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RE: down to earth

I suggest you use a spell check and put the commas and empty spaces after where they belong wink

RE: happy man looking for a positive lady to have a family with

You're 51 and you're looking for a woman 42-84 to have a family?
Further down the lines you're suddenly 54 years old. Is that what you call "psychological aware"?
The grammar and spelling in your profile speaks for itself wink

RE: Does my profile pop?

I'd suggest to get rid of all the pictures that aren't showing you and only you. Love your main profile picture - I'd crop out the tattoo and the fact that you're topless.
How about you read a few dozen profiles and find out for yourself what makes the difference between an interesting, attractive profile and a boring, common one.

It's all about making a great first impression and sticking out on the overcrowded CS cookie shelve. Spelling mistakes are a huge turn off to many and you can fix that easily by using a spell check.

Love, light and miracles bouquet

RE: Elderly Men. Who's Viewed Me. My Photos Rating.

Feels like you've posted a Forum Thread in the wrong section. However, in almost a decade on this site it has never occurred to me to check out who has rated my pictures let alone being interested in their ages. You can always turn off the option to rate your pictures wink

RE: is my profile bad

I feel you forgot to delete the one picture on which you've not blacked out the faces of the others laugh You could have just cropped yourself - that would have made more sense. At least to me.
No comment to the cropped chest of whom ever.

RE: whats missing in my profile

giggle how about showing some true colours yourself?

RE: whats missing in my profile

Hey, you're a beautiful woman and it finally shows! Just work a tiny bit on the angle, you've to face the camera.
I'd get rid of the other two pictures, they really do nothing for you than dragging down the first impression of your profile. jmpo.

RE: whats missing in my profile

Your profile picture definitely needs some improvement, I'd correct the grammar and take out the "god" bit. It's a pretty clear give a away for a scammer. I'm giving you the benefit of a doubt wink

RE: Guerilla Marketing at its Finest!

Gee, such profiles come down rarely the CS pipeline! Damn, why aren't I living in Texas.

RE: Is it bad if i say i dont care about age ?

Excuse me, do you want to start a thread on here or are you looking for a profile review?
However, based on your pictures you're coming over as such a vain person that I don't buy a word of what you write about looks and age.

RE: Please tell me what you think.

Nothing more boring than repeating basic profile data in the writen profile.

RE: maybe too old for this?

You're younger than my last partner I've met over a dating. I fell in love on first sight with his pictures!
Without a doubt, add some more pictures that reveal more about your person and put on your happy face.
I suggest you read a bunch of online profiles and decide for yourself what an attractive, interesting profile could look like.
Best luck to you on this crazy love boat!

RE: i love my profile pic

Sorry, I'm not buying your income and your body type. And before you shoot the messenger, you're in the profile review section.

RE: Helllooo

Cute, age appropriate written profile!
I would get rid of that mirror-selfie - bathroom-selfies are the worst of all of them and your body language is speaking volumes.
Get some properly dressed pictures of yourself doing different things and smile!

RE: tips?

There's really no point in repeating your basic info in your written text.
I suggest you read a few dozen profiles on here and you'll get a feeling of what an attractive, interesting profile sounds like.

RE: No opinions on how it should be written to your perception, only what you sense!

rolling on the floor laughing is this picture as a main picture working for you or are you trying to keep a low profile at the moment?

RE: Live, Laugh, Love

Your pictures need some serious cropping. Members want to see you and not the backgrounds. I find your text rather boring - guess I've read t too many of this kind over the years.
I hope my honest feedback doesn't hurt or offends you cos that sure isn't my intention.

I suggest you read a whole bunch of profiles on here and you'll sure get an idea of how to write a more interesting one.

Wishing you much luck on this crazy love boat bouquet

RE: So where am I going wrong?

What the heck means "gsoh"? You really need a proper profile picture! One in which you're visible and to recognize - it's all about the first impression. Much luck to you on here bouquet

RE: Wondering what holding up the worlds mirror will bring?

All you need are better pictures - only you in it! Let the whole age thing go - your thoughts shape your experiences - and enjoy the ride on here. Much luck and by the way, you look stunning bouquet

RE: Tell me the truth..

I really don't get from your pictures that you like to smile a lot and I'd get rid of all the negativity in your profile. Talk about what you want and not what you don't want wink

RE: What do i do wrong?

Without a doubt, your profile has desperation all over it and this tends to scare any good woman off. I'd get rid of the second and third picture (the third one looks outdated) and would get real on the age group you're looking for. After all, you definitely want kids.
Write something about yourself, something one can connect over with you.

RE: Any better?

I bet your camera has a "automatic shoot" feature and you're sure best off to use it! It's all about the first impression - your picture - that makes people move on or read your profile. Make sure you've a good angle and don't forget to smile!

RE: Hi Im new!!!

I wouldn't advertise your kids at the very beginning - especially when you've 5 of them. Completely nothing wrong having them and being rightful proud but I feel it scares men away from keep reading on your lovely profile. A picture of you smiling would sure enhance and round it up. Much luck to you on here! bouquet

RE: he thinks im UGLY!::(((((

Ok guys, this is 38 year old woman who hasn't been online in over one month. How about we let this scream for attention and approval drop to the bottom of this page? Just a thought, after all this review section suppose to have another purpose.

RE: Anything wrong with this?

You could smile on more than one picture because you look stunning when you show off your amazing teeth! I feel you've done a good job with the written part as well. Much luck to you on here! bouquet

RE: in need of an honest! non ignorrant opinion please!

I'll never understand how people post bathroom selfies - total lack of style and class.
I like the third picture but of course you'll need a full face shoot, preferable with a smile and for gods sake take that cap off! laugh

RE: I am at the point of closing my account

Replace all those pictures - they've "f*ck me" all over it.

RE: hey peeps

I don't perceive you as a confident woman who knows who she's and is happy with it. One of your pictures is old and on the other one is blurry. I'd rather hear what you've to say about yourself than what your friends have to say.
I don't mean to offend you by being honest and hope I didn't.
There are plenty of online articles on how to create a good profile and what kind of pictures to use.
Wishing you much luck on here!

RE: New here, how i can make my profile better ?

You definitely need better pictures! By the way, are you smoking a bong on that bench?

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