5091Jan 2013
5082Nov 2012
4470Aug 2016
3460Aug 2016
3870Aug 2016
afosthe fall Video

afos~the fall

come with me....into the unknown....
1,0393Nov 2012
9231Jan 2016
PRINCE with rock legends Video

PRINCE....with rock legends

another guitar legend gone to soon....
6050May 2016
5860Feb 2016
6110Feb 2016
5610Feb 2016
7930Feb 2016
6820Jan 2016
6920Jan 2016
6540Jan 2016
David bowiefreddy mercury under pressure alternative Video

David bowie&freddy mercury -(under pressure) alternative

Just a tribute of 2 of the most influential rock w...
6921Jan 2016
6390Jan 2016
7740Dec 2015
7250Dec 2015
6550Dec 2015
FEVER RAY the olf Video

FEVER RAY the ?olf anthem,I luv powerful music...but this makes...
8390Dec 2015
C MOON Video


keep your paws 2 the ground!...
6480Dec 2015
5400Dec 2015
MUMFORDSONS the wolf Video


Yes that's me!...
6250Nov 2015
5660Nov 2015
BECK dreams Video

BECK dreams

I like it!!!...
5090Nov 2015
4140Nov 2015
4810Nov 2015
5400Nov 2015
X AMBASSADORS renegade Video

X AMBASSADORS. renegade!

I'm really diggin this great new music!...
4970Nov 2015
Ray rateliffthe nightsweats S O B Video

Ray rateliff&the nightsweats S. O.B.

I luv when I hear that old time sound from a new b...
5520Nov 2015
2,1223Apr 2013
4251Oct 2014
4622Aug 2014
4461Sep 2013
3751Oct 2014
5201Oct 2012
heartthe wolf Video

heart~the wolf you in the forest....
5863Jan 2013
6471Dec 2012
6282Jun 2013

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