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1,9511Feb 2008
1,2841Oct 2008
1,1351Jan 2009
1,2030Dec 2008
1,0380Dec 2008
1,0150Dec 2008
1,0800Dec 2008
1,0480Dec 2008
1,0720Dec 2008
9460Dec 2008
1,1560Nov 2008
Barack Obama at the 2008 DNC Video

Barack Obama at the 2008 DNC

Good Luck America...............
1,3080Nov 2008
1,4971Nov 2008
1,2230Oct 2008
1,3030Oct 2008
1,1950Aug 2008
1,2320Aug 2008
Incredible String Band This Moment Woodstock 69 Video

Incredible String Band - This Moment (Woodstock '69

For you Mike HD - with lots of love...
1,3540Jul 2008
On The Way Home Buffalo Springfield 1967 Video

On The Way Home- Buffalo Springfield- 1967

one of my all time favourites...
1,3200Jun 2008
Buffalo Springfield Video

Buffalo Springfield

What a classic...
1,6350Jun 2008
Moody Blues Emilys Song Video

Moody Blues - Emily's Song

This isnt as good as the earlier versions but stil...
1,6072Apr 2008
2,5650Apr 2008
2,4640Apr 2008
Monsanto Patent for a Pig Pt 1 of 5 Video

Monsanto Patent for a Pig (Pt.1 of 5)

This would actually be really amusing - if it wasn...
2,3780Apr 2008
1,4490Apr 2008
1,4860Apr 2008
1,5110Apr 2008
1,4170Apr 2008
1,8940Apr 2008
1,4940Apr 2008
1,9700Apr 2008
1,8820Mar 2008
1,6400Mar 2008
Inconceivable nature of nature Video

Inconceivable nature of nature

I think this guy is Magic!!!!...
1,7963Mar 2008
1,6410Mar 2008
4,0790Mar 2008
2,1780Mar 2008
1,5970Mar 2008
The Moody Blues Driftwood Video

The Moody Blues - Driftwood

growing up....................
1,5610Feb 2008
Mercy I Cry City Incredible String band Video

Mercy I Cry City. Incredible String band

I never heard this one before and I hate cities -...
1,9060Feb 2008

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