1010Feb 16
Yogyakarta Video


Wonderful Indonesia, visit Yogyakarta or Jogja Ce...
940Feb 16
Spekkoek Cake Video

Spekkoek Cake

Indonesian Dutch spicey layers cake SPEKKOEK hm...
1330Oct 2017
Russia did not annex Crimea Video

Russia did not annex Crimea

Listen to what he said...
1070Oct 2017
who created ISIS Video

who created ISIS ?

Putin tells everyone who create ISIS !...
1860Oct 2017
Dieof Laughter Video

Dieof Laughter

Vladimir Putin Jokes...
1390Oct 2017
The Power of Putin Video

The Power of Putin

BBC Documentary about the Power of Vladimir Putin...
1680Oct 2017
Light Painting Video

Light Painting

So beautiful... Jinpei Washiro ???? Japanese o...
1650Oct 2017
Mambo Italiano Video

Mambo Italiano

Mambo Italiano - Sophia Loren Sophie is very beau...
1410Oct 2017
One Note Samba Video

One Note Samba

Funny show Host DeanMartin and Caterina Valente...
1820Oct 2017
SATAY or SATE Indonesian food Video

SATAY or SATE , Indonesian food

Various satay made from Chicken, Beef , Mutton or...
1050Oct 2017
Spicy Street food in Padang West Sumatera Indonesia Video

Spicy Street food in Padang West Sumatera Indonesia

Spicy food blend with coconut milk is the typical...
1070Oct 2017
Karapan sapi Bull cow calves Race Indonesian Tradition in Sampang Madura Video

Karapan sapi (Bull/cow/calves Race) Indonesian Tradition in Sampang Madura

The tradition after harvest in Madura, East Java I...
1330Sep 2017
Indonesian Spices Nutmegs Cloves from Maluku Molucas island Video

Indonesian Spices Nutmegs & Cloves from Maluku (Molucas) island

Nutmeg and cloves from Banda Neira Island of Maluk...
1700Sep 2017


The Javanesse shadow puppet...
1610Jul 2017
Uncover Borobudur temple Video

Uncover Borobudur temple

Borobudur temple is the largest Budhis massive tem...
3340Jun 2017
A death man walking Video

A death man walking

An old tradition of funeral theToraja's tribe in S...
1640Jun 2017
Tattoo Mentawais Tribe Video

Tattoo = Mentawai's Tribe

How a Mentawai's tribe woman doing their tribal ta...
2040May 2017
Mentawai Island Video

Mentawai Island

Mentawai Island in Sumatera , Indonesia Great wav...
1760May 2017
West Java Indonesia Video

West Java - Indonesia

West Java the land of Sundanesse people...
1450May 2017
1330Apr 2017
Legong Dance Video

Legong Dance

Legong Dance in Ubud Bali -Indonesia A welcome da...
1050Apr 2017
Tari Kecak Video

Tari Kecak

Bali dance "KECAK" The captivating Tari Kecak d...
1840Apr 2017
Sumbawa in Indonesia Video

Sumbawa in Indonesia

Visit Sumbawa island , Indonesia...
1320Apr 2017
A drunk airline pilot Video

A drunk airline pilot

Dean Martin in the bar with a drunk pilot Foster B...
1890Apr 2017
Blind date online dating Video

Blind date online dating

Hillarious Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra comedy O...
2240Apr 2017
NIAS a Surfer Paradise Video

NIAS a Surfer Paradise

Nias island located in North Sumatera province of...
1510Apr 2017
Jakarta Video


Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia Located...
1180Apr 2017
Wakatobi Indonesia Video

Wakatobi - Indonesia

Beautiful Wakatobi National park, the house of r...
1330Apr 2017
Wonderful BALI in Indonesia Video

Wonderful BALI in Indonesia

Bali is the island of God, island of Hinduism, isl...
1430Apr 2017
Komodo island Flores Indonesia Video

Komodo, island Flores Indonesia

The island is particularly notable as the habitat...
2600Dec 2016
Flores Island The Most Beautiful Island in Indonesia Video

Flores Island - The Most Beautiful Island in Indonesia

Flores Island - The Most Beautiful Island in Indon...
2320Dec 2016
Diving Raja Ampat Indonesia Video

Diving Raja Ampat , Indonesia

Raja Amapat island (four kings) , West Papua in In...
2310Dec 2016

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