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I need some opinions sogive it to me

I need some opinions………………give it to me.I`m new here javascript:emot('');, and I would like to know if there’s a sliiiiiiiiiiight chance for me to meet someone tha...

jokerhau82743Mar 2014Mar 2014

annzelI new to this sight and I wonder have people ever met the persons they chat with.Because profile will say were these men stay but when you chat to the...

annzel2311Mar 2014Mar 2014
New profile new picture

New profile, new pictureJust added some more narratives. Thx for clicking on my profile...

Alexandro103100Mar 2014
what are u luking girls am I not real honest person Dont think too much

what are u luking girls,,,,am I not real, honest person? Dont think too much.If you are luking real & honest guy then u should contact to me otherwise u miss a true guy,,,,,now as ur wish bye...

Devd862120Mar 2014
Hello this is not about my profile but any advise will be taken LoL

Hello. this is not about my profile but any advise will be taken LoLYeah this is about scammer,, i have been on a another site since 2007 and I saw pretty much of everything.. One warning, if a pretty girl from wh...

jacques10142512Feb 2014Mar 2014

hellohello there...

faranhajt2870Mar 2014
is it me you searching for

is it me you searching forHi am new here but I believe in myself I will get that one thing am looking for ,so let's start...

freedom19872140Mar 2014

"AM I NOT YOUR TYPE? OR IS THERE NO GUY FOR ME?"I have been on here for only a week now and I haven't got that many replies yet! Is there something wrong with me? or am I not your type? I'am a sweet...

Sweetrose836426Feb 2014Mar 2014

NEW HEREHello everyone just wanted to know if i did ok on my profile or what i needed to do to make it better ???...

funguylooking2211Mar 2014Mar 2014
hi review me

hi, review mehi I like to become a friend of you...

bandula7771991Mar 2014Mar 2014
Edited Profile need opinion

Edited Profile need opinionOk, so I have edited my profile to the extent that I am able to do at this time, still trying to figure out my how to change my username But I...

GamerPyro3524Feb 2014Mar 2014
rate me

rate melet it all out tell me anything you think I need to know :)...

luvswildcats3193Feb 2014Mar 2014
Dream girl

Dream girlHi m lookin for a nice partner . Is there any women interested in me...

Vish0012351Mar 2014Mar 2014


faranhajt2071Mar 2014Mar 2014
let me show you how it works

let me show you how it works......i am here because i belive that the people are made for grate things!!!!!!!!!!Soooo let me know you beter!!!!...

lampros834551Mar 2014Mar 2014

HiDon't judge me until you don't know me.......

Dip_san4004Feb 2014Mar 2014

JUST WANNA KNOW WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT MY PROFILE. :positive and negative reviews are welcome. Thanks in advance....

filipina8843313Feb 2014Feb 2014
hi welcome to my profile

hi welcome to my profilehiii anyone interested to chat...

gramir724443Feb 2014Feb 2014
I went over and over on my profile

I went over and over on my profileI went over and over on my profile, and the only question that comes on my mind is:: does saying wanting kids puts you off?...

Alexandro103426Feb 2014Feb 2014

PhotosWhat do you think of my photos?...

cavalier5502621Feb 2014Feb 2014

WHAT IS WRONG IN MY PROFILE....??i am here since few months but i never received reply from any girl or woman..??? is there something wrong in my profile , picture OR why this ha...

yewdotsnow2982Feb 2014Feb 2014

Honest.....That's the disadvantage if you came from a country with a lot of scammers. Sincere girls like me is often mistaken as a scam, too. lol....

filipina882921Feb 2014Feb 2014
IS there no girl for me OR i am not the type you want

IS there no girl for me..??? { OR } i am not the type you want...???i am on here since few months... but i am sorry to say that i haven't got any reply.... i don't know why...?? and what's wrong with Me...??...

yewdotsnow2940Feb 2014
come and have a taste

come and have a tastechat me if you can...

youngluko1540Feb 2014
Does my profile look realistic enough

Does my profile look realistic enough?I've been using dating websites for a while and most of the time,members of opposite sex ask me if it's really me in my profile pictures. I'm really t...

Tr_Man4004Feb 2014Feb 2014
why am I not getting any replies

why am I not getting any repliescan someone please tell me why I am not getting any replies,is my profile boring,or am I asking too much from someone,or is it because I am a smoker??...

shorty592320Feb 2014

hi!Is there a nice girl for me?...

Miodrag1322340Feb 2014
only good for FAKES and SCAM

only good for FAKES and SCAM ???Am I too nice? should I better look for real good slaves to anticipate all my wishes!!...

HardBeat60514Feb 2014Feb 2014

Hello :-)Hi everyone. I thought I'd give this a try....

redxfox3470Feb 2014
Alexandro103712Feb 2014Feb 2014
I just need you to know IM WORTH IT

I just need you to know . . . I'M WORTH IT ?I've been alone & lonely way tooo long, what am I not doing. Somebody help me...

Yvecita6908Feb 2014Feb 2014
terrysilver3501Feb 2014Feb 2014
What do women want these days

What do women want these days?Money, sex, just to play the game! Why can't you just keep it real? I don't have any pics. it's not my fault. I just don't have any right now. Unless,...

mjzubil2430Feb 2014
How much do you rate my profile

How much do you rate my profile ?:);)Hii Guys..just saw this option today..thought to give a try. Pls tell me your reviews Thanks Guys !...

cheerful_sanjo2982Feb 2014Feb 2014
Hello im looking for something serious uum friends or maybe more relashionshnp

Hello i'm looking for something serious uu'm friends or maybe more relashionshnpchat me here :) i'm just waiting on this site so we can chat easier and to keep in touch!

carrolpittman2450Feb 2014

heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! :) :">javascript:emot(''javascript:emot(''););javascript:emot('');javascrjavascript:emot('');ipt:emot('')...

carrolpittman3502Feb 2014Feb 2014
who living in muscat currently

who living in muscat currentlyfrom muscat single looking for sexy romantic sweet girl to love is ther any one...

honestlover262570Feb 2014

DO I LOOK LIKE A SCAMMER ???I mean why? Why is that all the time I get replays with an email.....!!!! Do you guys use email for chatting?? As far as I'm concerned email is for m...

Alexandro103560Feb 2014
Could use a little help

Could use a little helpI would like to know which photo I should use for my primary photo, if any. Today is the 1st day I've done anything like this so any feedback would b...

M0NICA4749Nov 2013Feb 2014
anyone for a chat here im new

anyone for a chat here im newanyone ready to have a nice chat with me....

gramir724343Feb 2014Feb 2014
looking for true love

looking for true love!hi every one I'm here to meet my second half? who wants to give a try?...

micmario2440Feb 2014
Are you Looking for Me

Are you Looking for MeWhat do you think of my pics....

cyndy484926Feb 2014Feb 2014
Sofija: "Blue without you "(meet us in the ecards)

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