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Yes or no

Yes or no?Does my profile tell enough?...

gkat12693Feb 2014Feb 2014
Why Is this Happening

Why Is this Happening?For some reason, my profile isn't really getting viewed by people in my age range, does anyone have any reasons they think why that may be?...

GamerPyro2253Feb 2014Feb 2014
please help

please helpwhat to if the old guys wont stop mailling me i never reply but still it keeps going?...

otilijaa1835Feb 2014Feb 2014
JessyRed2153Feb 2014Feb 2014
hii frndz well i am dinesh from india

hii frndz well i am dinesh from indiaWell frndsz. I am DINESH from India well I am funny people and my hobby is to manke frndzz becoz I think that frnds r forever and in every differentcu...

deenesh72241Feb 2014Feb 2014
Does this shirt make me look fat

Does this shirt make me look fat?ANYONE? Do i look fat in this shirt?...

wiifund523273Feb 2014Feb 2014

HiIs there any decent women thay want a nice younge guy to talk to...

David119371611Feb 2014Feb 2014

hii just need a mutual friend are you ready...

kamijan2321Feb 2014Feb 2014
Pls Help

Pls Help ..Even tho i get lot of visitors i dont have as many messages as my profile views and i wonder why ...can someone tell me wht im doing wrong ? i will ap...

geoabcd12344947Feb 2014Feb 2014
what do you thinks of my profile

what do you thinks of my profilehi there many times heard, that people get acquainted through the Internet.It is unusual to me. but i dare to try to know if its true .....

Ednasan3324Feb 2014Feb 2014
Hmmmm Im new

Hmmmm I'm new...Just say what u think. I'm pretty straight up but I dont intent to be rude. Im actually quite nice but with the occasional foot...

Eastylady2300Feb 2014

helloI'm perfact in my imperfactions ,,, Happy in my pain ,,, Strong in my weaknesses ,,, & Beautiful in my own way ''Bcs I'm Me...:)...

Dip_san2814Feb 2014Feb 2014

msh!!ok .i just got to beautiful model girls, one white beautiful stunning girl in Nigeria and one going to Africa, i guess Nigeria !! I think they didnt u...

Alexandro102720Feb 2014
Will someone review my profile

Will someone review my profile?My profile has been here for more than a year. I have zero luck. The local ones I was interested have already turned me down. I am looking for a long...

cstoney11721Feb 2014Feb 2014
Hey yall

Hey y'all!First of all I am not a fake, if you want I will say hi to you on Skype :) I'm just a simple girl, I would love to make new friends from different pla...

Cheyennepark10019028Feb 2014Feb 2014

submittedWhat do you think of my pictures....

cjp6771920Feb 2014
Any suggestions for my profile

Any suggestions for my profile ?wana know if my profile is ok or have to change some thing in it ? thanks in advance regards...

Moon3232322652Dec 2013Feb 2014
Please give me a look

Please give me a lookwant to know If I am even worth being around, a few things that i forgot to mention is that I can cook, and im good with kids...

GamerPyro2441Feb 2014Feb 2014
Seeking Your Opinion

Seeking Your OpinionIn general as a whole, what do you think of my profile?...

alive2472151Feb 2014Feb 2014
what should I do

what should I do?I am a 23 years old police looking for a woman to date with. the last relationship ended up with betrayal when I had to run my duty in another city. n...

ivanR2656Feb 2014Feb 2014
9 out of 10

9 out of 10is it just me or i find there's lots of irish people here?...

Alexandro102200Feb 2014


moinsyed1980Feb 2014
just europe america australia

just europe , america, australiaIm new divorced but life is so short i hope to find my other half...

flower5313143Feb 2014Feb 2014
be honest in judging

be honest in judgingwhat do u think about me?...

tami162701Feb 2014Feb 2014

!!!!How many scammers, acquitance and money beggers are here???!!!...

Alexandro102192Feb 2014Feb 2014
Changed my Profile Doest it look ok Now

Changed my Profile...Doest it look ok Now?Please tell me how my profile is now?? what do u think abt me?...

pr3ciousHeart2440Feb 2014
wht u thnk abt th pic

wht u thnk abt th pichw is ths pic...

msizi2213Feb 2014Feb 2014
Hi im new to this

Hi im new to thisNothing but the truth...

CoolLikeMe1910Feb 2014

profileWhat are you think about my profile? im new here.....

anitahr2788Feb 2014Feb 2014

helloim looking new good friends and boyfriend from italy,usa,germany,poland .Age :20-27 if you are interested write me....

anitahr1950Feb 2014

HiyaHiya, im not new here :) But what do yee think of my profile :) Im just trying to be me on it :) Thanks, Niall...

dublinguy302164Feb 2014Feb 2014
Am I asking for too much

Am I asking for too much?Hello, Please review my profile and tell me what's wrong with it. Be brutally honest. Thanks in advance....

loyalman0072693Feb 2014Feb 2014
Express your opinion if you pls

? Express your opinion if you pls?Hop 2 hve a truly conversation with u, looking for some gud frenz....

Ruchin9111791Feb 2014Feb 2014
Can you view profile please

Can you view profile please ?should i change some thing in my profile ?...

Moon3232322401Feb 2014Feb 2014
what do you think guyz

what do you think guyz???hi everyone....m new here and i want you to give me suggestions to make some changes in my profile if needed..... and a...

mohsin872442Feb 2014Feb 2014
Hi single peeps can u review my prof pls thnx

Hi single peeps... can u review my prof. pls? thnxBasically.... 1. Is it ok? 2. Pics too boring? 3. Should i ask bulletpointed questions? Lol...

scouserindublin2851Feb 2014Feb 2014
what You think

what You think ?It s my first time on dating site. Could You please write what You think about my profile....

Snuggle_Bunns352598Feb 2014Feb 2014
cyberdynesystems55411Apr 2010Feb 2014
Hello there everyone

Hello there, everyone!!!I just wondered how others would think when they see my profile, so I decided to show it. I am looking forward to your comments....

i_z_a_y3102Feb 2014Feb 2014
where are all the real men

where are all the real menAm i wasting my time on here...

sexynlove2310Feb 2014
Hopeless Romantic

Hopeless RomanticI tried to be clear and honest. What do you think?...

ModernGentlemen2231Feb 2014Feb 2014
How much does age matter

How much does age matter?If you read my profile. Please tell me why you are not interested....

mayqfeelgood2786Feb 2014Feb 2014

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