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Are You a Natural Leader Quiz

Are You a Natural Leader? Quiz

created by QuizAdmin on Nov 200931 yrs old, Connecting Singles
Personality Quiz
Some are born to follow and some to lead--although leadership skills can be learned and cultivated. Are you a strong leader, a timid follower, or someone in between? Take this quiz to find out.
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1. It's naptime for your pre-school group, and one of the other kids has stolen your favorite stuffed panda. Do you:
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2. You work on the assembly line for an electronics manufacturer. One day, you notice a co-worker stealing parts. You:
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3. You hold a middle management position at a call center. Upper management has asked you to re-do your team's schedule to maximize efficiency. You:
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4. Your sixth-grade geography class is assigned to memorize the capitals of Africa by the end of the semester. You:
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5. You've always loved writing, but your English composition professor makes scathing comments about your Neaderthal-like grasp of paragraph transitions on your first college essay. You decide to:
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6. You are a young physicist who has just completed a three-year research project. When your groundbreaking work is published, your supervisor takes most of the credit. You:
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7. You are a geriatric nurse supervisor in an overcrowded facility. When a colleague telephones to say she can't make her shift for the third time in a week, you:
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8. As a high school teacher, you come across your fair share of difficult students. One day, a fight breaks out in the cafeteria. You run up to the pair and:
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9. Your seven little friends have warned you not to let anyone into the cottage, but the old lady selling apples looks so kind. You:
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10. You're a new business owner with a small staff. When your office is hit by a hurricane, you:

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