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Welcome to the Connecting Singles Puzzles! Click any puzzle to play it. Create a puzzle of you and share it with your friends. Play these puzzles or create your own! Check out the High-Score Board. Click here to post a puzzle.

Marilyn Puzzle


Indian Eagle Puzzle

Indian / Eagle !!

Places on Earth 114 Puzzle

Places on Earth 114

The Perfect Wave Puzzle
Wine Glass Puzzleonline today!

Wine Glass.

R I P Pat Summit Puzzle

R.I.P Pat Summit !!!

Places on Earth 113 Puzzle

Places on Earth 113

Yummy Puzzle


Woman Puzzle


Places on Earth 112 Puzzle

Places on Earth 112

Blue and white Puzzle

Blue and white

Rain 95 Puzzle

Rain #95

Shoes Puzzle


Salute Puzzleonline today!


CAT Puzzle

CAT !!

Places on Earth 111 Puzzle

Places on Earth 111

Who has stopped the rain Puzzle

Who has stopped the rain?!?

Fish Puzzle

Fish !!

Places on Earth 110 Puzzle

Places on Earth 110

Midsummer Puzzle


Cheers Puzzle


DOG Puzzle

DOG !!

Red Leaf Puzzleonline today!

Red Leaf.

Places on Earth 109 Puzzle

Places on Earth 109

Rose Puzzle


Cool Scene Puzzle

Cool Scene

Places on Earth 108 Puzzle

Places on Earth 108

Places on Earth 107 Puzzle

Places on Earth 107

Hello Summer Puzzle
NEWS Puzzle


Untitled Puzzleonline today!


Places on Earth 106 Puzzle

Places on Earth 106

Places on Earth 105 Puzzle

Places on Earth 105

Moonlight Puzzleonline today!


Beautiful Napoli Puzzle

Beautiful Napoli

WWE Puzzle


Places on Earth 104 Puzzle

Places on Earth 104

Watercolour Puzzleonline today!


Pastry Yoga Puzzle

Pastry Yoga!

Tiny Kittens Puzzle

Tiny Kittens

Places on Earth 103 Puzzle

Places on Earth 103

Landscape Puzzle


Luscious Strawberries Puzzle

Luscious Strawberries

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