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BigBadBigBad Profile Reviews (32)

RE: Your two cents..

That's an except profile Scrofa. Well written, with plenty of gentle comedy. I think you'll do well.

You might want to consider using the photo with you presenting a dish (I think), as you are more prominent in it and it will stand out better when people are looking through a gallery. Also it has a rather endearing quality to it.

RE: I Want Somebody I Could Trust & Lean On

Hiya Merrick,

You obviously think highly of yourself and that is not a bad thing, but you should be careful not to sound arrogant as that will not go down well with the ladies.

I notice that you write with capital letters at the start of every word. You should only do that in a headline, otherwise it just looks awkward.

You like sex? How very unlike the average man grin

Guess what every woman knows that already. What they want to know is, can you give them romance?

Hope that helps,

RE: What am I doing in here????

Hi Marbleshard,

Good start there. I have a couple of comments. First, in your main photo you look worried, perhaps even a little scared. I'd suggest trying to get a photo where you look relaxed and happy.

I like that you addressed your potential partner directly by talking to "you". However, I noticed you capitalised the word every time you used it. Do you plan to date God or something? Typically the only times you capitalise a pronoun is at the start of a sentence or if you are referring to a deity. A woman wants to feel like a person, not an object of your obsession, so avoid that.

RE: I need your thoughts about my profile!!

I can't see anything that stands out as needing a change. You have a well written profile there. Good luck.

RE: Please im looking for love thats lead to marraige in a other country will distance be a probleme

hi Rudinoooo,

That is not a good photo for a romance site. If you want to play bad cop to a criminal, then it would be a good photo.

Get someone to take a photo of you, when you are laughing and smiling. You'll get a much better photo for a dating site that way.

You text needs a lot of work. Try describing some of the things you like to do, and how a lady could be a part of that. Try to show what you would do for her while she is cooking and baking and being respectable for you.

RE: what do you think ??

What's with the glasses? What are you hiding?

Seriously, glasses in profile pics aren't a good way to get noticed. People like seeing your eyes.

RE: It's been a while peep my profile and tell me what you think?

Hi yella,

You seem like a pretty good looking guy. You might want to consider getting a photo with no hat on and you cracking a smile. You're face won't fall off I promise. The reason I so no hat, is if a lady sees a guy wearing hats in photos, she will think he is losing his hair and self conscious about it.

As for your text. I noticed you say honestly a lot. You may want to consider being more direct in your sentence structure.

For example:
Rather than "in my honest opinion if you don't have these I don't think it's possible for a relationship to work" ; try "I don't believe a relationship will work without these things". It comes across as more confident that way.

Lastly, I wouldn't recommend putting your daughters' photos on your profile. This profile is about you, not them, and the online world is a risky place, especially for kids. By all means, be proud you are there father, and boldly tell us you want them in your life, but be careful what you reveal about who they are.

Hope that helps,

RE: Prpfile review

Hi Francie,

First of all your photos aren't great. They make you look too stiff. I had some professionally taken photos done recently, and the lady that took them told me for the best look in a photo, you want your stance to be leaning forward slightly and your chin slightly down. A head tilt can be good too.

I guess leaning forward gives you a more engaged look, making you seem more interesting, because you're more interested perhaps. The chin down hides your neck a bit, good to avoid a double chin effect etc.

As for your profile. You sound like 95% of the people on here.

My friends say I'm funny. Do you think they are right? How would you know?

Don't tell me, show me. Tell a joke.

What makes you laugh?
What makes you happy?
What is the best thing about meeting new people?
Describe the perfect night in.
What do you love about sport?

What makes someone good company?

Try coming up with answers to those and work them into your profile.

Hope that helps,

RE: Is my Profile Text Okay?

You switch from "you" to "her" in those last couple of paragraphs still. I'd look at reworking that still.

That first paragraph in who you're looking for, was excellent.

RE: not popular

Hi wiggyman,

You're photos are OK, but I don't think a woman looking at them would take you seriously. Something to consider.

As for your profile. Go have a look at a 100 profiles on here. 95% of them read just like yours. You won't stand out like that.

Short and sweet is fine, but you need to tell us what makes you unique. More often than not, it's not what you say but how you say it.

Your headline for example.
"I'm a unique person looking for you"
There's a rule here. Don't tell me, show me.

Since you're a chef, why not write something like "Whipping up my famous #insert dish here# just for you"

I guarantee anyone who reads that will find it much more interesting and will want to know more.

Hope that helps,

RE: am i looking good

Hi Alexjohn

You should get rid of the photos there with you wearing sun glasses. The one with you wearing a leather jacket and smiling, with no sunglasses is y our best, but it's a pity you have you hands in your pockets. The other one with you leaning on the railing is good, except for the glasses.

The crossed arms one is terrible. It just makes you look closed off and unapproachable.

You need to put more into your profile writing too.

So you're a chef? That's excellent. Ladies like that. Try telling us about you favourite dish to cook. What do you enjoy most about cooking? What inspires you?

Hope that helps,

RE: Is my Profile Text Okay?

You're welcome

RE: I Know! I Know!!

Sensible Sometimes - good line grin

I'm wondering why you picked so many options on a few of those things you're interested in, in a lady. Hair for example, is there any hair type you don't like? Seems like a long winded way of saying you're not fussy.


