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Easter Witches Puzzle

The Easter Witch - a Swedish tradition on Maundy Thursday, when children dress up as witches, paint their faces, carry a broom and knock on neighbour's doors for treats.

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They are so cute! cheering
Sounds just like Halloween... grin
The tradition, Sweden and parts of Finland, is said to come from the old belief that witches would fly to “Blue Mountain”, a fictitious mountain, the Thursday before Easter to cavort with Satan. On their way back, Swedes would light fires to scare them away, a practice honoured today by the bonfires and fireworks across the land in the days leading up to Sunday. It's a tradition that goes back to 1600!

There were witch hunts that developed from this superstition and as late as in the 18th century, women denounced as witches could still face capital punishment. The execution of the last witch in Sweden was in 1720, with gruesome witch trials in the 1670s. All doors and windows were kept closed on Maundy Thursday and the dampers of the fireplaces were firmly shut. Thresholds and door jams were marked with the sign of the cross in tar to keep the witches at bay.

Kids dress up with rags and old clothes, with a scarf on their head. an apron and red painted cheeks, often carrying a coffeepot or a copper kettle, giving away Happy Easter drawings in exchange for some candy.
An Easter witch isn't that scary as a scary as a "Halloween kid". cheering

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