How to for Freebyrd Video

How to--for Freebyrd

Freebyrd I'm not saying you are a cranky old lady....
3,71515Dec 2011
Silhouettes Video


The magic is in the moments or at least in the rec...
1,5173Sep 2011
Strange Video


Strange music and even stranger people!...
1,6413Nov 2011
A walk on the dark side Video

A walk on the dark side

Overlooking Dublin City there stands a monument to...
7,51236Oct 2011
The Fairy Tree Video

The Fairy Tree

This is a collection of images exploring the minds...
6,38624Sep 2011
In the steps of Video

In the steps of ....................

A guided tour of a FOLLY...
1,0931Jan 2012
A few Thoughts Video

A few Thoughts

A few thoughts notions in a voyage of exploration...
1,7796Jan 2012
Dublin Snow Video

Dublin Snow

Last years snow in one corner of Dublin....
1,8497Dec 2011
Last time Ill feed the Birds Video

Last time I'll feed the Birds

With so many Wolves on here, I thought I'd display...
1,2441Nov 2011
Tango Video


A little 'feel good' video! Slightly different tha...
1,7504Sep 2011
Love never changes Video

Love never changes

Pure romance...
1,8506Oct 2011
The Wake of William Orr Video

The Wake of William Orr

A little vid. for the over serious IRISH. Not nece...
1,2111Sep 2011

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