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Welcome to the Connecting Singles Puzzles! Click any puzzle to play it. Create a puzzle of you and share it with your friends. Play these puzzles or create your own! Check out the High-Score Board. Click here to post a puzzle.

Cat Puzzleonline today!


abstract art 5 Puzzle

abstract art 5

C215 Puzzle


Rain 20 Puzzle

Rain #20

Places on Earth 017 Puzzle

Places on Earth 017

Otters Puzzleonline today!


Cupcake Shoes for Mimi Puzzle

Cupcake Shoes for Mimi

Dim Sum for Trigs Puzzle

Dim Sum for Trigs!!

Places on Earth 016 Puzzle

Places on Earth 016

abstract art 4 Puzzle

abstract art 4

Rain 19 Puzzle

Rain #19

Sugar Puzzle


Places on Earth 015 Puzzle

Places on Earth 015

Abstract Art 3 Puzzle

Abstract Art 3

Rain 18 Puzzle

Rain #18

Bayley Puzzleonline today!

Bayley !!!

Places on Earth 014 Puzzle

Places on Earth 014

abstract art 2 Puzzle

abstract art 2

Rain 17 Puzzle

Rain #17

C V Arts 3 Puzzle

C.V. Arts 3

Places on Earth 013 Puzzle

Places on Earth 013

Rain 16 Puzzle

Rain #16

Hearts On Fire Puzzle

Hearts On Fire

C V Arts 2 Puzzle

C.V. Arts 2

abstract art Puzzle

abstract art

Creative Puzzle


Icy roads Puzzle

Icy roads

C V Arts Puzzle

C.V. Arts

Places on Earth 012 Puzzle

Places on Earth 012

he was crucified Puzzle

he was crucified

Creative Puzzle


Places on Earth 011 Puzzle

Places on Earth 011

beautiful puppies Puzzle

beautiful puppies

Rain 15 Puzzle

Rain #15

Creative Puzzle


Ocean Floor Puzzle

Ocean Floor

Places on Earth 010 Puzzle

Places on Earth 010

Shakira Laundry Service Puzzle

Shakira Laundry Service

the orange cries Puzzle

the orange cries

i love camels Puzzle

i love camels

Rain 14 Puzzle

Rain #14

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