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RE: Am I doing something wrong? please tell me :)

Hai Majo,

First of all. You're not ugly., so no need to worry about that. Anyone that says different, really needs to wonder why they threw that accusation. Usually it's because they're ugly inside.

Regarding your profile. It's very well worded and detailed. Maybe a bit too detailed?
It's quite a lot to take in all at once, but, in another way, it leaves people plenty to mail about. So, that's your choice.
You do come across as kind of sweet and people may take that and abuse it, so be careful.

It could do with some spelling corrections, but all in all, that's not too important, as it makes sense as it is.

Good luck, and I hope that you find what you're looking for


RE: picture ratings

Just to tip you the wink. Nobody pays any attention to the picture ratings. They mean nothing.
Most people turn them off, as who really cares if someone they've never spoken to, rates them high/low.

Also, they are open to abuse as some find it amusing to go around rating people as 1.

Just saying...

Oh, and I liked your profile BTW. Could do with a bit more info about yourself though. (oh, and change your age wink )


Going to be honest. I thought you was a woman at first, when I looked at the picture of you in the vest, sat on the wall.

RE: :l

You honestly expect the drivel you've written, combined with the arrogant posed photos to work???

Fill it in properly, and then there's something worth reviewing. You spent more thought on the OP than on your whole profile roll eyes

RE: no one messaging me

Those pictures really need changing. Pretty sure NOBODY wants to see that you keep your nostrils clean.

Also, the pose gives off an arrogant appearance. You seem to be looking down your nose at people.

Maybe add a bit more about you. What do you do in your spare time, that you could do with a partner. (No, do't even think about saying sex)
Give something that someone would want to mail you about. Maybe an obscure interest you have. The books are a good start, as a lot of people read his. (I stopped after he had his accident, as he 'lost' some of the magic), but as it stands now, most of your profile is about him.

RE: what is wrong with me ???

Most likely, one that hasn't been modified in any way laugh

Even more so if they have the original packaging and still under warranty grin

OP, maybe add a couple more pictures, as the one of you in the black top, may attract the wrong sort of messages.

RE: am i ugly?

You murdered the English language blues

RE: This is the only me I can be

One word that could improve your profile:


I didn't bother reading your text, on that simple principle. If people can't use simple writing skills, then I can't be bothered to read.

Just saying.

RE: Am I Cool or What?

Studder??? confused What on Earth is that? Do you mean 'stutter'??

You should follow your own advice and proof read. Oh, and use proper punctuation and capitalise the first word of a line. laugh

OP, your profile is crap. No way to sugar coat that at all. It says nothing about you that isn't already there, so it's pointless you actually having any text.

Do as the other arseholes with no imagination do, and just fill it in with lots of dots.

RE: just need some feedback

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

Sorry, but when I saw the terrible duckface, I couldn't stop laughing:

Embedded image from another site

Reminded me of a baboons bum rolling on the floor laughing

RE: look at me why dont you???

Looked, and wasn't impressed at all.

If you put that little effort into something as simple as a profile, how hard would you find a relationship?

Also, for someone seeking someone with intelligence, I'd have thought that you'd have used proper punctuation and capitals.

Just saying...

RE: Does it work?

Hai David.

OK, I'll admit I laughed at "hunfing". I guess you meant hunting?
If I was you, I'd re-read it again, and work out the errors.
Could be a typo that could make you something different completely.

Otherwise, I liked the text. Gave a good insight into you, and what you do.

You may struggle to find someone willing to travel with you though. Try and explain a bit more about that. Oh, and I'd remove the bit about you going anywhere in the world to join them. That just sounds a bit desperate and that you'd accept anyone.

RE: What I lack,why zero response

Holy crap!! You look like a serial killer in your pictures!

Smile, as it's kind of scary what you currently have,

Oh, and you say you've been here a year, yet, as I write this, only 94 people have viewed your profile, and 23 of them are via this thread!

Have you only recently uploaded a picture, or have you been sitting and waiting for people to mail you?

Either way, that's a very low figure for someone who claims to have been on here a year.

RE: take a look tell me what you think!!!

