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Are you organized Quiz

Are you organized? Quiz

created by QuizAdmin on Nov 200931 yrs old, Connecting Singles
Personality Quiz
Have you ever been jealous of your friend’s CD collection sorted alphabetically and arranged by year? Or perhaps you’re the one who amazes your friends by how clean your room is and how you always know exactly where the perfect outfit is located in your closet. Everyone has their own level of organization, and some can still find items even when they’re buried beneath a pile of clothing and scrap paper. Find out how organized you are and see helpful tips for changing your habits.
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1. When you get ready to go out you typically:
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2. If someone were to make an unexpected visit to your house they would be:
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3. You have a blind date tonight and you need something to wear. You:
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4. Your friend calls and asks to borrow a movie you haven't watched in months. You tell them:
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5. When you need to double check a bill from last month you'll be able to find it:
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6. Three months ago you bought your aunt a CD for her birthday party, which is taking place this afternoon. When it's time to retrieve the CD you:
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7. It's time to feed your cat. The first place you look for the cat food is:

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