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Here is a list of Puzzles ordered by Random, posted by members. Create a puzzle of you and share it with your friends. Play these puzzles or create your own! Check out the High-Score Board. Click here to post a puzzle.

nice 2 play Puzzle

nice 2 play

The Fire Palm Puzzle

The Fire Palm

Can You Resist Him Puzzle

Can You Resist Him

Coffee Tea or Me Puzzle

Coffee, Tea or Me

Love is in the Air Puzzle

Love is in the Air

the tree house Puzzle

the tree house

For you Puzzle

For you...

melika Puzzle


running dog Puzzle

running dog

Coloured play tunnels Puzzle

Coloured play tunnels

Ski trails Puzzle

Ski trails

Hey goodlooking Puzzle

Hey goodlooking!!

St Patrick Puzzle

St Patrick

pinya Puzzle


Tiger Puzzle


Tiny Kittens Puzzle

Tiny Kittens

Places on Earth 530 Puzzle

Places on Earth 530

Battle Puzzle


bad boy toy Puzzle

bad boy toy

Las Muertas Puzzle

Las Muertas

The Pink Paper Puzzle

The Pink Paper.

Kundalini Rising Puzzle

Kundalini Rising

Paper art Puzzle

Paper art

Face Puzzle


jamrock Puzzle


isle of arran Puzzle

isle of arran

Horse Carriage Ride Puzzle

Horse & Carriage Ride

Wookie Puzzle


flowers Puzzle


Colourful face Puzzle

Colourful face

persian Puzzle


peeing hummingbird Puzzle

peeing hummingbird

Places on Earth 596 Puzzle

Places on Earth 596

Garden Art 3 Puzzle

Garden Art 3

Places on Earth 101 Puzzle

Places on Earth 101

Nenagh Puzzle


Sea urchin Puzzle

Sea urchin

Kevin Puzzle


Bittersweet Puzzle


Chica Puzzle


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