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RE: Do you think this ad will bring me what I am seeking?

The profile in itself looks pretty good but I think that you could say it in a whole lot fewer words. Just a suggestion to condense it as some men may not be willing to take the time to read through all of it. The best of luck to you!!!

RE: A little less conversation?

Alright, so my proofreading of my own review was lacking in that I spelled important wrong above, sorry about that!

RE: A little less conversation?

Ok, the 1st thing I thought was definitely that your profile is original, I'll give you that. But proofreading my girl, this is SO importatant. Although interesting, your description (at least of yourself) is a little long. A couple of your shots seem unnatural, at least the facial expressions. Wow, the red hair must have really made an impression on one of your reviewers, he would have never have let one of the males on this site get away w/the poor spelling/grammer/spacing & capitalization. Good luck to you, you are still so young so give it some time!

RE: help

Nice pic that you added w/your little boy ( :

RE: help

Hi Joe. You look & sound like a nice guy but as I've suggested to so many, check the spelling, grammer, puncuation, capitalization & spacing in your descriptions! It shouldn't take much time but proofread it please, you'll probably find yourself getting a lot more e-mail. The one pic you've got posted is a good, clear close-up but maybe add one or 2 more? A full body shot would be nice to see. Good luck to you!

RE: why don't women like fit, healthy men

Ok, as with many others I've just reviewed, PROOFREADING is so important! It may make the difference beteween a lady sending/responding to a msg or not. Your age limit of 50-55 seems rather odd since you are almost 70. Good luck!

PS I am smiling in my passport photo!

RE: Which pic is best? What should I say or convey?

I definitely think that your main pic is the best. Also might want to clarify who the kid in the one photo is since you've put that you don't have (nor want) any. The other pics are a little blurry/not the best. How about a full body shot? Also as the last reviewer said, a little more in the descriptions would be nice. Good luck to you lommbo!


16 pages of compliments from profile reviewers (mostly male).....I would say that you're an attention seeker!

RE: what do you think girls.

Hi Craig, everything looks great to me, I agree with Angelo that another picture or 2 would be nice, especially of a close up. I like that the one you have is on your bike, shows one side of your personality in that it includes something that you obviously enjoy doing. Happy New Year to you and good luck!

RE: tell me what you think of me?

Really nice profile & good variety of pictures ( :


Iriee, definitely a few more photos would help out your profile ( :

RE: please Review my a Profile

Don't take this wrong but for ME, the long, poetic, flowery language is not a turn on. However, for some women it might be, as indicated by the last review for example. Lots of pics are always a plus in my book so you're doing good there. Good luck!

RE: Curious

Everything looks good to me. The only thing I might suggest is another pic or 2, especially one w/a close-up of your face. The one that you do have posted is nice as well, it shows you are in really good shape & are obviously interested in fitness etc w/your biking and all ( :

RE: Whats wrong with my profile?

As far as the job thing at least you are being honest and actually HAVE a job. The thing that turns me off right away is someone who writes 2 or 3 paragraphs about themselves & then 1 or 2 sentences about who they'd like in a mate. Clear & concise (short & sweet) about both would be great. Good luck to you!

RE: Never sure what to put???

Thing's look good to me but you haven't been on here long, right? Give it some time (:

RE: Hi, a good guy is here to know.................

Your profile looks ok...... Maybe we don't need to see THAT many pics of your pecs & abs. Also, if you're that into fashion & fitness it's hard to believe that you don't care too much about a woman's features (but if you say so........)

RE: help

You might try e-mailing women 1st, that usually gets them interested enough to at least view your profile. How long have you been on here? I would guess not very long. Also, maybe there aren't a lot of women in your area interested in only an "intimate encounter". Unless that's all YOU are after, you might want to consider changing that part to "dating". Just a couple of friendly suggestions. (-:

RE: Thoughts please..

Pictures are so important to you? Why do we only get 3 (of the same) face shots here?? Where's one of that, "toned and firm, great body"? And grammatical errors (including misspelled words), I can't STOP counting them (i.e. "bare" in mind) not to mention no apostrophes in the contractions? Sorry but there's hard to find a positive thing to say here and I can only hope that it's a joke (?!)

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