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Haha hello there

Haha, hello there..Hello, come to visit me, ill wait for you. Nice day.....

Quixotte2980Apr 2014
hello im another newbee

hello, im "another" newbeei am new in this " game" and is more than greatful if anyone have any tips for me if my profile is good or bad or could be better with some changes ??...

thooor663541Apr 2014Apr 2014
cheak out my profile ladies

cheak out my profile ladiesPlease ladies do feel free to mail me or cheack me out txt me for chat n dat id love too chat with ye...sound...

Davidom19914240Apr 2014
Just wondering what yall think

Just wondering what yall thinkI would be interested in knowing what your feedback about my profile. Positive and Negative reviews are welcome. Thanks...

AuthorHimani5694Mar 2014Apr 2014


RAMS123453661Apr 2014Apr 2014
tell me whats up

tell me what's up?Am I not good looking enough am I too old, what are you ladies looking for? I'm honest and straight to the point. If i feel your a scammer your done!...

buffaloraider4475Apr 2014Apr 2014
24 singule not geeting any frnd

24 singule not geeting any frndim here frm 15 dys dnt have any frnd yet tell me wht is wrong in my profile and suggest me how to get frnds in india byyyy [...

RAMS123453561Apr 2014Apr 2014
review my profile

review my is it..plz review and tell me!...

wonderfullife863250Apr 2014
Its good to have a little change some time

Its good to have a little change some timeIts spring time my doors are open to let the old air out and the new air in....

FLYJAMES3071Apr 2014Apr 2014
new to the area looking for a riding buddy guys and girls

new to the area. looking for a riding buddy. guys and girlsany sugestions on good riding locations near jacksonville? tracks or trails....

mikejose892950Apr 2014
view me hope you find some common things with me

view me, hope you find some common things with me...i have been here looking for a true friends, who will to me, share ideas of life together. Any who have a sense of humor that can fill my li...

Mei826863962Mar 2014Apr 2014
Ive seen it all with people on this planet

I've seen it all with people on this planet...But it's hard to look in a mirror and get answers without talking to oneself and getting accurate answers that don't seem ludicrous. So I generally t...

loyalover4u3380Apr 2014
Its good change alittle some time

Its good change alittle some time.Its spring so I open my doors to let in new air....

FLYJAMES4030Apr 2014
this site sucks lol

this site sucks...... lolevery one is here for looks right... lol looks are nothing!!! it not about how many times you fall... its about how times you get back up with a smile...

mikejose893821Apr 2014Apr 2014

=)I would love to know what people think because putting myself in writing has always been difficult....

Aspire122661Mar 2014Mar 2014
I am new here what do you think

I am new here what do you think?I invite you to review my profile and if you think we might be compatible, send me a message. Let's get to know each other!...

Geminigirlusa1951Mar 2014Mar 2014
why is my profile attracting older men 40 years and above

why is my profile attracting older men 40 years and above.Tell me what my profile is suggesting it tends to attract men who are 40 and above years who are even proposing to me.I want my profile to attract men...

miss86805Mar 2014Mar 2014

HelpI am looking for someone local but seem to get a lot of international friends.Can i do something to make that more clear?...

Sherri201320132481Mar 2014Mar 2014
Why I am single

Why I am single ?what do you think of my pictures ? Tell me how I look....

jonano3763Mar 2014Mar 2014
Any suggestions to improve my profile

Any suggestions to improve my profile?I tried to be clear on what I want and don't want but I'm not getting any results, am I coming off too harsh? I've dated enough to know...

_Angel_Eyes_3375Mar 2014Mar 2014

requestjust wondering what you think...

romance4sarah2831Mar 2014Mar 2014
what do you think

what do you think!?any suggestions...

WickedMachinist2990Mar 2014
Please review my profile

Please review my profileDear everybody, Can anybody read my profile and let me know if it needs corrections. You can find it in bellow: Thank you in advance, About...

mshojaeiarani3832Mar 2014Mar 2014
why am i single

why am i single?how good looking am i? or am i not that good looking?...

Judurham3303Dec 2013Mar 2014

helloI get to know new people...

faranhajt3871Mar 2014Mar 2014
Just wondering what yall think

Just wondering what yall thinkwhat do yall think? does my profile look good?...

countrygal944786Sep 2013Mar 2014
does my profile needs altering

does my profile needs alteringhows my photos have i given enough info but yet enough for more for sum one to ask can i add anything do i need to remove anything...

chellessex2921Mar 2014Mar 2014
jk0nctid3632Nov 2009Mar 2014

WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT MY ME?I would be interested in knowing what your feedback about my profile. Positive and Negative reviews are welcome. Thanks in advance. :cheer...

filipina8895215Feb 2014Mar 2014
are you the one

are you the oneshould I be more straight forward, tell more about myself, should I put more picture in my profile?...

butterfly471504844Mar 2014Mar 2014
hows my profile

hows my profile???i wanna know is my profile okay...

abhishekromance4743Mar 2014Mar 2014
view my profile

view my profiletell me what you think please...

leahkathrine4965Mar 2014Mar 2014
ok im a shrek lookalike i know but

ok im a shrek lookalike i know butok im shrek but does my profile stand me in good stead to find new friends/companions/more,i know i go on about women but after 4yrs of this its getti...

tupacferret7732Jul 2009Mar 2014
Tell me what you think

Tell me what you think :)You can comment on my looks, profile, descriptions, pictures etc. Anything you would like too. :)...

CharlotteS6775Jul 2013Mar 2014

HIIDoes anyone outthere like rootbeer? lol...

strawberry2short4162Oct 2013Mar 2014
hey the same things bring the same results

hey the same things bring the same resultshi there tell me what you think about my photos i have a lot more to post but frist you must tell me if i should, be truthful please and yes i know m...

brustaa3830Mar 2014
Hello what do you think about my profile

Hello, what do you think about my profile?Just to know if my profile seems good....

rokyta2,46626Dec 2013Mar 2014

GIRLS LOOKING FOR YOUI have been looking up this site but still am not able to find friends... i keep on travelling a lot like (April - Prague) / (May month - Thailand) /...

Too Straight Forward

Too Straight ForwardIs my profile to straight forward? If so that is quite ironic considering how kinky I am lol...

IWantYouWantTo2890Mar 2014
1humblepoet4314Feb 2014Mar 2014
With An a** This Great Anything Is Possible

With An a** This Great... Anything Is Possible?What is it that makes a fella feel like sending a girl a message on here is almost pointless? Either that or she is too pretty to respond to a fella t...

BoredInOR2020Mar 2014
im the real deal

i'm the real deal!i tell it like i see it! people resent me cause they lack the confidence and the out going personality that i possess!...

MCBGDIK2350Mar 2014

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