RE: What kind of impression do I make?

Hi Ross,

You seem to be a nice guy as far as I can see from the picture. Its possible you look much better in reality. Some people are not photogenic. However the appearance does not mean much to me. I.e. Dani de Vitto is short, bald and has a belly... all these unattractive to the public but, he is gorgeous actor and even a shallow movie would attract the public because he plays there. He brings life into any movie that otherwise would seem dull. Also is Jack Nicolson more handsome than you?! Not at all!
But I'm ready to watch any movie whereby his name is written as as an actor! And I have no problem falling in love with such a guy...LOL That's what I'm talking about!

Take care,
Bless You!

RE: Motherofthree and the delemma

Sorry please, read my last sentence as ....'I'm too matured to have 'Great Expectations'.

RE: Motherofthree and the delemma

Thanks again Sunn but, I do not remember mentioning that 'a biker in leather and tatoos' is my criterion for a good match!!

RE: Motherofthree and the delemma

Thanks for supporting me, Sunn! no offense Jason (I don't mean to be nasty...) but, I'm a degree holder and I'm no dummy. Although you are entitled to your opinion and I don't mind you correcting my mistakes in English on this site publicly I deffinetely won't hire you as my English teacher!

Bless You!

RE: Motherofthree and the delemma

Thanks. Wish you the best!

RE: Motherofthree and the delemma

Hi Jason,

I would appreciate very much if you make corrections of my mistakes in English language. I've met many people whose mother tongue is English but, they know nothing about grammer... Anyway, I don't mind being friends.. As for finding true love on this site... I'm too matured not to have 'Great Expectations'.
Good luck to you!

RE: Motherofthree and the delemma

Who said I'm getting no keepers? LOL

Whatever God's dream about man may be, it seems certain it cannot come true unless man cooperates.

Also strangely enough to you I do not feel offended by your comment. Although I do not think I'm beautiful I do not consider myself ugly as well. Have in mind I do not use make up, and did not undergo several cosmetic operations as many women do. Neither do I have silicon bust likewise many celebrities. Look more carefully around you.
Anyway, thanks for taking time to comment this.

Whatever God's dream about man may be, it seems certain it cannot come true unless man cooperates.


I haven't posted any complain about men as far as I remember.

Have a great day!

RE: potter1

Hey Potter,

Nothing is wrong with your profile. This is a free site. If you wish your requirements refined you better go to a local site that's not free of charge. Also on line dating takes time. Best of luck with your search!

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