RE: Hey ladies think I should change anything

I have to endorse the two previous comments.....
A smile always helps and the profile primary shot is your first and sometimes your only chance to communicate on here, so make the most of it.....try a little harder to impress.
Colourful clothes can draw attention, but the profile pic should be facial...meaning full face and smiling.
If you add other photos, aim for a selection of inside/outside shots....fully dressed and able to portray real hobbies/activities.

RE: Need your advice

Being new on here, best think clearly how a female thinks when posting your profile.
You are separated, so could be recent as you state 'dating.' You have four children, so no doubt you will spend time with them, so your free time will be shared accordingly, so 'dating' fits.
Your age range show you prefer younger than yourself, and because of dating, needs to live close to where you live unless you are willing to pay for air travel if required, but that limits dates?
To improve your profile, expand the written text, giving an idea how you like to spend your free time, and it would be wise to also expand the lady's age range.
Add more photo's, especially a facial shot for the profile primary pic, with a clear view of your face without shades and hat. Ladies are not impressed with shirtless pics, as you will soon realise, and you could search through your local ladies, since that is whete dating starts......and ends.

RE: Is there something I need to change?.

Over two hundred views, but not one has become a favourite, so I wonder how many you have communicated with......
Have you read your profile through a few times? It is very repetitive, which is easily fixed, though apart from a list of what you believe sum you up as a person, you haven't ventured into activities that the two of you are likely to share, though with such a wide age range for a lady, those could vary drastically.
North America is the only location you seem to rule out, though stating English speaking, does put a wider restriction on ladies who you would consider.
My advice is to read through the written text a few times, before you take out any duplication, replacing with activities you hope to share, as well as speaking English, liking animals, being vegan and slim.
The photo you have posted is fine for a general photo included in your profile, but one with a smile, would encourage more ladies to view your profile, though following through ladies profiles and making contact, would be wise to come from you....especially as you could discard ladies who do not match your needs.....

RE: Feed Back Please!

From you profile description, I would have many unanswered questions regarding the lifestyle you live and intend to maintain with a partner, so I feel other ladies would too.
You do not own a car, so I wonder how you travel to areas with services, as everyone does at times whatever their beliefs.
Would you object to a partner having a car, and how would you pursue your health interests, if you have no means of travel?
I know many who live a self sufficient lifestyle, but all are practical regarding basic needs, and you do not seem to fit in with their ideals, so I believe you need to think seriously about your goals, and what you want to explain.
A rewrite of your profile once you have a clear picture you can relay in hope of finding a partner, because at present it lacks the why and how....just seems rather confusing and not focused.

RE: i need a real partner

I have a problem with the status, because although you give writer/journalist, you make so many spelling mistakes it leaves the reader confused. Although grammar would be hard to check when English is not your first language, your spelling would be easy, so maybe you need to give the written text more thought before editing.
Your photos focus on those more suited to a model agency shoot, unusual for a journalist.....
To expand the paragraph relating to you would help ladies understand the real you.....and a smile, will always win ladies hearts.....which you seem to find difficult.

RE: Why I feel Rejected ?

Ladies want sincerity, and because this is not a review on profiles for muscle building of male models, you need to give the whole process more thought.
Maybe in Pakistan you have not met many western ladies, so have no idea about how they think, and general worldwide attitudes.
If 'body beautiful' is all ladies thought, consider that ladies will believe that's your main focus too...and in your own words, read your profile and move on.

Prove you are a caring and loyal person, with photos of you fully dressed, listing how you enjoy spending your free time, time that you hope to share with the lady in your life.
Being new to the site, you've not read comments ladies have posted regarding shirtless males.....but if you are hoping ladies will visit you.....good communication skills build a relationship, so start there, sending text filled messages.
At present your profile needs to be developing...... photos that can be fake.

RE: Hello there

You seem rather desperate to find a lady, and although it can relay the message you are sincere, the combination of you being in the military and a solo parent, could present a dilemma....meaning a lady might think you need a mother for your child, before finding a suitable lover and partner for yourself.
You haven't shared the age of the child/ren, but from past experience, I hope you realise some children resent a woman joining the family unit, so that can cause trauma for the woman, especially if she isn't used to dealing with children.
I'm glad you have included more than one single photo, and would suggest a few more, though not of you child/ren.
Remember a relationship starts with two adults...and project a positive image rather than such an urgent one.

RE: I want a fair love..

Any relationship is a 2 way street, meaning it doesn't just come to you.......with such a high number of ladies who have viewed you and no favourites, proves you believe ladies will contact you, not you them.....and ladies realise that no relationship is better than a bad one. Sadly you appear needy, which is not good.
With border restriction, marriage and finding a new life comes with commitment and emotions, work skills as well as money.....and that takes time, so best improve your communications skills first..........

