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Here is a list of Funny Puzzles. Create a puzzle of you and share it with your friends. Play these puzzles or create your own! Check out the High-Score Board. Click here to post a puzzle.

I Love You Dad Puzzle

I Love You Dad

Rehab Puzzle


Nuts n Bolts Night Puzzle

Nuts n Bolts Night....

Funny Puzzle




Funny Puzzle

Funny !!

Springtime Puzzle


Statue Of Liberty Puzzle

Statue Of Liberty !!

Happiness Puzzle


FUNNY Puzzle


Mr man is dreaming Puzzle

Mr man!! is dreaming...

FUNNY Puzzle


Eggs Puzzle

Eggs !!

the orange cries Puzzle

the orange cries

Naughty seagull Puzzle

Naughty seagull

Trapped Puzzle


Why women dont make puzzles with women Puzzle
Oops at last Puzzle

Oops! at last.

Yikes Puzzle


Motorbike tap Puzzle

Motorbike tap

wheres my keys gone Puzzle

where's my keys gone...

One of those days Puzzle

One of those days...

dad first time Puzzle

dad first time

crazy people Puzzle

crazy people

Hugging Arms Puzzle

Hugging Arms

mens best friend Puzzle

men's best friend

different faces Puzzle

different faces

Shock Puzzle


Drive in Puzzle

Drive in

Chess Puzzle


Huge women on back of bike Puzzle

Huge women on back of bike

Pepper horror story Puzzle

Pepper horror story

ugly men Puzzle

ugly men

bl** job Face Art Puzzle

bl** job Face Art

bl** job Face Art no need banana Puzzle

bl** job Face Art - no need banana ;)

bl** job Face Art no banana Puzzle

bl** job Face Art (no banana)

funnie faces Puzzle

funnie faces

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