Hai John.

I don't have to say which photo I think is best, as you already know. Other posters will say, and they'd either be right in agreeing with me, or wrong. In which case, they need to think again, and change their minds grin

You're starting to get the hang of the smiling thing. Just stretch it a tiny bit more, and see f it can reach your eyes. Go on! You know you can do it. Here are cheerleaders for you.. cheering cheering

Add a bit more in your text about the movies you like, and what you'd class as a special person.

RE: what would i change

Not the brightest of bunnies are you?

OK, I'll write it out really clear for you. roll eyes

You quoted someone who quoted me. So therefore, you was advising him about the person he'd quoted.

Simple enough for you?

As for the rest of your drivel, you're of the same mentality as the OP. Only seeing what you think is there, rather than what's written.

RE: what would i change

Excuse me? Are you referring to me being the 'old sad case'??

RE: Am I dateable? What do you think?

Holy crap!!!! It's Sendhil Ramamurthy roll eyes

For those that don't know, here's his actors page, with exactly the same picture OP has.

Fakes... I walk all over them grin

RE: new here

First of all, a face. You need one. Preferably with a nice big smile like this ---> grin

I assume your PhD/Post Doctoral didn't include you having to write anything? Because you just murdered the English language blues

Maybe rewrite what you have, as it did seem interesting, but use punctuation and paragraphs. Oh, and remove the 'smilies' from the middle, as they are distracting when reading.

RE: hey wats up

The wall of text!!! Aaaarrrrggghhhh!!

Embedded image from another site

Paragraphs! Please use them and I'll read it properly.

RE: realism

Are you outside a strip club in your photo?? Only mention it, as look on the left side of it laugh

Talking of that photo, it doesn't need to be uploaded twice.

Maybe a bit too much realism in your profile. It's good, but you seem to beat yourself down a lot in it. Maybe make it a tiny bit more positive?

RE: just wanna know if Im doing something wrong

I got to where you admitted to liking Nickleback, then I stopped reading. Nobody who likes music, likes them!

I'd scanned the rest of it, and I was finding it annoying to read I'll admit. Break it into paragraphs, so the wall of text, doesn't make people's eyes bleed!

I did notice that you mention still being married, and then some sort of drama... I'd remove that. It doesn't look good.

I like the pictures, but please remove the crappy bathroom mirror one. Nobody really wants to see a phone in any picture, especially when it's all blurry.

RE: is this a good picture for my profile??

Hai John wave

I like the new one.

Your smile is now reaching your eyes, and you don't look as if you're worrying about whether you've shit yourself after farting, as you do in the 'July' photo.

If you're going to take your photos yourself, may I suggest set the camera and all that up, and then find a funny video or something on Youtube. Watch that, and you'll still be laughing as you take the picture.


Thank you hug

Now, do yourself a favour, and put the one of you and your daughter back up. Or, see if you have another like it.

Only say that, as you have a real genuine smile in it. It actually reaches your eyes, and you don't look as if you're worrying whether you've shit yourself or not with that last fart.


You got rid of the best one you had confused

The current one you have, where you've crossed your arms in front of you, just sends out the wrong image.

Crossed arms are a sign of protection yourself and to stop people getting close to you.
Not a good image if you're trying to get people to warm to you.

Just my opinion

RE: i would like an honest opinion thanks so much for taking the time

thumbs up

I liked it (not that it matters to you) as it has good photos, and you've written well about yourself.

Only one minor problem, and it's minor, but it could do with the space bar being used after punctuation. It would just make the text look a bit tidier.

Otherwise, all good thumbs up

RE: i have big....................................................................!?

Thanks for f*cking up the page format roll eyes

Your keyboard has a space bar! Use it!

RE: what would i change

Read what I wrote, not what you thought I wrote.

I said the PHOTO looked as if it was from the 70's, not that YOU looked like you were from the 70's. Big difference.

Maybe upload some clear ones, and not ones that look like the lens was all steamed up.

RE: Tell me if I am crazy or what...

Incorrect. We could read perfectly.

He's recently changed it from Intimate Encounter.

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