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Welcome to the Connecting Singles Puzzles! Click any puzzle to play it. Create a puzzle of you and share it with your friends. Play these puzzles or create your own! Check out the High-Score Board. Click here to post a puzzle.

Rain 38 Puzzle

Rain #38

Rain 37 Puzzle

Rain #37

where i am Puzzle

where i am?

Places on Earth 037 Puzzle

Places on Earth 037

Surrealistic Puzzle


Kitty Puzzle


Rain drops Puzzle

Rain drops :)

Spring Puzzle


Places on Earth 036 Puzzle

Places on Earth 036

Rain 36 Puzzle

Rain #36

Places on Earth 035 Puzzle

Places on Earth 035

Orris Puzzle


Rain 35 Puzzle

Rain #35

Ultimate Warrior Puzzle

Ultimate Warrior

Passion Puzzle


Places on Earth 034 Puzzle

Places on Earth 034

Rain 34 Puzzle

Rain #34

wild windy Puzzle

wild & windy

R I P Merle Haggard Puzzle
Places on Earth 033 Puzzle

Places on Earth 033

Rain 33 Puzzle

Rain #33

Free Spirit Puzzle

Free Spirit

Places on Earth 032 Puzzle

Places on Earth 032

Rain 32 Puzzle

Rain #32

Kitties Puzzle


Sky up Puzzle

Sky up.

Octopuss Sausage Puzzle
Places on Earth 031 Puzzle

Places on Earth 031

Rain 31 Puzzle

Rain #31

Roman Reigns Puzzle

Roman Reigns

Places on Earth 030 Puzzle

Places on Earth 030

Cool Puzzle


Stars Puzzle


Rain 30 Puzzle

Rain #30

Places on Earth 029 Puzzle

Places on Earth 029

Trees Puzzle


A happy sheep Puzzle

A happy sheep



Raindrop Puzzle

Raindrop :)

Places on Earth 028 Puzzle

Places on Earth 028

Last Horse Cavalry Puzzle

Last Horse Cavalry???

Rain 29 Puzzle

Rain #29

Places on Earth 027 Puzzle

Places on Earth 027

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