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Memories Puzzle

After a nice date.... someone left their umbrella in my car!

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Can't you see what she was trying to do? She left her umbrella in your car hoping you would call her and then you would see her and maybe she would get the courage to ask you out or you would ask her out. Did you not read the manual on how us ladies do things? laugh Of course we change the manual whenever we decide to or when it suits us. Ha,Ha! It is the classic drop a handkerchief act. And you must be quite the ladies man if you say someone left an umbrella in your car and you can't recall whowink
Thanks Smartgirl,
I’ve never had the manual on how you ladies ‘do things’ and as you say it’s constantly changing anyway!heart wings
I had considered ulterior motives and also an admitted tendency towards leaving umbrellas everywhere.
I did ask her for another date… to go to a Kim Richey concert with me.smitten

I don’t think I’m a ladies man at all…. unfortunately! I know exactly who the umbrella belongs to; I just didn’t want to go into too much detail on here.

detective hug wine
I finally found this puzzle after having my hamsters pour through of hundreds of puzzles. Finally a man who does not kiss and tell. I did not know those sort of men were still being made. So I suppose not every man is a cad.rolling on the floor laughing
I should probably mention that I hate first dates. I would rather chew glass and drink them down with a smoothie made of hanging nails!rolling on the floor laughing
Hiya Smartgirl, I was ‘made’ quite a while ago!

Love first dates – any really… they’re few and far between!

I’m not quite sure about your ‘hamsters’ !!!!!!!

christmas cool

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