Bridging the gap part 3

Bridging the gap (part 3)

Last piece of this puzzle. Trying to find a way fo...
180Apr 20
Bridging the gap part 2

Bridging the gap (part 2)

Continuing on with the Rev after DRCH series on ho...
160Apr 19
Bridging the gap part 1 redo

Bridging the gap (part 1) redo

Occasionally after i have created and uploaded my...
240Apr 18
WFAQ 2 Bridging the Gap part1 04 18 2018

WFAQ-2 ...Bridging the Gap (part1) ~04/18/2018~

After mapping the x y z and beyond generations......
190Apr 18
X Y Z Beyond p1

X Y Z & Beyond (p1)

Began working on a new project. Trying to find the...
382Apr 12
1121 The Rev Says Happy Alentines Ay

11:21 The Rev Says... Happy Alentines Ay

I still have the feeling i let go of doing videos...
270Apr 13
Generation Y 19985 1995 Millennials

Generation Y ...19985-1995 (Millennials)

...And we have tapped into the generation era... T...
210Apr 13
Generation X Part One

Generation X Part One

Next installment of the mission to find a way to b...
240Apr 13
Why are we so blind to see

Why are we... so blind to see??????????????

This was my first mash up vid. I had this vision o...
300Apr 5
Cookies and Blood

Cookies and Blood

This was fun to do. Took an old story of mine and...
300Apr 4
Positively Frankie

Positively Frankie

Another mash up creation for y'all to enjoy. Thank...
270Apr 4
Dieting and Dating

Dieting and Dating

This was one of my latest episodes on The Rev afte...
280Apr 3
Bodies r Breakin

Bodies -r- Breakin'

I have been doing some side projects away from my...
400Mar 30

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