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hike1290hike1290 Profile Reviews (20)

RE: Is my Profile Text Okay?

i thought you wrote very nicely and sincere. i don't really see any changes. pic looks natural and like your being yourself. good luck. wine

RE: It's been a while peep my profile and tell me what you think?

maybe a couple of pictures that show the rest of your built. no topless pictures though wave

RE: New picture... What do you think?

your primary pic is good. clear pic of your face with a nice collar shirt. grin

RE: I'd appreciate your offering of input...

great pictures and you look very healthy and happy. what you wrote was also nice. no changes needed. teddybear

RE: Am I good enough?

yes you are "fit" enough for people to view.

remember u are an individual, please don't try to "fit" what other people want. just be yourself, and u will more likely find someone that appreciate who u really are.


RE: what do you think ??

u want a gf from connecting singles? u r a good looking man :)

RE: what is the wrong with me

maybe put one pic of you standing up and a full body shot. women appreciate being able to see your entire built. also i agree with the other comment, u can keep the poem, but also write about yourself to give readers an idea of who you are, and your personality, hobbies, etc. good luck! cheers

RE: I Want Somebody I Could Trust & Lean On

i honestly do not like topless pictures of men. good luck!cheers

RE: search

ok well just based on your pics, heres what i think.. the 3rd pic with you smiling is the best. the other 2 are really not necessary because you are not smiling in the camera and they look essentially similar to the 3. i suggest you have someone take a full body picture preferably outside and make sure to smile! :) good luck grin

RE: my pics

nice, fun profile w/ sexy pics. lol. good luck! kiss

RE: I need your thoughts about my profile!!

i liked what you wrote, u put a lot of thought into your profile. the one thing i noticed was the picture of you on the phone... were you really talking to someone? because my first impression was it looked like it was just a pose for the camera, and if so that can come across as a bit corny to some women. your main pic is good, however it looks a little hazy.. would be nice to see a really clear pic of your face.. you have a great smile! good

RE: what do ye think

you welcome. good luck! wine

RE: what do you think ??

binod good luck!! applause wine

RE: what do you think ??

honestly the main picture looks cheesy and impersonal with your glasses. i think women would rather see you look natural and yourself in a nice background outside enjoying life. or something where we can see your face more.

RE: what do ye think

just from the pictures i saw, could you maybe take a couple outside w/ some nice scenery and more full body shots? other than that you look happy so that is good.cheers

RE: Prpfile review

i actually think your pictures and what you said sound very sincere and nice. don't change a thing.grin

RE: How to improve?

just based on the pictures, i think it would be more attractive if you smiled, and took a picture outside in front of some pretty flowers or something.. make it more cheery and happy.

RE: girls help me with my profile pretty please!!!

you profile sounds good. maybe you could add just 1 more picture at least. But other than that u sound positive and nice. Your picture u do have up is good cause you seem happy. good luck

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