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How Sexually Adventurous Are You Womens Edition Quiz

How Sexually Adventurous Are You?- Women's Edition Quiz

created by QuizAdmin on Nov 200932 yrs old, Connecting Singles
Personality Quiz
Hey Ladies.. do you believe that sex should be kept strictly in the bedroom, or are you open to new experiences? Take this quiz to find out how sexually adventurous you really are.
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1. You notice that the current edition of Cosmopolitan carries an article entitled "Sex Tips to Drive Your Man Wild," what's your reaction?
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2. Your partner tells you that he went to a strip cub with some guys from the office, how do you react?
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3. You read a magazine article about a couple who found using sex toys improved their sex life immensely, what are your initial thoughts?
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4. Your partner reveals that he'd like you to wear sexy lingerie when you make love, what do you do?
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5. You read an article about couples using role play to spice up their sex lives, what's your reaction?
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6. Your partner starts sensually massaging your neck and shoulders when the two of you are out having a picnic in a secluded spot, what happens?
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7. After a few drinks, you and your partner start talking about s*xual fantasies, how do you feel?
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8. Your partner asks you if you've ever had sex in a strange place, what's your answer?
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9. Your friend reveals what she got up to with her partner, which you think sounds good, how do you broach the subject with your lover?
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10. How do you feel when you read about the sex lives of other couples, particularly when what they do seems much spicier than anything you and your lover get up to?

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