I wouldn't spend so much time talking about how you worry about getting old. Maybe a brief line about growing old disgracefully, or something with a little comic element, but try to avoid negativity.

Also tell us why you like fishing, what about it appeals to you the most. What would be your most perfect fishing fantasy? You can bet there are plenty of men out there who would match your enthusiasm about it, so express it.

Be the Fisher Queen and make your mark grin

RE: Am I missing something in my profile?

Why wait? Surely you have access to a digital camera somewhere, even if it,s just a friend with a phone.

RE: Is my Profile Text Okay?

It's a good start, but you need a hook of some sort intrigue the reader. Also a little bit of comedy adds some flavour.

Lastly, it seems like you're not sure who you are addressing. Remember there is only one person you should be talking to; the woman who is currently reading what you wrote, so address her directly at all times.

RE: Basic info? More detailed info?

Definitely needs more detail. What makes you a great catch? Don't tell me, give me an example. Careful you don't get into the catch and release program though grin

Is that a cheerfully, chauffeur driven Ford focus?

Careful of those humorous candies as well.

Seriously though, more details, and some sentence structure wouldn't hurt.

RE: Life is too short, so never miss anything that makes you happy

Your photos are good, but you need more detail in your profile. What are some of the things you love doing? And what is the most attractive thing about a woman?

Try answering those questions in your profile.

RE: Would love to know what you think...any advice be great also thank's..

It's a pity your second photo is so grainy, because it looks like it would be a good profile shot otherwise.

I hate to say this but your profile comes across as a bit bland. Is there something that you love doing, that inspires you, drives your passions etc? If so, why not tell us about that, and describe it, and how it makes you feel, as well as how someone else might be a part of that with you.

Ask yourself this. What would make you interested in reading someone else's profile?

RE: Hello Ladies !

Hi James,

First of all, I would say your second photo is much better than your first. Remember the first thing anyone will see is a small picture of you, so the best ones are a closeup of your face, smiling and looking into the camera, as people are naturally more attracted to a smiling face.

Next, a list is the worst thing you can write in your profile. Why, because 95% of people on dating sites do it, so not only is it boring, it's everywhere.

So ask yourself this. Imagine you had a beautiful woman who loved you, no mater what. You don't have to win her heart; you already have it. What would you want to say to her? How would you feel?

RE: hello

Hello Ideno,

I'd suggest giving some more detail on what you like to do, where you like to go etc and why.

Give someone something to ask about if they decide to make contact with you.

RE: Not getting much response

Hi Barb, I don't think there's anything glaring in your profile that needs to change.

A lack of response may just mean you're not getting noticed.

You could try posting a bit on the forums as there are quite a few men in your age group who would take notice of you there. Or you could try searching and sending out a few flowers to people you like to try and prod things along.

Just make sure that if you send a flower to someone, that you haven't blocked them, or the country they are in. It can be a little frustrating to get a flower and not be able to reply.

RE: Am I missing something in my profile?

Well the obvious answer staring you in the face is... well a face.

No picture equals much less activity. It's a rule of nature. Humans like a face to look at. Preferably a happy face.

RE: helllo--do i need change something

Hi Dave,

Well your photos are pretty decent, quality shot and interesting content.

You could definitely add a bit to the about section though.

You're not selling real estate so avoid the acronyms. GSOH? Rule of thumb is "Don't tell me, show me."

How about telling us about an activity you love doing. And describe why it appeals to you, that's usually a good place to start.

RE: If you would be so kind

I take it you don't know anything about shorter work then? grin

Looks OK to me there, snowytop, though you do mix a few metaphors.

RE: my first time on a dating website

Hah, I read you name wrong at first. Thought it was NewztooClare grin

Hi Clare, I don't see any major issues with your profile. It looks fine to me. Although, I would suggest you use the cocktails on the beach photo as your main as it gives us a better view of your face and eyes.

RE: my pics

Just a suggestion. You might want to change your main pic to one without sunglasses, preferably one with your eyes looking into the camera. Those sorts of photos attract people to look at your profile more, as we are all attracted to someone looking in our direction - true for guys and girls.

RE: How to improve?

I disagree with that. Don't lower your expectations - raise your value.

Lisa, I noticed on your main picture you wrote that you took the picture yourself and it was the best you could do. Seriously so many people do this and wonder why things don't go well. Your photo will always be the first thing anyone sees, so make it the best picture you can take. If you can get a professional photo, it makes a big difference. If not, get a friend to shoot some snaps for you. Have fun with it, and take a bunch, especially if you have a digital camera handy, as no film equals no cost. Then go through and pick 4 or 5 of your favourites. Then you can switch them around till you get them all rated on here to see which ones people like best.

Also just wanted to point out - "Someone with patients..." So you're looking for someone in a medical profession? Or did you mean patience grin

RE: What do u think about my pic?

Where's the other pic(s) to compare?

RE: Some insight

A picture tells a thousand words. So what do you want your pictures to say about you? Your picture and your headline are the first thing anyone sees of you, so it is crucial that they show you in your best light. If the photos aren't the best quality and your headline doesn't grab people's attention, then you are losing out on a lot of potential.

Also, like me, you come across as a person who tends to over think things. However, romance is about feeling, and intruding the practicle side of things into romance has a bad habit of killing it. So don't do it.

Hope that helps.


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