RE: Serious Relationship

I think the previous comment has it defined......Dubai I consider is a place most pass through on the way to another place, so unless working there, it will be difficult to meet.
Communication for awhile is normal in any online relationship, and with over 400 views, not one has became a favourite, so communication is another thing that is letting you down.
You must make the first approach, and you will probably be the one who travels to visit too, unless you search for a suitable local lady....who is also working there.
I also believe the angle of two of your photos including the one used for your profile pic., not flattering, so that is another place you can improve your communication......
A smile is always going to attract, so a full face photo with a smile, and a few other photos to boost your profile which is rather sparse....and try contacting suitable ladies......

RE: I'm in serious need of help

I am amazed you need to ask that your profile is filled with contradictions......

RE: How old do I look

I have to admit your profile confused me when you made comments about slim and blonde.....and weigh the same as when you was 19....
Weight may remain the same, but body tone will change, and I see no blonde hair, but then I have to agree with the earlier comment regarding age, though we are not here to guess, I would have thought 60+.
More photo's yes, and being less cryptic, because when I first saw your profile, I never found it straight-forward.
I would think a re-write would help.....with more photo's, some outside shots covering your active hobbies......and remove questions......many would agree they shouldn't be included in a profile.....

RE: DO you want complete satisfaction

To have her life filled with seems she must live in New Delhi, be waiting when you have some free time, and believe all you tell her.....
I agree with the first comment, and a photo would help, but then I imagine your real partner doesn't know of this you expect a lot of trust to be placed in you from a lady....who realises your real partner cannot trust you....
Maybe you need to think your profile through....

RE: Here we go

Saying you are not picky....will not make any lady feel special, just like when you say you rarely get out because of what happens to the lady? A lady might not want to fit in to your lifestyle, when it suits you....and your sports. We all need to be flexible in a to accommodate a lady, then she in turn will work in with you.
With over 150 viewed and no favourite, proves your communication skills are lacking. Could it mean you wrote an advert, and wait for a lady to apply, because relationship don't work like that.
Give your profile more thought, and why include photo's with others.....ahe won't be interested in seeing you with friends and it could even confuse her which one is you and why they are there?
You are young...think it through more thoroughly....

RE: what do you think?

I am surprised with over 800 views, not one has become a favourite.
The photos are good, but the written text about you the person rambles and repeats, so that should be edited and reduced.
However the written text about the lady you are seeking, needs to be expanded.
Filled in boxes seems to be good, so maybe you are waiting rather than seeking a suitable lady, and a spell check would be a good move.

RE: Be gentle with me

Yes I agree with the comment regarding sun glasses, but I believe yours maybe glasses that are tinted for the sun, so maybe you need a full faced photo with a smile taken inside.
The mixture of photos on your profile I found confusing and sent mixed messages.
However, if you really are seeking a local lady, and 100 miles can only be measured inland, since Plymouth as we know is on the coast, why not research yourself, checking profiles of ladies that fit your description within those areas.
Your written text does reads more like a wish list which ladies do not like....mixed with a ramble, that can be discussed with a lady once she is found.
You asked for reviews and you have been given them, so no need of the comment re your marking them 1-10....proof you need to brush up on what ladies like and dislike....

RE: To all beautiful women out here

One has to assume you wish to remain in the India after marriage, so I would focus on that, meaning search ladies within India, as without a photo, it is unlikely a lady will travel to you from the western countries.
Your profile is very detailed, but I am unsure it is helping you with your search for a lady, because an Asian lady wouldn't need English, so it becomes confusing if I am to believe it is a lady from the west you are seeking.
Give your profile more thought, like how you hope to meet them once you have made contact...and in the instance...yes a photo is required, and other photos.

RE: Ok be honest but fair please...

WOW...I struggled with what could be the problem, and I have a few ideas, but I think the real answer comes in the 3440 views and only 1 favourite.
How are your communicating mention you enjoy conversation, but maybe you prefer a one sided affair?
My initial thoughts focused on age....I think the range was a woman 19 years younger than you or 5 years older.....truthfully, can't you make those ages more balanced, because an older woman would listen to you, where a mature lady 19 years younger than you, might expect you to listen to her?
The second problem I see is 100 miles of where you live, though for dating, that is a perfect world of course. Then lets focus on dating is not committing, and the age group you have chosen, is probably one that wants commitment security.
Are you scared of committing, of you want to remain free as a bird to fly from nest to nest?
My final comment has to be the photo, which doesn't do enough for you. A full face profile is best, ditching the hat that shades the face, so a lady sees face and eyes, and the have to make the lady want to know you more....and lets be clear here, you should contact her....because if you wait for her to contact you, you'll only get a third of who is the ball is in your court....

RE: Am I too fussy?

With 3698 views, and only one favourite, I believe the ladies on the site have already spoken with a united voice......, without actually opening their mouths.....probably means....actions speak louder than words.....

RE: Are there any real ladies out there who are not scammers?

