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Amazing Love Video

Amazing Love

Amazing love in the world history....
4553Dec 2018
bhajan Video


1950May 2021
COVID situation now Video

COVID situation now

Be careful...
1330Apr 2021
Dance in Holi festival Video

Dance in Holi festival

Dance in Holi festival...
1020Mar 2021
Colourful festival Holi in India Video

Colourful festival "Holi" in India

Very interesting and colourful festival...
1320Mar 2021
arthur c clarke prediction Video

arthur c clarke prediction

arthur c clarke predicts the internet in 1964...
1660Jan 2021
Biggest Spinach Video

Biggest Spinach

Biggest Spinach...
1250Jan 2021
Charlie Chaplin powerful speach Video

Charlie Chaplin powerful speach

Charlie Chaplin powerful speach...
1250Jan 2021
Nice Jump Video

Nice Jump

Nice jump in shaari...
1830Jan 2021
Aye Dil E Nadaan Video

Aye Dil-E-Nadaan

The great song by Lata Mangeshkar...
1470Dec 2020
Meditation Centre Video

Meditation Centre

Vipassana meditation Centre 1957...
1310Oct 2020
Cycling in Water amazing experience Video

Cycling in Water, amazing experience

Cycling in water with water bicycle...
1370Oct 2020
Father Son funny Video

Father & Son funny

father and son practicing song seems funny...
1390Oct 2020
Amazing Yoga race record Video

Amazing Yoga race record

Amazing yoga race done by a 10 year old girl....
1800Oct 2020
A little girls love for animals Video

A little girl's love for animals

A little girl's love for animals...
1980Sep 2020
flute song Video

flute song

sweet song...
1950Jul 2020
The Statue of Unity Video

The Statue of Unity

World's tallest statue...
1930Jul 2020
Conjoined Twins Video

Conjoined Twins

conjoined twins...
2420Jun 2020
2600Jun 2020
Amazing Cars Video

Amazing Cars

nice car collection...
2230Jun 2020
Easy way to carry goods Video

Easy way to carry goods

nice use of motorcycle...
2560May 2020
village of statues Video

village of statues

incredible art...
2400Mar 2020
Meditation for Peace Video

Meditation for Peace

Anapana meditation a part of Vipassana...
2960Feb 2020
Fever DENGUE treatment home remedy Video

Fever (DENGUE) treatment (home remedy)

Fever treatment by yourself at home. home remedy...
2840Feb 2020
Parkinsons Disease by dr Biswaroop Roy Video

Parkinson's Disease by dr. Biswaroop Roy

Parkinson treatment is possible by DIP Diet...
5830Oct 2019
Turtle Video


3070Sep 2019
Nice Voice Video

Nice Voice

Nice talent His voice forced me to share it....
3400Apr 2019
Body balance Video

Body balance

4 boys balancing each other...
2790Apr 2019
Natural Treatment Video

Natural Treatment

Benefits of acupressure...
2340Apr 2019
Homemade experiment Video

Homemade experiment

3 Wheeler driven by bottle rocket...
5700Feb 2019
Amazing Love Video

Amazing Love

Amazing love story in the world history....
3180Dec 2018
Sweet Song Video

Sweet Song

sweet song by Jaya Lakshmi...
2520Dec 2018
Double meaning dirty song Video

Double meaning dirty song

Not so much dirty but little vulgar....
4150Sep 2018
Ayurvedic treatment of Diabetes Video

Ayurvedic treatment of Diabetes

Diabetes is curable by Ayurveda & Yoga...
3760Aug 2018
Chickenpox Video


3440Jul 2018
Natural Treatment of bad habit Video

Natural Treatment of bad habit

Bad habit treatment...
2970Jul 2018
AIDS Scam Video


The biggest scam in medical history is AIDS...
3971Jul 2018
HIV test scam Video

HIV test scam

World's biggest scam HIV test...
4650Jul 2018
Dont Eat Animal Video

Don't Eat Animal

Be vegetarian...
5291May 2017
Boy vs Girl Belly dancing Video

Boy vs Girl Belly dancing

Who is better in Belly dancing Boy or Girl??...
3060Jun 2018

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