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My 'Top 10' Aircraft List

Just a short list of some of my 'all-time' favorit...
5,6494Aug 2012

Top 10 'Signs Of Old Age' by Raytheon1

Oh lord, I got up this morning and my bones were p...
6,94113Aug 2012

My 'Top 10' Fighter Aircraft List

I was asked by a few members (One of which left a...
7,30310Aug 2012

Top 10 'My Favorite Funny Sayings' by Raytheon1

These comical quips just might make you chuckle. L...
2,8385Sep 2012

Top 10 'If You Build It They Will Come!' by Raytheon1

We're about to go on an adventure. The focus is on...
4,4861Aug 2012

Top 10 'The Cars-Pt.1' By Raytheon1

If there's one thing I love as much as planes, its...
2,6292Aug 2012

My Top 10 For Boarding The 'No Stress Express'

These activities always work for me! I find myself...
3,0877Aug 2012

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