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RE: Picture

I like sex and popcorn, but mostly sex. I don´t like Wednesdays

RE: Why younger guys are drawn to me?

Why are you looking for a girl if you say that you´re gay?


Are you looking for a man? You´re half naked in a public toiletuh oh

RE: hello and good luck

HELLOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Can you hear me from over there???? Don´t think he can tsk tsk

RE: Much needed

You sound like what I look for in a pet dog

RE: Am I being too picky about what I'm looking for.

Lower your sights and win a prize like me!!

RE: About real love

Yes, we´ve heard the stories, did you get lost somehow or did you leave because you just don´t like us?

RE: About real love

Oh, there you are dad! Mum´s been looking for you for 8 years now, you only went for a pint

RE: Hi interested , is there anything else needed .

You´ve probably entered the matrix by accident, follow the way out signs

RE: Me

I´ld shag you but I wouldn´t tell anyone about it

RE: A bit curious

You seek young women because you´re a dirty old man. I too, am destined to become a dirty old man

RE: Music lover

I love it, I want to poke you with a cattle prod

RE: hi everyone x

You´re so hot I want to send you some money right now, will you marry me please but first I´ll send you some more moneylove

RE: Keep the gray or color it.

Are you talking about your wiener?

RE: Need ur opinion

You need to turn the pics around, my neck hurts

RE: Feed Back Please!

One with a white stick and labradorlaugh

RE: Is the Description to long/confusing?

I fell asleep after reading the first line and woke up two years later.

RE: I'm new here pls help me review my profile

Tell some jokes, show a bit of skin

RE: Honest comments work well

You´ve aged like a fine piece of cheese

RE: Just putting myself out there...

I´ll try and make the girls form an orderly queue, shouldn´t be too hard as there aren´t any

RE: senior widower wandering am i to old i need some answers as to what i need to do

Are you wandering or wondering? Use a better photo than this stolen one that you´ve got up

RE: Looking for someone that do things with and honesty

Where have you been all my life?

RE: Just putting myself out there...

Nooooooo I´m not your dad, I´m way too handsome to have a ginger scruff as my offspring, ta ra

RE: Sexypanther looking for a man to date

Are you going to write the same thing on every profile?sheep

RE: There is some thing wrong with my profile

Did you rape a Lioness? I don´t believe you. I bet you want to do something like that though you filthy swine.

RE: Who Knows what happens next?

It doesn´t seem intelectual at all, far from it, I didn´t understand a word you wrote.

RE: Just putting myself out there...

What is it you want son?

RE: hi leadiesss call mi 09035627669

I called you and the number is a takeaway

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