 2018
Why do I not get looked at

Why do I not get looked at???Let me know how I screwed up, please? I seem to only get those I have asked not to bother contacting me due to their age. How do I fix this ?[color=...

playnicelywithme3610Aug 2018
Looking for female point of view

Looking for female point of viewI'm honest in my profile but since I don't get many replies I'm asking for feedback. Thank you....

tomy1truelove1,51416Jan 2013Aug 2018
I am not getting responses

I am not getting responses !Is it becouse the profile is wrong or the website ?...

singledout826022Apr 2015Aug 2018
HI guys

HI guyshow do u think about Asian girl?...

Chillidang7316Jun 2018Aug 2018
Am single and am much older man

Am single and am much older man .Do you like my photos of me at all single ladies ....

Boeing583840Aug 2018
Prefer reviews by women for obvious reasons

Prefer reviews by women ...for obvious reasonsI know I live in a small town ...but I am not getting much noticed here...tell me why please my profile...

Falcontite4180Aug 2018

Hellowill i find someone to be happy with?...

rich142k57086Mar 2018Aug 2018
what do u think which of my pictures is the best for my primary photo

what do u think?? 'which of my pictures is the best for my primary photo?Love myself I do. Not everything, but I love the good as well as the bad. I love my crazy lifestyle, and I love my hard discipline. I love my freedom...

Nandun8025893Sep 2015Aug 2018
5k views no takers

5k views, no takers,..I'm not so sure I want to know what's wrong, (or at least, I don't want to ASK what's wrong as nearly everyone has SOME wild or crazy or outlandish id...

BigGuyLondon3572Jul 2018Aug 2018
Been years with no result Something wrong with my profile

Been years with no result. Something wrong with my profile?Hi everyone, Been in this site for several years. Could you please help me by reviewing My profile? Appreciate any feedback. Thank you...

shanty_liem1,20920Jul 2015Aug 2018

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