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Welcome to the Connecting Singles Puzzles! Click any puzzle to play it. Create a puzzle of you and share it with your friends. Play these puzzles or create your own! Check out the High-Score Board. Click here to post a puzzle.

World Map Puzzle

World Map

Trust Puzzle




Face Masks Puzzle

Face Masks...

I Am Not Okay Puzzle

I Am Not Okay

Sumo Wrestlers Puzzle

Sumo Wrestlers

Special Delivery Puzzle

Special Delivery

Cat Puzzle


Your Value Puzzle

Your Value

An Honest Enemy Puzzle

An Honest Enemy

Ice Cream Puzzle

Ice Cream

Car Puzzle


Deer in hiding Puzzle

Deer in hiding

All You Can Eat Chicken Wings Puzzle

All You Can Eat Chicken Wings

White Fox Puzzle

White Fox

Love Wins Puzzle

Love Wins

Peek A Boo Flower Puzzle
R I P Bob Kulick Puzzle

R.I.P Bob Kulick

Granny Puzzle


R I P Hana Kimura Puzzle

R.I.P Hana Kimura

Rosie The Riviter Puzzle
R I P Fred Willard Puzzle

R.I.P Fred Willard

Postman Puzzle


R I P Shad Gaspard Puzzle

R.I.P Shad Gaspard

Inspiration Puzzle


R I P Ken Osmond Puzzle

R.I.P Ken Osmond

Cupid Puzzle


Save the world Puzzle

Save the world ?

Heard wrong Puzzle

Heard wrong..

Remember Her Puzzle

Remember Her?

Love Callage Puzzle

Love Callage

Mix music Puzzle

Mix music

Dog Puzzle


I love you Venezuela Puzzle

I love you, Venezuela...

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