RE: Ehh, What do you think about me?

If you really are Alex Dorame you're really 17 and shouldn't be on this site.

RE: Am I a cool and delectable creature?

With glasses: looks like Judge Jules

RE: am i to old

Nah not too old. Ya have a twinkle in the eye, ya randy auld bollix. laugh wave

RE: Confusion at its best!

Many men will stop reading at 'Feminist'...

RE: Hopes Up High

"do u think i can find it here.. b honest pliz"

NO. But you could be lucky... handshake

RE: wing woman

That's a ma, mate. Do you need glasses? cool

RE: Hit me!!

I'd love to run me fingers through that fur and I'm not even queer. laugh cool

RE: I've been single for 5 years. What's wrong? My look?

I think you were told in your other reviews to get rid of the man pic in the middle. You defended your decision to keep it. Tough sh1t. laugh

As for your opener "Scandinavian women are known for being pretty women". Entirely subjective. As someone who spent some time in Finland I strongly disagree. cool

RE: What do you guy's think of my profile?(:

I've been there... both situations. You and me might have different views on what constitutes a relationship. For me it's 100% exclusive. For other's, maybe not.

RE: What do you guy's think of my profile?(:

Speak for yourself there, Dave.

And as far as I'm concerned many women have a little 'Bi' in them anyway. cool

RE: Do I look like a Scam?

LOL he actually did! laugh

RE: Why am I not attracting girls?

Profile review is nearly 2 years old... dunno

RE: gentlegiant65

One can't complete one's profile is that box isn't filled in with something. It shades pink and doesn't allow one to proceed.

RE: Opinions

Howya Goodfellass. Are you finally using your real pictures now? grin laugh Moved all the way up to Belfast since did ya? rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

RE: New member =P

^^ lol laugh

RE: view my profile

Well I think it's great. But we'll have to wait and see what guadal will say about it for the final word.

grin laugh

RE: I am truly confused

Maybe they read your forum posts. laugh

RE: Does anyone read the profiles ?

Nah... let it roll a bit more. dancing laugh

RE: Is honesty the right option

"Is honesty the right option "

You haven't picked honesty anyway... fake pics straight off. Even the watermark is still in it.

laugh laugh

RE: What exactly is wrong with my profile ?

Hey man. How did the date go? wave

RE: I'm not a naughty girl

Such unhidden irony. cool

RE: future

Try this. Say: 'I'm a millionaire'


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