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Welcome to the Connecting Singles Puzzles! Click any puzzle to play it. Create a puzzle of you and share it with your friends. Play these puzzles or create your own! Check out the High-Score Board. Click here to post a puzzle.

Shades of pink Puzzle

Shades of pink

Fall Foilage Puzzle

Fall Foilage

I Wont Do It Again Puzzle

I Won't Do It Again

Norma Jean Puzzle

Norma Jean

What Else Ya Got Puzzle

What Else Ya Got

Cars of the Stars Puzzle

Cars of the Stars

Quiet In The Library Puzzle

Quiet In The Library

Victorias Secret Puzzle

Victoria's Secret

Mommy Loves Baby Puzzle

Mommy Loves Baby



Cooling My Feet Puzzle

Cooling My Feet

Little Red Caboose Puzzle

Little Red Caboose

Thank You Veterans Puzzle

Thank You Veterans

Car Puzzle


Safe n Snug doggy Puzzle

Safe 'n' Snug doggy

Audrey Hepburn Puzzle

Audrey Hepburn

Monday Lisa Puzzle

Monday Lisa !!

Strange Building 27 Puzzle

Strange Building 27

Computer Virus Puzzle

Computer Virus

Happy Birthday Sylvia Plath Puzzle

Happy Birthday Sylvia Plath

Friday The 13TH Puzzle

Friday The 13TH

Cat Puzzle


Cats Puzzle


Supergirl Lena Puzzle

Supergirl & Lena

Panda Puzzle


Spiderman Puzzle


the lambanna Puzzle

the lambanna

Rehab Puzzle


Number one Puzzle

Number one....

Cartoon Puzzle


The Falls Puzzle

The Falls

Puppies Puzzle


R I P Rip Taylor Puzzle

R.I.P Rip Taylor

World War II Kiss Puzzle

World War II Kiss

Freddy Jason Puzzle

Freddy & Jason

Nuts n Bolts Night Puzzle

Nuts n Bolts Night....

Jennifer Aniston Puzzle

Jennifer Aniston

May The 4th Puzzle

May The 4th

R I P Rick Bognar Puzzle

R.I.P Rick Bognar

Blow dried Cat Puzzle

Blow-dried Cat.....

Mt Everest Puzzle

Mt. Everest

Kittens Puzzle


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