RE: Just joined . . . Hit me up!

Ok so the pics are fine, (whats up with the name?) post one or two full length shots. (recent photos). Also what is it you want exactly? Because right at the top you say you're not sure about looking for a romantic connection yet you've clicked the category 'dating' but in the intro section of your profile you stated you want to meet new people. You mean women right? It's a bit confusing tbh but its good that you have mentioned trying to quit smoking and that you drink women need to know that.

Good luck with the search, women appreciate honesty its a good quality to have.

RE: Only received a few responses

Your profile is fine. You are upfront about what you want and I guess on this site there are snowflakes who can't handle that. The right man will love that about you. I wish you the best. cheering

RE: Just got a message telling me my profile is scary and he'd be intimidated by me .... what you think?

I agree with the first comment's feedback. You are a strong woman who knows what she wants, no time to beat around the bush. I like your profile. The guy who is right for you will be a strong alpha male who's not intimidated by a pretty and straightforward woman.

I wish you the best of luck! cheering

RE: Hmmm

Profile's fine. I would remove the part mentioning if people need a loan to contact you. Yes I know it's a joke but you will have scammers or gold diggers among the women contacting you.

Best of luck! cheering

RE: Be honest but gentle, lol

I like your profile :) I don't see any need for improvement. However to avoid being bombarded by men all over the world its best you fill in your partner match criteria like location, age, religion etc just the basic stuff is enough. I wish you the best of luck. I admire your work with the homeless. You have a good heart.


RE: Am I unattractive, boring or undesirable?

Add a bit more in the about me section like your hobbies, etc a bit more about the characteristics of the woman you are looking for other than you like Latinas. You look fine and its better to be honest so don't lie coz then you'll have to tell ten more lies to cover up that one lie laugh

Best of luck!

RE: Anyone Genuine on here that shall have me ???

Remove your contact info that is heaven for scammers!

Why are you in such a rush to marry? some women may be scared off, you could change that line to 'Looking to get married to the right woman this year'

Best of luck!

RE: It`s all just me.

Remove the part where you mention your exes as it makes you sound bitter. Everyone has had bad experiences, we don't need to mention them first off and definitely not on the profile.

Fill in your partner match criteria that should narrow down the type of person you want and filtering out young guys will help with getting less scammers contacting you although tbh scammers are of all ages.

Best of luck!

RE: What catches your mind?

Put up a better pic that's clear. Smile.

RE: It could be better, right?

Your profile and pic is fine, I found it interesting and funny.(the profile is funny not the pic haha) I'm sure you will meet Miss Right soon. Best of luck!

RE: " My profile,is more than1,000 views at this moment "

Profile seems fine. You look great.

RE: Seeking men that don't drink or smoke

Unfortunately some men don't read...they just check out photos.....I get messages from guys just looking for dating (I am looking for marriage) or they have kids, etc I have set maximum filters, I can understand your frustration. I will be truly impressed if a guy has taken the time to read my profile AND my partner match criteria and actually matches it.

RE: Profile Advise

Its' fine....nice pics and profile is straightforward....I get guys without pics messaging me too....I just delete the messages without opening them.....

RE: Help

Man children rofl. i get the much younger guys and way older guys too just ignore..... good profile and pics....btw I would fill in more filters in your match criteria, including the location so you won't get overseas guys contacting of luck!

RE: Hello ladies. How arer you doing


Well written profile. I would lose the pic where it looks like you have a door cut in the middle and you're posing for a pic. It is weird. Other than that you're good to go. Best of luck.

RE: Looking for constructive criticism on my profile.

Hi there

I thought your profile was detailed and interesting. The photos are nice. Overall I wouldn't change a thing. Yes you come across well spoken and straightforward. I think your profile says you're fun, sweet, articulate and attractive, and those muscles also help haha. Unless you're a serial killer, a description shouldn't scare a woman off, if it does then she isn't the right woman :)


RE: I Am Looking For My Future Girlfriend

Ok the profile info is fine, you mentioned many times that you are 'real' I think once is enough..... also lose the pic with the money in your mouth....and the one at the grave.... your pics should be one of you at least smiling :) good luck!

RE: Hey there

Great profile, the one of you in the leopard blouse is the best pic. Good luck!

RE: Would u date me??

Great profile! Loved it. You seem fun and interesting. Nice abs! good work! You aren't a lost cause in any way, you're a catch! You are gonna find her soon don't give up! best of luck!

RE: over view of Reesie Pie

Great profile....interesting and funny. I think upload a nice full length shot of you in a dress... the one you have there is a bit too revealing less is mysterious! (I asked my guy friend sitting next to me) I think so too.

Best of luck pretty girl!

RE: ???

The main pic should be changed. The lighting is not good. Also upload a pic of you smiling in at least one. Lose the pic of you in white. The search for a guy can be frustrating but don't give up he is out there. In the meantime go out there to events, places with friends etc don't rely only on online sites to find someone. I wish you the best!

RE: are my pix ok?

Post pics with better lighting and outside preferably in a park, restaurant whatever just not in the store. The pic of you in all black is not of good quality lose it. Also like someone said, your lipstick color is way too light. Best of luck you're young you have plenty of time to meet someone :)

RE: What do you think of my Profile?

Lose the pic with the sunglasses. As a woman if a man sends me a message with sunglasses or hat I never reply. They probably feel the same way. Also write a bit more on your profile- your hobbies, your ideal partner etc etc. Best of luck!

RE: What is wrong with me?

I forgot to add....there's nothing wrong with you :)

RE: What is wrong with me?

Good profile. Post a full length shot and lose the pic with the cap and sunglasses.

Best of luck she is out there don't give up! and everyone attracts you're not alone!

RE: Is my profile OK?

Great profile Lori! Best of luck!

RE: i would like your comment Please.

Hi there

Ok here are my thoughts:

yes your profile is too long
great pics
I agree with the smoking/beard/thing I hate it too yet I get guys messaging me who smoke and have a beard! I am allergic and I don't like it! But I just chose the category for it under partner I did not state it in my profile I feel if you write too many things like no this no that it puts some guys off but then again its good to be clear so I agree with mentioning that. I agree hats and sunglasses are a turn off. I don't reply if I cannot see his eyes or hair. You mentioned already in your profile regarding the sunglasses in the end again you brought it up I think once is enough coz otherwise it feels like a warning :) But I can understand your frustration coz some guys they don't bother reading the profile and partner criteria!
All in all a good profile very straightforward I wish you the best of luck Florence!

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