Well I am really confused, as you mention all the young women who contact you and ask for money.....So many confusing lets see what I mean....
You wish ladies to contact you younger not older.....and you seek activity partner, so that means they must live within easy commute.....and as a gentleman, I assume you will visit them, but surely most ladies with self respect, will not want to meet you knowing you are not serious....yet you insist you are.
I am confused, and I assume so are all the REAL ladies....on here....

RE: feel

I agree with previous comment regarding occupation then list as student?
By..... 'Wicked,' I think you need to consider whether you imply evil, or using modern slang.
Wording that repeats so often...ladies would pass your profile by quickly is......I regard to what a lady must have/be...which will not be well received ........
Finally you give dating as you status......which means they will be no one can date if it means constant I would hope, and difficult for a student without an income.
The photo isn't bad, though I feel the profile needs to be worked on......if you want more than 1 favourite from the opposite sex.

RE: could this be the man for you?

The angle used to take the photo needs adjusting...a profile photo of the face is important with a smile, but I agree with previous poster who comments on the choice of wording you've used and any woman who has already read it, may already be cautions.

RE: which picture do you like best?

The first thing to mention is as few will admit they are game players or liars , so the statement is not have to sort the liars out as you's called getting to know someone...good or bad.
I agree with a photo with a shirt, it better than one without, but all lack the most important 'SMILE.'
Dating implies only local ladies, so I would think seriously if that is correct...and do remember that as ladies like to see the smile and eyes, a facial photo, that fills the thumbprint so it is easy to see.....especially when amongst a page of other profile photos....

RE: Am I over-reacting?

How can a person who reads your profile, come to the conclusion you are not well dressed, unless you show/tell them. I think it is what you want people to you tell them.
You can share your opinion on religion...but you cannot then say it is what the readers believes.....people will make their own conclusions.

I do believe you need to decide what you are seeking, as friend hangout, is hardly someone at home sharing talk about your day.

RE: no fakes no scammers

Live look grumpy and set in your ways....
I always find it strange a person in a relationship, expects their partner to accept them being on a dating site, where they are seeking another......and I don't think I am the only woman who thinks like that......

RE: Just Want To Know Some General Honest Opinions

I don't think the extended information is necessary for a general profile, better to expand with a person who wants to know, but my main problem comes with mixed messages. You state you re seeking someone to communicate online....yet reading the written text, it seems you are keen in finding someone to spend time with.....
Maybe you should be honest with yourself...and stop trying to impress....

RE: What do U Think?

the high viewing rate yet lack of favourites, says the ladies need more from you.
Start with less artistic profile photo.....smiling full face so they can see sincerity.
You say so much, but actually nothing, because a lady will find that out for herself.....
I think you need to look at your profile from a different angle....its not a CV...and happiness usually starts with smiles....

RE: Suggestions are invited....

I am surprised you never added to your shopping list of what the lady you seek will be.....
Western ladies do not like to think they are a trophy, so I would explain more about you, so a lady knows about your interests and how you will see she is cared for....from the first date, and if you will travel to see her...unless you are seeking a local girl, you need to give a wider view of yourself, before you write your list of what a lady needs to attract you....and a few new photos, less posed would be a good start....

RE: ----

Your profile might fill in gaps hair colour and height, but it tells a lady nothing about you...and usually, women are able to see the basic things from your photo....unlike your hobbies/interests....
So to improve, finish the sentence than ends half way through at the end of ...what you are seeking.....a few photo's will enhance the profile, and also prove you are real and have more than one photo.....
On the plus side, you have a good start records for views, and already 2 favourites.
The opening needs more than ...profile to review, though I realise if English is a second language, it may be brief because you are struggling with the language.....
Nice profile pic though.....

RE: An Asian man loves to marry a white lady!!

You mention you have a business in England, so I assumed that was where you lived and operated from, yet reading your written text, I became totally confused, so much so I read again....a few times, and still it never made sense.
So I looked closely at the boxes, and saw location was Punjab Pakistan. That answered my question if English was your first or second language.....
So....if the business is in the UK, where is the lady expected to live...this European beautiful young woman, because you state mature woman, but an 18 year old is not mature...maturity most imagine is late 30's onward.
Calm is rarely a word I would label a European 18 year old.
So read through what you have written, focus on less is more, and cut out any rambles.....decide whether you are UK based or Pakistan, as it makes a huge European females are raised to do their own thing....

RE: I would like a general overview of your thoughts.

Not sure whether you want to shock or confuse those that read your profile, so anyone who has dealt with people playing mind games, will move on quickly...preferring uncomplicated profiles that explain clearly about them and the person they're seeking.
Friends and Hang out restricts who will contact you, because Hang out, means just that, living close by so can meet easily.
When writing a profile, we leave ourselves open for others to make decisions about us... and if we might become a couple.
Women usually know what they basically want from a relationship, and any developments are a plus.....
I think I would think carefully, and then edit your profile, adding a few photos that give a variety of your activities....and always, send messages and flowers to those you feel attracted too, rather than wait for them to contact you.
Your profile photo is good, but might appeal to a restricted group of ladies.

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